Chapter 1 The Goddess’ Bed

Chapter 1 The Goddess’ Bed
The bed was in a mess, but the red plum in the center was especially coquettish.

“do not Cry!”

Zhao Dong was a little upset by her crying and sent home the female proprietor who had a hangover late, but was forced by the other party. What the hell is this!

Sophie seemed to accept this fact too, and gradually stopped crying, “Why are you fierce?”

Zhao Dong sighed, “Don’t worry, I will be responsible for you.”

Sophie wiped her tears, “Are you responsible? What are you responsible for?”

Those eyes, which should have been clear, flashed with a frightening cold light at this time.

She had preserved her chastity for more than 20 years, but she was taken away by a security guard in a community on the eve of her engagement.

I have the heart to die, but what problem can death solve?

Zhao Dong said seriously: “Any way you can think of!”

Sophie replied mockingly, “Any way? I am the president of the Su Group. Your monthly salary plus bonus, even if you don’t eat or drink, you can’t even afford a lipstick of mine!”

She felt ridiculous when she thought about it.

“Are you responsible?”

“How do you want to be responsible?”

“How can you be responsible?”

She was originally a bit domineering, but she was not a mean woman.

But seeing Zhao Dong reminded her of the madness last night.

I was like a flat boat in the sea, being beaten frantically by the ruthless waves.

Regret, despair, and even feel humiliated!

Zhao Dong was taken aback by her question, and then laughed at himself.

It is no wonder that I am just a night security guard at the community property.

If it weren’t for the absurdity of last night, there would never be any intersection with the woman in front of me.

I’m afraid in her eyes, she is no different from the cats and dogs on the roadside?

Sophie didn’t wait for Zhao Dong’s answer at all.

Picking up the shirt on the bed and putting it on, when the third button was fastened, a fierce pain came through the clothes, as if to remind her of the madness of last night.

While she was talking, she got out of bed, “Get out of my house. If anyone knows what happened yesterday, I will definitely not let you go!”

Because of the pain, even the footsteps were a little wobbly.

Zhao Dong got dressed first, and was about to reach out to help, but she was thrown away severely.

Sophie glared, “Go away, don’t touch me with your dirty hands!”

Zhao Dong felt a little unhappy, clutching his jacket and turned around and left.

Sophie froze for a moment, then suddenly shouted: “Where are you going?”

Zhao Dong said a little self-deprecatingly, “Go to work! I’m not like you, Miss Qianjin, I can live well even without work!”

Sophie gave an unreasonable order: “Don’t go!”

Seeing that Zhao Dong ignored herself, she grabbed an object from the bedside table and threw it out.

“Bad son, I will let you stop!”

Zhao Dong was hit by his underwear, and he felt angry.

But when he saw the tooth marks and hickey marks on Sophie’s neck, all he wanted to say just now was back.

“What I just said is still valid. If you think about how I will be responsible, you can come to me at any time.”

Sophie was briefly ashamed, and then replaced by a sneer, “You wish I could hold you accountable, right?”

Zhao Dong was too lazy to explain, “Whatever you think.”

Sophie is not fake, nor does he have money, but he is not the kind of wimpy who buckles for five buckets of rice.

The door slammed shut.

Sophie staggered to the mirror, with red marks all over her body, full of a strange smell, and the silk stockings on her legs were torn before she could take off.

She suddenly regretted that she shouldn’t have let him go so easily just now.

This bastard wreaked havoc on him all night, just let him go, wouldn’t it be cheap for him?

no way!


As soon as Zhao Dong returned to the security room, he heard someone ask, “Zhao Dong, where did you go last night shift?”

The fat man who was talking was the security captain of the Emperor Garden, whose surname was Sun, who had always looked upon him as unpleasant.

Zhao Dong didn’t want to be caught by Fatty Sun, but how should he explain it?

Said that he adhered to the service spirit of “owner first”, and spent the night with the five owners in a big bed?

Even if he dared to say this, no one would dare to believe it!

“What? Nothing to say?”

Zhao Dong is too lazy to explain, even if the explanation is useless.

Fatty Sun sneered again and again, “Absent from work once, the bonus is gone, and you will be deducted two hundred wages, and the next time you will be expelled, others will take warning!”

Talking, a white Porsche drove into the community.

The souls of the security guards did not guard the house, and the soul of Fatty Sun flew over.

Diyuan is a well-known wealthy area, and most of them are female owners.

No one really came here to work as a security guard, and no one was expecting to climb into a lady’s bed for that dead salary, and never struggled for another twenty years.

For example, this man in the car, Meng Jiao, the owner of the nine buildings, is rich, beautiful, and single.

Fatty Sun stepped forward to please, “Miss Meng is off work?”

The window was lowered, revealing a charming profile, she said softly: “Trouble Captain Sun, let someone send a bucket of water to my house.”

Fatty Sun said eagerly, “I’ll do it, anyway, it’s okay if I’m idle.”

Meng Jiao waved her hand, “How can you dare to trouble you? Let Xiao Zhao come.”

With a charming smile, he hooked away the souls of countless people.

Everyone sighed. There were quite a few people defending Ke’s surname Zhao, but everyone knew that Xiao Zhao in Meng Jiao’s mouth could only be Zhao Dong.

Sending water to Building Nine every three days has almost become Zhao Dong’s daily work.

Fatty Sun gritted his teeth angrily, “Have you heard? Why don’t you go!”

I didn’t say anything, but I wondered someday to get him fired.

How could Zhao Dong fail to see the other’s thoughts, but now he is in urgent need of money.

The mother’s matching has been done, and the operation cost of more than 500,000 yuan is not included in the post-treatment and rehabilitation.

The monthly salary of the Emperor Garden is 5,000. If you say it is too much, it is not too much, but it is really going to be lost. What should you do to fill the hole in the hospital?

Sometimes, he was annoyed that he was useless. After five years in the army, he was quite capable, but unfortunately there were not many places he could use.

Now that my mother is seriously ill, she can’t get a penny. It’s ridiculous to think about it.

Just thinking about it, I heard the phone in the duty room rang.

When Fatty Sun saw the caller ID, his whole body became energetic, “Miss Su, what’s your order?”

Others also listened.

There is a goddess ranking in the Imperial Garden, and Sophie is at the top of the list. Despite this, no one dared to make her idea.

Goddess Su is going to be engaged to the Wei family’s eldest today, and almost no one in Tianzhou doesn’t know.

As for the Wei family, that was a famously ruthless character in Tianzhou, who eats black and white.

The woman who dared to touch her, unless her life was too long!

Sophie’s voice came from the other end of the phone, “Let Zhao Dong send me a bucket of water.”

“Miss Su…what are you talking about?”

Fatty Sun is a little depressed, why the fuck is Zhao Dong!

“Do you want me to repeat it again?”

Sophie’s voice was so cold that she really didn’t want to mention that name again.

Fatty Sun wiped his sweat, “Yes, I heard you clearly…”

“Twenty barrels, bring it here now!”

After speaking, Sophie hung up the phone impatiently.

Fatty Sun was stunned. Twenty barrels?

He somewhat gloated and said: “Zhao Dong, don’t be in a hurry for Building Nine, first send water to Miss Su in Building Five. Remember, it’s twenty barrels!”

Everyone was taken aback. They didn’t hear the content of the call, thinking that Fatty Sun was taking the opportunity to retaliate.

However, Zhao Dong vaguely understood what was going on. Sophie was probably the one who wanted to fix herself!

Damn, I don’t know what abacus this woman is playing?


Zhao Dong knocked on the door, and a cold and pretty face appeared behind the door.

Sophie flashed to the side, as if she didn’t know him, “Send it to the third floor!”

Damn it, the third floor?

Although Zhao Dong was unhappy, there was no other way.

No matter what purpose he is to be the security guard, since he takes the salary of Emperor Garden, it is his duty to serve the owner.

What’s more, this owner is Sophie. That kind of thing happened last night, so I can’t just pat my butt and leave, right?

Besides, it’s not his style to persuade him in case of trouble.

Zhao Dong carried two buckets of water on his shoulders at a time, even if he was not tired, he was sweating all over.

In fact, the Imperial Garden is a single-family villa, and each villa has a private elevator, but he didn’t ask at all. Given the woman’s urinary sex, it would be useless to ask.

Sophie stood on the balcony on the third floor. Seeing Zhao Dong coming in and out, his sweat gradually soaked through his clothes, finally feeling a touch of revenge.

To her a little surprise, Zhao Dong’s figure is very strong, unlike other security guards, especially the eight-pack abs on the lower abdomen, which is very eye-catching.

Zhao Dong wiped his sweat and said, “Okay.”

Sophie said blankly, “Pour the water into the bath.”

Zhao Dong was stunned. This kind of bottled water is all volcanic mineral springs, with a barrel of more than 200 yuan, and these 20 barrels can fall down to 4,000 yuan.

Use this water to bathe?

It doesn’t matter if you fix me, don’t have trouble with your wallet!

“What are you doing in a daze? Think I have no money?”

Sophie took out her wallet, took out a handful of money, and threw it on the ground without looking.

Zhao Dong couldn’t help asking, “Sophie, are you mentally ill?”

“I’m not sick! Just to let you know what a rich man’s life is. You have been exhausted for a month, but the money is not enough, right?”

“It’s not enough for me to take a bath! How about it, don’t you think you are particularly useless? Very useless?”

Sophie stared at his expression, trying to find a trace of humiliated anger in it.

“I think you are quite naive.”

Without a second word, Zhao Dong poured twenty buckets of water directly into it.

The roots of Sophie’s teeth were itchy, always feeling that she had punched the cotton.

Zhao Dong turned around to leave, “You don’t need to give me the money, it will be included in the property fee at that time.”

Sophie scolded: “Stop!”

Zhao Dong asked helplessly, “What else do you want?”

Sophie said again, “Bring me another twenty barrels!”

Zhao Dong frowned, “I can’t hold it anymore.”

Sophie stepped forward, opened the floor drain of the bath, and the four thousand yuan flowed away in the blink of an eye.

She proudly said, “I can hold it now!”

Zhao Dong sighed, “You fucking really sick, you’re not too sick!”

Sophie was angrily, “Zhao Dong, do you dare to scold me? Believe it or not, I will complain to you!”

“up to you!”

Zhao Dong stared into her eyes and continued to ask, “If you want to retaliate against me, there are many ways. What is the ability to waste money? Do you know how much you can do in a poor mountainous area with these four thousand yuan?”

Sophie’s heart trembled by what he saw, and the feeling of guilt just arose and was severely pinched by her!



She stretched out her hand and pointed out the window, “Okay, then I don’t waste money, you jump from here!”

Regardless of the fact that this is the third floor, based on the height of the villa, it is equivalent to the fifth floor of a normal building.

If you really jump from here, even if you can’t die, you will be disabled!

Zhao Dong felt a little bored, “Really, as long as I jump down, you won’t bother me?”

Sophie hugged her shoulders and said, “That’s right! As long as you jump down, we will be cleaned up!”

Her tone was full of provocation, as if she wanted to expose Zhao Dong’s hypocritical mask.

Without saying anything, Zhao Dong turned around, trot, and jumped off the balcony with one hand.

The whole set of movements was so smooth that Sophie didn’t slow down for a while.

He…he actually jumped?