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Chapter 10 Exchange

Looking at Sun Xuemei’s stiff ass, Chen couldn’t help swallowing, and his body quickly became hot.

Sun Xuemei turned her head and looked at him, then smiled and asked, “Little jiāng, what are you waiting for? Come here now. Mō.mō.” Sun Xuemei

‘s voice was devilish. She stretched out her hand and put a hand on her ass. .

Sun Xuemei’s white huāhuā’s fart was deformed by her niē and turned into various shapes.

Chen Jiāng watched from behind, he couldn’t help but let out a deep breath.

Moreover, Sun Xuemei was pouting her fart, her posture, and she was very ashamed, so that Chen Jiāng watched from behind and couldn’t help but want to nòng her from behind.

But Chen Jiāng still controlled the desire in his heart, and slowly stretched out his hand and moved towards Sun Xuemei’s fart.

Sun Xuemei’s fart is quite charming, and it feels soft, soft, and very elastic in her hand.

Chen Jiāng was a little uncontrollable. He couldn’t help but stretched out his hand and held the soft tún in the palm of his hand.

Ah–” Sun Xuemei was even more uncontrollable by Chen Jiāng’s niē. Unable to control it, she shouted directly.

She turned her head and looked at Chen Jiāng with a blushing face, panting, while smiling. She said with a smile: “Little Jiāng, you should work harder, Mei’s wife is so comfortable…”

Seeing Sun Xuemei was dissatisfied. It seemed that Chen Jiāng didn’t expect that she would be so proactive.

So seeing her asking for qiú in this way, Chen Jiāng became more courageous, and she vigorously formed the plump túnniē into various shapes, wishing to press Sun Xuemei on the ground and enjoy it.

It was still early at this time, and there was no one here, making Sun Xuemei even more unscrupulous, panting loudly.

These voices reached Chen Jiāng.’s ears, but he was even more excited, and the whole person came forward toward Sun Xuemei.

Sun Xuemei was enjoying it just now, but suddenly she felt something hard against her.

Sun Xuemei had already experienced personnel affairs, and naturally knew what it was. Even if she was wearing her pants, she could feel the hot, hard and hard.

She couldn’t help taking a breath, thinking that Chen Jiāng looked carefree, but she didn’t expect that place would be so powerful.

This mō also made Sun Xuemei feel unhappy, so she turned around and smiled to Chen Jiāng, “Little jiāng, is Mei’s fart soft?”

Chen Jiāng nodded hastily, and said happily. “It’s very soft…as soft as a steamed bun…”

Sun Xuemei couldn’t help rolling her eyes when he heard him compare her fart with a steamed bun, feeling a little unhappy.

However, she glanced down and saw Chen Jiāng’s propped up tent again, and she got excited in an instant.

Sun Xuemei couldn’t help muttering, just by looking at the appearance, he could see that it must be majestic and proud inside, and it was not at the same level as the one in her family.

Speaking of it, Sun Xuemei hasn’t been satisfied for a long time, and when she thinks of that kind of thing, her lower body feels a little moist.

Seeing that Sun Xuemei’s eyes were blurred, Chen Jiāng could also see that she had been fucked by herself, she must have wanted it.

Chen Jiāng couldn’t help but scold in secret, Zhou Liang, Zhou Liang, told you to bully my sister-in-law last night, and today I’m going to take care of your wife.

Chen Jiāng pouted, and said aggrievedly: “Sister Mei, I want to eat nǎi.”

“Eat nǎi? How old are you?” Sun Xuemei couldn’t help but trembled with laughter.

But Chen Jiāng still pestered her and said, “I think everyone else eats nǎi, and I want to eat nǎi too.”

Sun Xuemei wondered what he was talking about, it’s impossible to know who did that kind of thing. When he was bumped into by him, he yelled to eat nǎi.

But speaking of one thousand, ten thousand Taoism, Chen Jiāng is still a spoiler, how could he understand matters between men and women.

As soon as Sun Xuemei rolled her eyes, she smiled and said, “It’s okay to let you eat nǎi, but you have to change it with something.”

Chen Jiāng said aggrieved: “But I have nothing.”

Sun Xuemei stared at his crotch. Just smiled and said: “Who said no, you don’t have a good thing in your crotch, just use that one for me.”

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