Chapter 2 Two women fighting

Sophie rushed to the edge of the balcony, unable to tell what it was like, she didn’t feel the pleasure of revenge, but a trace of annoyance.

Although she drank too much yesterday, she was still conscious.

If I remember correctly, it was the person I took the initiative to seduce, like a fire in my heart, subconsciously trying to melt everything around me.

Sophie felt that the glass of wine had been tampered with.

But it’s done, it’s too late to talk about anything.

She is a woman cultivated by the Su family with all the resources. Over the years, she has been cautious, not daring to make a mistake in half a step, for the sake of family glory.

But what’s going on right now, blame it on others?

Sophie wiped the corners of her eyes, holding her shoulders and looking towards the sky, warning herself not to bow her head, the crown would fall.

Zhao Dong asked a little unexpectedly, “Did you cry?”

He originally thought he would hear a retaliatory sneer, but he didn’t realize it, but saw the softness under that cold mask.

Doesn’t she care about her previous stubbornness and strength all pretended?

Thinking of this, he suddenly felt distressed, no matter how strong and overbearing Sophie was, she was a woman after all.

My first woman!

Hearing Zhao Dong’s voice, she turned her head in astonishment, “You…you didn’t jump?”

Zhao Dong explained, “I jumped and came up again.”

“Liar, hypocritical bastard, you are a coward!”

Sophie wanted to scold people very much, but her good tutor made her poor, and she kept repeating these words over and over again.

Zhao Dong shrugged, “It turns out that even if I do this, you won’t feel good, and even if I really jump, it won’t be much.”

Sophie didn’t listen to Zhao Dong’s words seriously at all, “You rogue…I killed you!”

She rushed over, slapped her two hands crazy on Zhao Dong.

Zhao Dong stood there and didn’t move, but looked at her helplessly, “Are you murdering or tickling?”


Sophie was so angry that she finally opened her mouth and bit on Zhao Dong’s shoulder.

The strength is not small, and a faint bloody smell will soon be tasted between his lips and teeth.

Seeing that Zhao Dong didn’t respond, she took a step back, “Don’t you hurt?”

Zhao Dong stared into her eyes, “If it makes you feel better, I can bear it.”

He has to admit that Sophie is indeed a goddess at the level of disaster, even when he is angry, she is still very beautiful and shameless.

Sophie’s heart softened, but when she caught Zhao Dong’s gaze, she suddenly felt sick.

Sure enough, men are all animals thinking with their lower body, and he is no exception!

“Son of a bitch!”

Sophie cursed and kicked it with her yin leg.

As Zhao Dong turned away, he couldn’t help but cursed: “Fuck! Are you crazy?”

He really didn’t understand this woman, how could turning his face faster than turning a book?

Sophie sneered, “Why can’t you bear it?”

Zhao Dong’s face is dark, you are paralyzed, can this thing be tolerated?

Sophie refused to give up, kicked it one foot after the other, “Buckled! Bastard! Bastard!”

“Sophie, if you slap me on the nose again, I’m not welcome!”

Zhao Dong was a little impatient, and the mud bodhisattva was still a bit angry, and he was not muddled.

Sophie raised her face and yelled, “You’re welcome? Okay, you can hit me if you have the ability!”

Zhao Dong is depressed, and he is definitely not going to fight.

He simply hugged Sophie up around his waist, turned his hand and threw it to the big bed behind him, just as teaching her a lesson.


Sophie screamed, grabbed the corner of Zhao Dong’s clothes, and brought him down with him!

It was indeed a fight in the beginning, and the fight was hard to separate.

In the end, I didn’t know what was going on, and they rolled together.

The two people with their own concerns began to entangled crazily, and the clothes on their bodies were torn off one by one.

Sophie is still like a flat boat in the storm, pushed to the top of the wave by gusts of wind.

But this time she had the upper hand until she finally fell on the beach…

The wind and rain stopped suddenly.

Zhao Dong lit a cigarette, his body was refreshed, but his mood was a bit bad.

Because the trouble has not been solved, it has become more complicated.

Sophie calmed down a lot this time, “Get off my bed!”

Zhao Dong’s face was dark, and he said that the man would not admit it when he put on his pants, which was biased.

When he got dressed in twos or twos, Sophie had already opened the wallet.

“I said, don’t give me the money, it will be deducted from the property fee.”

“This is your income!”

Sophie threw the money away and found a perfect explanation for the relationship between the two people.

Zhao Dong’s face was sullen, and his mood was extremely unhappy.

You are paralyzed!

Who is Laozi?

Seeing that he refused to accept the money, Sophie leaned against the bed and said with a smile, “This is going away? The money is deducted from the property fee!”

Zhao Dong had already reached the top of the stairs, and he staggered when he heard these words, and he almost didn’t fall off.

Sophie gave a “puff” laugh, then laughed louder and louder, and finally turned into hysterical crying.

After the cry, she slowly raised her head, her weakness and grievances disappeared.

I picked up Vacheron Constantin’s watch and checked the time. It was just after eleven, and there were still four hours before her engagement banquet.

Regardless of whether it was a conspiracy or a violent storm that was waiting for her for a while, she had to face it.

She can’t retire, and there is no way to retire!

Taking a step back is the abyss, not only will you fall to pieces, but the entire Su family will also disappear!

Outsiders can only be regarded as the goddess of the Su family, a domineering female president with a net worth of over 100 million.

No one knows how much effort and sweat she put into these two identities.


As soon as Zhao Dong returned to the duty room, he heard Fatty Sun arrogantly say: “Zhao Dong, go to the dormitory to pack things up, you are fired!”

Zhao Dong frowned, “Why?”

Fatty Sun said triumphantly, “You have been complained!”

Before Zhao Dong asked, he couldn’t wait to explain, “The owner of the fifth building complained to you, saying that he is not satisfied with your service!”

Zhao Dong was dumbfounded, and his heart was like 10,000 horses running wildly. What does it mean to be dissatisfied with my service?

Fatty Sun fell into the pit and scolded, “What are you still doing in a daze? Pack your things and get out of here! Goddess Su has spoken, it’s useless for anyone to intercede for you this time!”

Zhao Dong has understood, this is what Sophie meant.

But what happened just now, the last madness?

The security room was quiet, with sympathy, and more gloating.

Although Zhao Dong is a good person, he has a long spirit and can work hard. If he leaves, he will lose a strong competitor.

Without waiting for Sun Fatty to urge, a slender figure came into view.

“Miss Meng, why are you here?”

Fatty Sun hurried forward and forgot about Zhao Dong.

Meng Jiao raised her brows and asked, “I have been waiting for the water I want all morning, so why haven’t you given it to me?”

“I will arrange for someone.”

Fatty Sun called a close friend.

Meng Jiao was a little unhappy, “Did you hear what I said before?”

“Miss Meng, this is the case. Zhao Dong has been fired from our company. He is no longer the security guard of our Imperial Garden, so he is not qualified to give you water.”

Meng Jiao was suspicious, “Oh, expelled? Why?”

As expected, Fatty Sun said, “I was absent from work yesterday, and today I was complained by a customer!”

Meng Jiao was a little surprised.

Of course she knew who the security guards of the entire Emperor Garden were, and Zhao Dong was the only exception.

Although she can’t see the depth of Zhao Dong for the time being, this man is very capable. The most important thing is that he has no bad intentions and is serious in doing things.

He will be complained?

Who is so boring!

Meng Jiao looked at Zhao Dong and asked, “What Captain Sun said is true. Are you really fired?”

Seeing Zhao Dong nodding her head, she happily said, “That’s great. Come and be my bodyguard. Twenty thousand a month. Now you have no reason to refuse, right?”

Fatty Sun’s face changed, and he blurted out, “Miss Meng…what did you say?”

He really couldn’t figure out what is so good about the bastard Zhao Dong that he could add Meng Jiao’s eyes together.

Without waiting for Zhao Dong’s promise, a Ferrari sports car drove from behind everyone.

The door opened and Sophie in an evening dress got out of the car gracefully.

At this moment, she raised her chin slightly, as noble as an elf princess, even Zhao Dong couldn’t help but look at it a few more times.

Sophie raised her brows and asked strongly: “Captain Sun, why is he still here?”

Fatty Sun rubbed his hands and didn’t know how to explain.

Especially Sophie’s domineering eyes, people dare not look directly.

Sophie turned and left, “I don’t want to hear your explanation, anyway, I don’t want to see him again until I come back!”

Meng Jiaoyun smiled lightly, “Miss Su, sorry, Zhao Dong is now my bodyguard and driver, Captain Sun can’t control him!”

Sophie turned around unexpectedly, “You?”


Meng Jiao doesn’t mind the look in Sophie’s eyes, others are afraid of her, she is not afraid of it!

Sophie frowned, looked at Zhao Dong and asked, “Did you agree to her?”

Anything she has used, even if she doesn’t like it anymore, is still hers.

Even if she is lost, no one can pick it up casually.

Seeing Zhao Dong shaking her head, the anger in her heart gradually dissipated, “Don’t go!”

Meng Jiao asked in a cold voice, “Miss Su, you don’t want to keep him, and don’t let me stay, isn’t it a bit too domineering?”

Sophie ignored her and looked at Zhao Dong directly and said, “No matter how much she promises to give you, I will be twice as much as her. I still said that, don’t go!”

Meng Jiao didn’t retreat half a step, “I will double it again!”

Everyone vomited blood, fucking!

Zhao Dong was also a little baffled by Sophie, “Okay, I won’t go anywhere, just stay in the security department, and you two should stop fighting.”

Meng Jiao didn’t get angry with her, “Xiao Zhao, help me get the water up!”

Sophie spoke again, “No, he wants to help me drive!”

Meng Jiao scolded, “Sophie, are you sincerely against me?”

She is not temperless, the reason why she can’t bear it is that she doesn’t want people to watch jokes.

Sophie didn’t answer at all, she turned around gracefully, revealing a flawless beautiful back, “Follow me or follow her? You choose yourself!”