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Chapter 9 has been revised and minor revisions. If you have seen it, you will read it again. Thank you, sorry. (9)

The root system is huge, except for the main line of Shen Chenyu’s family, the population of the collateral system is very large.

Shen Chenyu’s grandfather and grandmother passed away early, and now the oldest in the family is her second uncle.

The second uncle is very energetic, sitting in the main seat, and the two sides are lined up in order of generation. This formation is very big.

Shen Chenyu calmly looked at everyone, and finally fixed his gaze on Shen Luoyan, who was standing opposite his second uncle justice.

Shen Luoyan lowered his head, his face pale.

Shen Yu mopped and wiped tears from the side, and saw Shen Chenyu walk in, a ruthless look flashed across her eyes, which was fleeting, so fast that no one would notice.

After walking two steps towards Shen Chenyu, she said: “Xiaoyu, your sister didn’t mean to destroy your engagement. She… She was actually for your own good. Look at what Leng Moyan said that day, he didn’t take it at all. You are serious, if you really want to marry, you must have no good face, your sister is helping you.”

“You quickly tell your second uncle, don’t let him remove your sister from the genealogy, your sister is her It really isn’t going to hurt you.”

Shen Chenyu understood.

I’m afraid it was what happened at the engagement scene that day, and it was really done by Shen Luoyan, and it has now been found out.

She looked at Shen Zheng, her father was helping her in this matter.

Excluded from the genealogy?

When Shen Chenyu’s grandfather was still alive, it took a long time for Shen Yu to get her grandfather to agree to write Shen Luoyan’s name in the genealogy. Only after entering the genealogy can she be considered a member of the Shen family.

If this was passed on in addition to the name, Shen Luoyan would really not think about it in the capital.

Three years ago, she was arrested and raped in bed on the day of her engagement. Although she was almost ruined, she had the word “shen” over her head after all.

But if there is no “shen” on her head, she will really be nothing.

Shen Chenyu lowered his eyelashes, walked quietly to the second uncle, greeted the elders one by one according to their seniority, then retreated to Gao Yazhi’s side and stood quietly.

Her direct ignorance caused raging anger in Shen Yu’s heart.

But Shen Yu didn’t dare to show it in public. He endured and endured it before squeezing a smile on his face, “Xiaoyu, do you understand what auntie said? Your cousin really didn’t want to hurt you.”

Shen Chenyu lowered her eyebrows. pleasing to the eye, looks like an obedient boy said: “? there Ershu Gong, and you uncles, what do Ershu Gong and uncles who wants to call the shots, I, as a junior, how can refute the truth elders decided”

this The words not only blocked Shen Yu’s request, but also invisibly raised the status of the second uncle and the uncles.

Because of his birth branch, the second uncle didn’t actually have much power in the Shen family. Being promoted by Shen Chenyu, his self-confidence suddenly burst, and his stubborn eyes became brighter.

He straightened his waist, pressed his throat, and his low voice was a bit majestic.

“That’s what happened. Shen Luoyan was originally a foreigner. Not only did he make no contribution to the family, but he went on to destroy it. Today, her name was removed from the Shen family tree. From now on, Shen Luoyan is strictly forbidden to be the daughter of the Shen family in the capital. “The

final word, except for Shen Yu, no one opposes.

Shen Yu’s counter-sounds were naturally ignored.

When everything was over, people dispersed, it was already eleven o’clock in the evening.

Shen Chenyu walked to Shen Zheng, “Thank you, Dad.”

She wanted to wait for Shen’s matter to be resolved, and then find Shen Luoyan to calculate the matter between them.

Unexpectedly, her father would solve it directly for her.

Shen Luoyan and Shen Yu cared very much about the identity of Shen’s daughter and deprived others of what they cared about the most. Nothing could punish and torture a person more than this.


“Dad, I’m afraid my aunt will hate you from now on, because I fell out with my aunt. Dad, I made you tired.”

Shen Zheng raised his hand and touched Shen Yu’s head affectionately, and said with a smile: “You are me. Daughter, no one can bully you.”

Shen Chenyu was moved.

She suddenly felt that her decision to take over the Ellison’s inheritance, a hot potato for the sake of the Shen family, was right.

As long as you can protect your family, protect the things that your family cares about, you can burn your hands if they are hot.

Uncle Leo’s work efficiency is very fast. Before the agreed time, Shen received a large amount of money from the United States.

Only then did Shen’s debt be truly resolved.

Those people in the circle who watched from the sidelines were about to drop their chins.

Unexpectedly, the Shen clan would be in the dark. Everyone thought that the Shen clan was dead this time.

Shen’s stock price is like the seven o’clock sun, rising steadily.

Shen Chenyu stared at the trend of Shen’s stock on the computer, with a slight smile on his lips.

When the phone rang, she was about to turn off the power.

She asked Director Huang for a long time off and made an appointment.

Chang Yunye’s name flashed on the screen.

Shen Chenyu hesitated and took it.

He hasn’t called her for a long time since he said those things that day.

Chang Yunye’s somewhat depressed voice came from the phone, “I’m waiting for you at the Capital Hotel. If you don’t come, I won’t leave.”

After speaking, he hung up, not even giving a chance to say’no’.

Shen Chenyu checked the time. At three o’clock in the afternoon, she made an appointment to meet at the Kafa Cafe at 3:30.

Without too much entanglement, she drove directly to Kaffa.

It is a cozy and small rural style cafe, with solid wood floors, solid wood tables and chairs, and flowers full of the house. Walking in is like walking into a green rural countryside, fresh and pleasant.

“Mr. Shen.” The

other party saw her stand up immediately . She was a capable urban woman of about 40 years old, named Wang Yao. She was dressed in professional attire, with delicate makeup, short hair and a sharp spirit.

The expressions on Shen Chenyu’s face were all lowered, a little serious, “Sit down, how are things going?”

Before Shen Chenyu wanted to get his grandfather’s Tong’s enterprise back, but Ren Jiu didn’t let it go, Tang Li got it through the relationship. The Zhirenjiu Group wants to enter the fashion circle and has been inquiring about Connie’s news and intends to hire her to become Renjiu’s fashion designer.

It’s just that I can’t find Connie’s whereabouts, let alone her whereabouts, even her basic information is not available.

Probably no one would have imagined that Connie, who is admired by countless designers, is the daughter of the Shen family who was publicly retired at the engagement banquet some time ago.

Wang Yao replied: “It’s very smooth. The senior management on Renjiu seems to value Connie very much. I asked them to give up Jinhe Biotechnology, and they agreed without too much hesitation. Mr. Shen, this is a bit strange, Renjiu. I’m afraid there is some unknown purpose over there. I think your cooperation with Ren Jiu needs to be cautious.”

“Moreover, I heard that the boss of Renjiu committed a crime many years ago and has been in jail for several years. After he was released from prison, he founded Renjiu Group. After rapid development, he vigorously acquired and annexed large and small enterprises. I am afraid… …”

Shen Chenyu knew what Wang Yao was afraid of.

I’m afraid Renjiu hit PEAR’s attention.

Shen Chenyu argued in his heart and said, “Don’t worry about this. Continue to talk to Renjiu’s people. Connie can design for them. Connie can meet any of their requirements. There is only one point. No meeting. All communication is through email. Tell Ren Jiu’s senior management, yes, just do it, no, pull it down, be tough, you have to remember that the initiative is in your hands, understand?”

Wang Yao doesn’t understand what her boss is thinking, but she just Those who are paid to do things for others did not ask much, and nodded in response: “Yes.”

Out of the cafe, Shen Chenyu drove towards home, but when she was about to arrive, she suddenly swept the tail and turned the car around. , Bound for the Capital Hotel.

As soon as the car stopped in front of the Beijing Grand Hotel, the doorman came over to help her open the car door.

Shen Chenyu got out of the car and walked towards the golden framed glass door. He reported Chang Yunye’s name at the front desk, and the waiter led her to the box on the second floor.

The waiter opened the box door, and Shen Chenyu was about to walk in…

“Shen Chenyu!” It

was Leng Jingdie’s voice. This was the first time that Shen Chenyu was called’Miss Shen’ by her name and surname. fish.

Shen Chenyu turned his head, Leng Jingdie was wearing a thick sleeveless dress, with white shoulders exposed, left shoulder, tattooed, exactly the same as the birthmark of Shen Chenyu’s left shoulder.

That was three years ago Leng Jingdie compared Tong Jin’s birthmark pattern.

Looking at Leng Jingdie’s angry look, she probably recalled that Tong Jin at the hotel that day came out of her was pretending to be her.

Thinking of this, Shen Chenyu smiled lightly, “Miss Leng told me something?”

Leng Jingdie didn’t answer, stepped forward and grabbed her wrist, pulling her to the stairs.

“Little fish.” Chang Yunye heard the voice outside and walked out to see a strange girl pulling Shen Chenyu away, and hurriedly stopped her.

He stepped forward and pulled Shen Chenyu behind him, looking at Leng Jingdie with a bad gaze, “Who are you? What are you going to do?”

Leng Jingdie’s gaze stayed on Chang Yunye’s hand holding Shen Chenyu’s wrist for a moment, and smiled. Ironically, “Shen Chenyu, you are doing everything possible to pretend to be my sister-in-law, don’t you just want to marry my brother? How long has it been before you hooked up with another man, Shen Chenyu, you are really good at it!”

She was so scared that day, she went back. After that, she was surrounded by nightmares almost every night. Until yesterday, she really couldn’t stand the pressure, and told Leng Moyan the matter. Leng Moyan told her that it was not a childlike evil spirit at all, but Shen Chenyu.

“What is your purpose? Why do you want to pretend to be my sister-in-law?”

Shen Chenyu: “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you that day.”

Her sudden apology made Leng Jingdie stunned.

Leng Jingdie is not a bitter and mean, nor can she quarrel. The previous sentence of’hooking up with a man’ was the worst she could say.

“You, don’t think that I will forgive you if you apologize. You, you are too much, and how do you know that my sister-in-law has a flower-shaped birthmark on the shoulder? Did Shen Luoyan tell you?”

Shen Chenyu did not He nodded hesitantly and said: “Yes.” After a pause, she said again: “Miss Leng, I’m really sorry.”

She apologized so sincerely that Leng Jingdie’s original anger could no longer come out.

Leng Jingdie could only glared at her angrily and turned to leave.

Shen Chenyu looked at Leng Jingdie’s back and opened his mouth to call her, but finally made no sound.

After a moment of silence, she turned to Chang Yunye and asked, “Big Brother Chang, why are you looking for me?”

Chang Yunye stared at the direction of Leng Jingdie’s departure, not knowing what he was thinking.

He didn’t come back to his senses until Shen Chenyu called his name, but his expression was a little weird.

“What’s wrong with you?” Shen Chenyu asked him.

“Xiaoyu, three years ago, on April 3, 2014, have you ever been to the Carlton Hotel on the East Second Ring Road of Beijing?” Chang Yunye’s expression was extremely serious and serious.

Shen Chenyu was about to answer.

Chang Yunye said again: “Little fish, don’t lie, this matter is very important.”

“Very important!” He emphasized again.

Shen Chenyu was puzzled, but also aware of the seriousness of the problem, she told the truth: “I haven’t been.”

Chang Yunye’s eyes rose solemnly, “Are you sure?”

Shen Chenyu was sure: “There is something outsiders don’t know, I I was in a car accident five years ago and was in a coma for two years. At the time you mentioned, I was in a coma, and I was in country M. It was impossible to go to the Carlton Hotel on the East Second Ring Road of Beijing.”

“What happened? Is something wrong?” Seeing Chang Yunye’s expression getting more and more ugly, she asked carefully.

Chang Yunye shook his head slowly, and said inexplicably, “I’m sorry.”

Shen Chenyu was taken aback, “What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with you? It’s weird.”

Chang Yunye didn’t say anything, and said again. Sorry, turned around and walked away.

Shen Chenyu stood at the door of the box, full of doubts, but couldn’t think of a reason.


Daily tweet:

” Well- known Marry: Uncle VS Little Wife”

☆, 039:

Chang Yun Ye left the Beijing Hotel and unexpectedly saw the cold standing at the door Jing butterfly.

She hasn’t left yet, she is on the phone.

The sun is shining today, and the white dazzling light shines on her body, and the skin is jade, making the tattoo on her left shoulder even more beautiful and eye-catching.

Chang Yunye suddenly remembered three years ago, on April 3, when he returned to China to inspect the domestic market. When he attended the dinner, he didn’t know who had put the medicine in his wine glass. As soon as he noticed something was wrong, he hurriedly left the wine table. , I wanted to go to the hospital, but the hospital was too far away, so I had to go back to the hotel room not far from where I was eating.

While waiting for the doctor, a girl suddenly broke into the room.

What happened later was unexpected.

When he wakes up, it is already the next morning.

The doctor didn’t know what was wrong and didn’t come.

The clothes were scattered on the floor, and the bed was messy. The girl was lying naked between the bedding. Her long black hair covered her face. On the bare left shoulder, there was a flower-shaped imprint that looked like a tattoo or a birthmark.

He hadn’t turned on the light the night before, and his consciousness was a little fuzzy. He didn’t see the girl’s face clearly. At this moment, he still didn’t want to know how she looked like. He put on his clothes, left a card without a password, and left.

Three months after returning to Country M, he met Shen Chenyu on the streets of New York.

At that time, she was wearing a suspender dress, and the flower-shaped imprint on her left shoulder burst into his eyes.

He took it for granted that it was Shen Chenyu who had had a one-night relationship with him.


He just met Leng Jingdie, he smelled the perfume on her body, exactly the same as that of the girl that night three years ago, but Shen Chenyu, he had never heard of her using perfume.

There is also the tattoo on Leng Jingdie’s shoulder…

Chang Yunye’s heart is in a mess.

Could it be that the girl from three years ago… he watched Leng Jingdie lift up a red Accord parked in front of her.

Is it her?

He drove behind the

Accord, which stopped at the gate of an aristocratic kindergarten.

Leng Jingdie got out of the car and walked in. After about twenty minutes, he led a two-year-old boy out.

For some reason, Chang Yunye’s heart suddenly tightened. He hurriedly stepped on the gas pedal, and the car suddenly passed by the Accord and left.

Leng Jingdie put Leng Tong into the car, and a car behind her was extremely fast, and she subconsciously glanced back.

Withdrawing his gaze and about to get into the car, Yu Guang caught a glimpse of a familiar figure.

It is Meng Xinyue.

“Jingdie.” Meng Xinyue called her.

Leng Jingdie’s eyes dimmed, turned around, expressionless: “Something?”

Meng Xinyue straightened her belly, held her waist with one hand, and said with a smile: “Don’t be so indifferent, how good our relationship was before, I know You like our family, but you are already married to me. He likes me, and I can’t help it.”

There are many cars to pick up children at the entrance of the kindergarten, and people come and go.

Leng Jingdie didn’t want to have any disputes with her in public places, so she asked people to watch jokes.

What’s more, she really has nothing to say about a villain like Meng Xinyue.

She smiled coldly and said: “Then you have to take your family well, don’t be hooked by other women at any time, after all, even a man like you can hook up. Very shallow.”

After finishing speaking, he got into the car and the driver immediately started the car.

Leng Jingdie turned her head and saw Meng Xinyue, who was standing in the same place with an ugly face, from the rear windshield, feeling very uncomfortable.

She and Meng Xinyue have known each other for almost ten years, and they have been inseparable since junior high school.

Later, when she went to university, she liked Chang Kyun. Chang Kyun was one term higher than her. She is handsome and good at studying. There are countless girls who like him.

Changjun was already relatively cold, a little unsmiling, Leng Jingdie brewed countless times to want to confess, but as soon as she saw him, she was persuaded.

Later, Meng Xinyue gave her an idea.

Chang Kyun was already participating in a social event at that time and needed to live in a hotel. Meng Xinyue got Chang Kyun’s room number, and then let a boy who was pursuing herself and participated in social activities with Chang Kyun at the dinner table. Drunk Chang Jun, and then let Leng Jingdie sneak into his room with the room card at night, and get raw rice to cook mature rice.

The hotel Changjun has stayed at happens to be owned by the Leng Group. As the princess of the Leng Group, it is easy to get a room card.

In the dark room, she was too nervous to be herself, accompanied by the smell of alcohol sprayed by the man, they lingered all night.

It’s just that she never expected that the man that night was not what she thought was Chang Kyun, and she didn’t even know who it was.

By the time she knew this, it was already three months later, and she was already three months pregnant.

Leng Jingdie stretched out her hand and hugged Leng Tong into her arms, tears falling from her tears.

At first, she thought that the child belonged to Chang Kyun, so she desperately wanted to keep the child, and even indirectly killed her elder brother’s child and caused her sister-in-law to jump off the building.

But in the end, this child was not Changjun’s already, because that night, it was Meng Xinyue who climbed into Changjun’s bed.

So they got married.

Ask her if she regrets it?

Leng Jingdie regrets it. She hates that she is immature, so she is easily fooled.

But when Leng Tong was so cute, so smart, and so sensible, she felt relieved and felt that the previous tribulations were worthwhile.

Leng Anhuai said that as the daughter of the Leng family, unmarried childbirth was unacceptable, so he raised Leng Tong as Leng Moyan’s child.

And Leng Moyan regarded Leng Tong as his and Tong Jin’s child.

“Aunt, you made me out of breath.” Leng Tong frowned, earning money in Leng Jingdie’s arms.

Leng Jingdie quickly let go, “I’m sorry, Tongtong, aunt didn’t mean it.”

“It’s okay, aunt, it doesn’t hurt.” Leng Tong looked like a small adult, smiled sweetly, and looked at Leng Jingdie’s heart. It’s so soft.

“Aunt, when will that beautiful sister marry Dad?”

Leng Tong’s words caught Leng Jingdie in a daze.

“Do you really want her to be your mother?”

“Of course, the beautiful sister looks good, and she will save face when she takes it out.”

Leng Jingdie: “…” Sure enough, this is a face-seeking world, such a small child. Will look at the face.

“Is that aunty beautiful? If your aunt is your mother, do you think it would be worthwhile to take your aunt out?” Everyone is jealous and competitive.

It’s just different in severity.

Leng Tong looked her up and down seriously, and commented pretentiously: “It’s okay…”

Leng Jingdie: “…” When

he got home, Leng Moyan came back early and was sitting on the sofa smoking a cigarette.

Leng Tong threw his two short legs and rushed over, “Dad!”

Leng Moyan took Leng Tong’s small body galloping over with one hand, and put out the remaining smoke in the ashtray with the other.

“Slow down.”

“Daddy, why don’t you bring your beautiful sister to play at home? I haven’t seen her for many days.”

Leng Moyan put Leng Tong on the sofa, rubbed his little head, and said “My sister is very busy and I don’t have time to see you. Does the teacher leave homework? Go upstairs to do your homework.”

Leng Tong was a little unhappy: “Dad, the teacher has a parent-child sports meeting tomorrow, is Dad free? Can’t you bring sister with you?”

“Little Huangli, let my aunt accompany you.”

Leng Tong: “…”

☆, 040:

Leng Moyan was in a meeting when he received a call from the kindergarten teacher.

He glanced at the phone call and said to everyone: “Take a half-hour break.” Then he walked out of the meeting room.

Back to the lounge, I got on the phone, and a round and gentle female voice came from the phone: “Hello, Mr. Leng, I am Leng Tong’s teacher, my surname is Li, I’m sorry to bother you, why didn’t Leng Tong today? Come to school? Didn’t ask for leave?”

Leng Moyan twisted his brows slightly.

He personally sent Leng Tong to the kindergarten this morning, and he watched Leng Tong walk into the kindergarten gate with his own eyes.

“I sent him to kindergarten…” Suddenly he thought that Leng Tong had been talking about asking his beautiful sister to accompany him to the parent-child sports meeting all morning. Leng Moyan turned around and said, “Check the surveillance to see if he has slipped out.” , The time is 8:10 in the morning.” I

hung up the phone and waited for about 20 minutes. Teacher Li called again. Lengtong did enter the kindergarten this morning, but he quickly slipped through the gate.

On the phone, Teacher Li’s tone was a little anxious, and he wanted to say something, Leng Moyan hung up directly.

Digging up Shen Chenyu’s number from the address book, he looked at it coldly for a moment, and finally dialed it out.

The man is standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows in the lounge, wearing a tailored black suit, white shirt, and dark blue tie. He is tall and tall, with a meticulous temperament with a mature and steady charm. He holds his mobile phone in his right hand and his suit cuffs are slightly raised. The white cuffs of the shirt and the powerful honey-colored wrists are exposed. The high-end watches on the wrists make him more noble.

The facial features are three-dimensional, the eyes are sharp and deep, and the thin lips that are pressed lightly reveal coldness and alienation.

The call was answered quickly, and a slightly confused female voice came, “Hello?”

“It’s me, Leng Moyan.” Leng Moyan said in a low voice .

Shen Chenyu on the phone was taken aback.

He took the phone from his ear and glanced at it. It turned out to be Leng Moyan’s number.

I was busy drawing a picture just now and answered the phone without even looking at it.

“Mr. Leng called for something?”

Leng Moyan didn’t turn a corner, and said straightforwardly: “Did Tongtong go to you?”


“You mean Xiaodie’s son? Uh… I mean, Miss Leng.”

There was a moment of silence and replied: “Yeah.”

“No…” Shen Chenyu stood up and walked to the window, just denying it. , I saw the wide road downstairs opposite, a small familiar figure hesitating to cross the road.

“Wait, I saw Tongtong.”

“Don’t let him run around, I’ll pass right away.” After

hanging up the phone, Shen Chenyu immediately went downstairs.

When he arrived at the lobby on the first floor of the Shen Group, Leng Tong was carrying a small schoolbag with a Doraemon pattern on his back. He was trying to say something to the people at the front desk with his little toes, looking like a dusty.

Shen Chenyu hurriedly walked over and called him: “Tongtong!”

Leng Tong didn’t know Shen Chenyu’s name, only that she was the daughter of the Shen family who was going to be engaged to her father. The daughter should work in her own company like her father and aunt.

However, the two aunts at the front desk actually said that the beautiful sister is not here to work. How could it be possible?

They must not want him in, just like he used to go to his father’s company to find his father, the people at the front desk always obstructed him for various reasons.

Just thinking about how to sneak in smoothly, the big deal is that he will look for it one by one.

Unexpectedly, I heard the voice of the beautiful sister.

He turned his head and saw Shen Chenyu walking by. Two Shui Lingling’s big eyes lit up, and he ran forward with his calves, and the small schoolbag behind him was jingled.


Shen Chenyu hugged Leng Tong’s small body, and the softly scented baby doll made her heart soft and messed up.

“Why are you here? How dangerous it is to come out alone.” Listening to Leng Moyan’s words, it is not difficult to guess that Leng Tong ran out alone.

Shen Chenyu took Lengtong to the lobby lounge area and sat down, poured a glass of water for him to drink, and waited for Leng Moyan with him.

Leng Tong is a small man, sitting on the sofa without touching the ground, with two fat calves swinging.

“Pretty sister, our kindergarten has a personal sports meeting this afternoon, will you accompany me to participate in it?”

Parent-child sports meeting?

Shen Chenyu smiled and said, “Of course, the parent-child sports meeting must be attended with Mom and Dad. Why would you come to me?”

Leng Tong frowned for a while and said, “Because my mother has something to do, she can’t participate. Come to you to be my mother, and then let your uncle be my father, having a father and a mother, it is perfect.”

“Where is your father?”

“Uh…” Leng Tong was asked since he was a child: Where is your mother?

This is the first time someone has been asked: Where is your father?

He didn’t know how to answer for a while.

Shen Chenyu had always had a guess in his mind. Now that Leng Tong was silent when he mentioned his father, the guess in his heart was confirmed: Tongtong might not have a father.

Otherwise, how could Leng Jingdie still live in Leng’s house?

“Do you want to eat cake?” Shen Chenyu changed the subject.

Leng Tong nodded.

Children like to eat sweet food.

When he had the second piece of mousse cake, Leng Moyan appeared at the gate of the Shen Group.

When the people at the front desk saw Leng Moyan, their eyes were shining.

In the past, when the two Shen and Leng families cooperated closely, Leng Moyan did not come to the Shen Group to talk to Shen Zheng, and the people at the front desk naturally knew him.

“Hello, Mr. Leng!” softly greeted.

Leng Moyan turned a deaf ear, and his deep gaze suddenly fell on Shen Chenyu and Lengtong in the rest area.

Her face was covered with a maternal glow, gentle and loving, and gently wiped away the residue from Leng Tong’s mouth from time to time. That scene made Leng Moyan’s eyes darker.

He had imagined this scene countless times.

But such a simple wish has never been realized.

Leng Moyan walked over.

The moment Shen Chenyu found him, the loving expression on his face disappeared, replaced with a polite and alien smile, “Mr. Leng is here, Tongtong, go home with your uncle.”

Leng Tong grabbed her skirt. Hopefully, he asked her, “My sister must come for the parent-child games that afternoon.”

He wrinkled a little face, pitiful, and Shen Chenyu couldn’t bear it, but he refused: “I’m sorry Tongtong, auntie. There are important things to do in the afternoon, and there is no way to accompany you to the parent-child sports meeting…”

Leng Tong’s little face gradually collapsed, and with his small mouth curled, two lines of tears fell.

Acting level one.

He was howling hard, and his cry attracted a lot of people’s eyes.

Huang Ying came back from the outside and saw her subordinate and the president of the Leng Group coaxing a crying child.

“What’s the matter?” she asked the front desk.

The person at the front desk didn’t quite understand either, and just said the truth: “The kid came and asked for Miss Shen who was engaged to Mr. Leng some time ago. We haven’t seen that daughter. She must not be here. Then Shen Chenyu came down. Call him over.”

Huang Ying seemed to flash something in her eyes, smiled calmly, and said: “I’ll take a look, you are busy.”

She walked over and just heard Leng Tong sobbing while crying. “Sister, you are all engaged to your uncle. It’s my aunt. Aunt has the responsibility to participate in my parent-child sports meet…” Then he looked at Leng Moyan, “Uncle, don’t you think?”

Leng Moyan didn’t say a word.

Leng Tong said to Shen

Chenyu again: “Sister, if you don’t go, I will keep crying!” Huang Ying was slightly surprised.

People in the company knew about the engagement of Shen’s daughter and President Leng, but she had never seen Shen Qianjin.

Unexpectedly, Shen Qianjin was always under her nose.

No wonder the chairman wanted to call her over and personally hand Shen Chenyu to her.

Huang Ying secretly rejoiced, but fortunately, she did not do anything excessive to Shen Chenyu during this period of time.

Both Shen Chenyu and Leng Moyan’s attention was on Leng Tong’s body. They didn’t notice Huang Ying, and Huang Ying walked away calmly.

“Don’t cry, I’ll just go this afternoon.” Seeing Leng Tong’s tendency to cry out of control, Shen Chenyu had no choice but to compromise.

The cry of the child really made her feel weak.

At three in the afternoon, Shen Chenyu drove to Lengtong’s kindergarten.

The so-called parent-child games are just parents playing with their children.

“Your son is really handsome.” A 27-year-old young mother smiled and praised Leng Tong to Shen Chenyu.

Shen Chenyu glanced at Lengtong who was riding on Leng Moyan’s neck, smiled, and said, “Thank you, your daughter is also very beautiful.”

Leng Moyan at this moment has faded from the indifference of the past, supporting Leng Tong and a group of dads to compete for the first place, just like an ordinary dad.

Shen Chenyu was in a trance all of a sudden.

If there were no accidents three years ago, at this time, the image of this family of three would be her life.

The smile on the corner of his mouth gradually disappeared, and his chest was like a ball of cotton, which was uncomfortable.

At the end of the game, Leng Moyan and Leng Tong’s father-son combination ran first without surprise, who made Leng Moyan tall and long legs, one step and one half step against others.

“Mummy!” Leng Tong rushed over with his short legs, how natural and natural that Mummy shouted.

Shen Chenyu returned to his senses and squatted down to meet him with open arms.

“Mommy, I’m the first place compared to Dad.”

Shen Chenyu is not used to it, and feels a little awkward when he hears’Mommy’, but this awkward emotion quickly passed away, and she hugged Leng Tong. The limp body smiled and said: “Tong Tong is really amazing.”

“Mommy, shall we have dinner together tonight? Dad is very busy today. He is usually very busy. The opportunity is rare. Don’t miss it when you pass by. ! “

lifeless fish:” …… “

looked up and glanced straight standing next to the cold street Yan, his eyes on the distance, just finish the race, that is not actually breathing, only the tip of the nose aquiline hung up Some fine beads of sweat refracted light in the sun, against the bronze skin, like small yellow crystals, and the eyes were deep and bright.

He is handsome and masculine.

Shen Chenyu’s heartbeat got messed up somehow.

She remembered the scene when she saw him for the first time. After a few years, he was still the same person.


The pits I dug by myself must be filled with tears.

Well, “Mr. Marriage: Uncle VS Little Wife” has been updated. Welcome everyone to collect it.


Everyone says that when a man reaches middle age, his appearance and physical strength are not enough.

Ye Qingxin didn’t think that at least Jing Boyuan was not. The appearance and physical strength of a person in middle age are still too good.

Jing Boyuan raised his hand to retort: “I’m only thirty-five, and I’m still far from middle age.”

Jing Boyuan, born in a noble family, founded the Bowei Group from scratch, and is in the business world.

The public talked about him: a mature, solemn, mean entrepreneur with an unfathomable background.

It was such a successful man who was so serious that he was almost mean. Suddenly, the old cow ate the tender grass and married a little wife who was fourteen years younger than him.

Ye Qingxin, the tough grass swaying in the wind and rain, in a grand marriage, she married into a famous family, and became the envy of everyone.


I asked for a collection for Uncle Jing~

☆, 041:

Shen Chenyu looked at Leng Moyan and was stunned.

A complex and intense emotion surged in her chest, and a layer of mist slowly accumulated in her eyes.

If it’s not for self-willedness, you must use milk allergy to get Leng Moyan’s care and company, even if he is really engaged to Shen Luoyan, even if they divorce, at least Xiaohuangli will not die.

Little yellow pears will be born and then thrive.

Even if she is a childlike child for a lifetime, so what?

How is the aura of the daughter of the Shen family more important than Xiaohuangli?

Leng Moyan had already noticed Shen Chenyu’s gaze, so he was not surprised when he turned his head and bumped into her eyes, but to his surprise, there were tears in her eyes.

What kind of look is that?

Grief, grief, and guilt.

Such a look made his heart tighten for no reason.

“What’s the matter with you?” He blurted out, but he was stunned when he spoke.

After a moment of silence, he forced himself to look away.

She is from the Shen family.

Like Leng Anhuai, the Shen family was the culprit who killed A Jin.

Shen Chenyu was taken aback by his voice, and was about to answer that he was nothing, but when he saw that Leng Moyan had turned his eyes away, there seemed to be a faint displeasure in his eyes.

She was taken aback, not knowing where his discomfort came from.

“Mommy, let’s go to dinner together after school, okay?” Leng Tong asked again.

Looking at his hopeful face, Shen Chenyu couldn’t bear to say the word’no’. Anyway, the parent-child sports meeting had participated, and there was nothing to eat again.

She smiled softly and asked him: “What do you want to eat tonight?”

Leng Tong cheered happily: “You can eat anything, with Mommy, I’m not picky eaters!” As expected,

Leng Tong is not picky.

He can even eat vegetables that the average child is very resistant to.

Seeing his well-behaved and sensible appearance, Shen Chenyu’s eyes showed deep love.

Leng Moyan sat silently in his seat during the entire dinner, and once went to the balcony to smoke.

“Dad, aren’t you hungry?” Leng Tong asked Leng Moyan with oil dripping from the corner of his mouth, shaking his calf, and turning his head.

Leng Moyan raised his eyelids and glanced at him without paying attention.

Shen Chenyu took the napkin and wiped the corners of Leng Tong’s mouth.

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