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Chapter 12 So Uncomfortable

Feeling Sun Xuemei’s palm, she instantly squeezed Chen Jiāng’s firmness, and Chen Jiāng suddenly trembled, and her lower body began to tremble without control.

Because yesterday and his sister-in-law couldn’t get things done, Chen Jiāng was also raised in his heart, and had several spring dreams all night.

Coupled with the fact that Sun Xuemei was so proactive and constantly teasing him, it made Chen even more uncontrollable, and a certain part of the body began to secrete some liquid.

Chen Jiāng stretched out his hand to hug Sun Xuemei and buried his entire face in it, but still felt that it was not enjoyable enough, and he was so cultivated in his heart that he wanted to push her down and enjoy the taste of a woman.

Chen Jiāng raised his head and said aggrievedly: “Sister Mei, you are holding me like this, I feel so uncomfortable.”

Sun Xuemei covered her mouth and smiled, and then asked him, “What’s so uncomfortable?”

Chen Jiāng stretched out his hand and scratched his head, deliberately pretending to be embarrassed, and muttered in a low voice: “I…I don’t know…I feel very bloated…as if something is about to come out…”

Hearing this description , Sun Xuemei couldn’t help but shook her head, and began to mutter in her heart.

Although Chen Jiāng’s baby is big, it’s a pity that he doesn’t even understand that feeling. It’s a bāo death.

Sun Xuemei mō. The baby in his hand is a little bit too much to put it down, it even seems to have become a little bigger.

Staring at that majestic baby, Sun Xuemei felt anxious, thinking that she had really done such a thing, in case she was beaten by Zhou Liang at home if she knew, wouldn’t she be beaten?

It’s just that Zhou Liang is really not very good in this aspect, and he doesn’t satisfy him at all.

Now it’s hard to run into a powerful one. If she is not allowed to try, how can the anger in her heart be eliminated.

At the end of the day, Sun Xuemei simply confided in her mind, thinking that Zhou Liang was out there to provoke cǎo, she just solved the need for a little bit, what’s wrong.

Besides, Chen Jiāng is just a spoiler, and I am afraid that outsiders will not know about these things with him.

But of course, Chen Jiāng couldn’t guess Sun Xuemei’s thoughts.

It’s just that Sun Xuemei’s two hands kept mō. It really made him feel uncomfortable, and his whole body was hot. I wish it would be solved now.

“Sister Mei, don’t mō anymore, I’m so uncomfortable.” Chen Jiāng opened his mouth and said in a sigh of relief.

Sun Xuemei tilted her head and asked with a smile: “What’s wrong, you have eaten Sao Mei’s nǎi, don’t you know that Sao Mei’s mō.mō can’t be done?”

” Uh …Of course…but it’s too uncomfortable…” Chen jiāng Scratching his head, his expression looked very embarrassed.

Sun Xuemei said to him: “Little jiāng, close your eyes, Mei’s wife has done something to make you feel less uncomfortable…”

“Really?” Chen Jiāng’s eyes widened suddenly, as if he didn’t believe it.

Sun Xuemei nodded and continued to fool him: “Of course, if you don’t believe it, close your eyes and try.”

Chen Jiāng let out a “um”, and then closed his eyes vigorously.

“Sister Mei…” He just said, but suddenly stopped.

Because he felt something moist and warm, completely enveloping himself.

That kind of comfortable feeling made him let out a muffled hum, and his body seemed to be soft.

He leaned on the tree, enjoying the extremely irritating feeling, even though his sister-in-law used her hands to mō him, it could also bring him great pleasure.

But that kind of pleasure is nothing compared to the current feeling.

Chen Jiāng felt that his whole body was soft. It seemed to be soaked in wēn water from beginning to end, but it was far more irritating and exciting than this. It was a feeling that could not be expressed in words.

He took a breath, quietly opened his eyes, and found that Mei’s wife was lying between his two.

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