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Chapter 11 Bulging

Sun Xuemei’s eyes were hot and hot, and she stared closely at Chen’s crotch.

Although Chen Jiāng knew what she wanted, he still pretended not to understand, and said with a face of confusion, “But there is nothing in my crotch…”

Sun Xuemei smiled and asked, “Then there is a bulge in your crotch. , What has happened.”

“I…” Chen Jiāng paused, feeling a little embarrassed.

Seeing that his face turned red, Sun Xuemei also found it more interesting, and wanted to play with this spoiler.

Sun Xuemei grabbed Chen Jiāng.’s waistband and said, “Sao Mei doesn’t believe it, unless you let Sao Mei see.”

Although Chen Jiāng still wanted to block her, Sun Xuemei still grabbed him and pulled his trousers. It’s ripped apart.

Before Chen Jiāng could hold it, his pants had already slid down his big tuǐ.

Looking at it this way, Chen Xuemei immediately lived there. I didn’t expect Chen Jiāng to be so majestic.

Sun Xuemei immediately took a deep breath, feeling a little excited.

But she didn’t dare to be too anxious because she was afraid that she would be frightened. If he was frightened, wouldn’t she have no fun.

Sun Xuemei was not in a hurry, so she smiled and said, “Little jiāng, will Sister Mei let you eat nǎi?”

“Okay.” Chen Jiāng couldn’t bother to pull on his pants, and nodded hastily.

Sun Xuemei pulled Chen Jiāng, squatted down under the tree, and said to Chen Jiāng, “Little Jiāng, you come to unbutton Mei Mei’s. Then you can eat nǎi.”

Chen Jiāng nodded, and then stretched out. With a trembling hand, she pressed the button on Sun Xuemei’s chest.

As he leaned over, he pretended to be unsteady, shook his hand over there, and put his hand on her chest.

A soft feeling came over immediately, causing Chen Jiāng’s xuè liquid to boil.

Moreover, after such a mō, Chen Jiāng discovered that Sun Xuemei did not seem to be wearing inner clothes.

Sure enough, he slowly unbuttoned Sun Xuemei’s buttons, and he saw a large piece of white snow on her chest, which was still towering high.

Just looking at the chest, Chen Jiāng felt that Sun Xuemei’s chest was actually bigger than his sister-in-law.

But in comparison, Li Jie’s is more elastic, and the shape is more beautiful, full of feminine charm.

As for Sun Xuemei’s chest, although it was big, it was already faintly sagging.

Seeing Chen Jiāng staring at herself without doing anything, Sun Xuemei suddenly became anxious, and when she reached out her hand to pull her clothes, she shrugged up.

Sun Xuemei grabbed Chen Jiāng’s hand and placed it directly on top of her softness.

Chen Jiāng was shocked and couldn’t help but stretched out his hand for a while.

Sun Xuemei also felt extremely irritating, and the heat rushed all over her body, she couldn’t help but opened her mouth and snorted.

Chen Jiāng hurriedly raised her head and asked her, “Sister Mei, what’s wrong, are you uncomfortable?”

Seeing Chen Jiāng was about to shrink her hands, Sun Xuemei hurriedly grabbed his hand and pressed her chest firmly. .breast.

Sun Xuemei’s eyes were blurred, and she said: “Little jiāng, don’t you want to eat nǎi? Come and eat the nǎi of sister-in-law.”

“Really?” Although Chen Jiāng was very excited and excited, he still pretended to be a chīchī sprinkle. Looks like she didn’t let Sun Xuemei see any flaws.

“Of course, sister-in-law Mei never lied.” Sun Xuemei said, she couldn’t wait to put her arms around his neck, trying to press him into her chest.

Although Chen Jiāng was half pushing and half pushing, in fact, he was already happy to open huā in his heart, and he wished that Sun Xuemei would put more effort.

His entire face was pressed in by Sun Xuemei, and he was deeply buried in the softness.

Chen jiāng rubbed his tongue, sticking out his tongue, and staying at that point lightly, wishing to make it all out of his mouth.

Sun Xuemei instantly hugged Chen Jiāng, leaning against his shoulder, panting loudly, and couldn’t help but move her hand towards his tuǐ.mō, grabbing the fire. Hot…

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