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Chapter 1 Closing the Windows

“Little jiāng, sister-in-law. Zi is going to take a shower. Go and help sister-in-law. Zi close the window.”

Li Jie’s voice came from the room. Chen Jiāng ran to the door and saw Li Jie holding a change of clothes, walking towards The toilet is over.

The window in the bathroom was broken a few days ago, and it can only be closed from the outside. Chen Jiāng ran around the corner and was about to close the window when he heard the sound of water rushing from the bathroom.

Chen Jiāng’s eyes lit up suddenly, and he couldn’t help but sew together towards the window, and at a glance he saw Li Jie’s naked body.

Chen Jiāng had a fever when he was young, and his brain was burnt out. Although other aspects were okay, it was chīchī and he didn’t understand men and women at all.

So Li Jie couldn’t imagine that Chen Jiāng would hide out the window and peek at herself.

Chen Jiāng widened his eyes and stared closely, although from his perspective, he could only see Li Jie’s fragrant back and big tuǐ.

But the fair and smooth skin still caused Chen’s throat to dry in an instant, and he couldn’t help swallowing.

Knowing that Chen Jiāng is a spoiler, even if there are only two people in the family, Li Jie would not avoid him specially, and sometimes even change clothes in front of Chen Jiāng.

Although Chen Jiāng used to sprinkle it, but recently he has gradually become a little more receptive.

Especially a while ago, Chen Jiāng passed by the cornfield and saw the village head and widow Zhou hugging inside, even the clothes were naked.

Chen Jiāng could see clearly that Widow Zhou was very comfortable at the time. Although the village chief was out of breath from exhaustion, she was extremely powerful.

From that moment on, Chen Jiāng seemed to vaguely understand something. It turned out that men and women could still do this kind of thing.

Li Jie in the room finished wiping out the soap and started to wash her body. Her jade hands were walking around on her body, and she turned slightly to her side.

Chen Jiāng was almost sticking to the edge of the window, staring closely at Li Jie’s carcass. The two double peaks were looming, and they were still stained with drops of water, which looked very attractive.

At this moment, Li Jie’s mouth suddenly let out a sultry muffled hum.

Chen Jiāng looked over and saw that Li Jie frowned slightly, placing his jade hand on his chest, still rubbing gently.

Li Jie’s fingertips gently tapped on the jade peak, and there was also a light panting in her mouth.

Her actions like this were not like cleaning, but rather like doing something like that…

Chen Jiāng held his breath for fear that Li Jie inside would be aware of her own movements.

But now his eyes fell completely on Li Jie’s two tightly sandwiched and even rubbed on top of the two tuǐ, the two jade tuǐ are straight and plump, without any flaws, Chen jiāng .’S nose is about to splash out.

Li Jie is a well-known great beauty in this area. Many people want to marry her, but they just married Chen Jiāng’s brother.

It’s a pity that the good times didn’t last long. The two had only been married for two months, and Chen Jiāng’s brother had an accident in the mine, and only such a brother was left.

Although many people are looking forward to Li Jie’s remarriage, Li Jie still drags such an uncle to make do with it.

However, newly married Li Jie, who first tastes a man’s taste, has the strongest desire in that aspect, but no man can satisfy him.

When Ping said, she was still trying her best to restrain her desire, but every time she was alone, she couldn’t bear the flame in her heart.

Li Jie panted, and the water slid down the skin of the slippery nèn, all liún towards the tight part between her double tuǐ.

This kind of nurturing taste made her a little bit unable to control her own mind, and that kind of desire was simply boiled out, without restraint.


Li Jie whispered, and Chen Jiāng outside the window was agitated in an instant. He widened his eyes and saw Li Jie’s jade finger, which had slowly reached between his two tuǐ.

Chen Jiāng’s body also boiled instantly…

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