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Chapter 2 What’s wrong

Li Jie’s flat abdomen twitched slightly, it seemed that her eyes were starting to become blurred because of being too sexy.

Chen Jiāng lay down by the window, staring closely at her slowly moving jade hand. His whole body was extremely hot and hot. I wish I could climb into the window now and take a closer look at the scenery between Li Jie and Tuǐ.

At this moment, Li Jie’s mind was a little confused, and her fingers kept rubbing at the sensitive area, completely seducing her desire.

She closed her eyes, and the shadow of Chen Jiāng suddenly appeared in her mind. This child has grown up and can already do this kind of thing.


Thinking of this, Li Jie’s heart jumped wildly, as if she had already felt the scene of the uncle lying on her body.

At this time, it seemed that she was rubbing her sensitive area, not her own finger, but the part of the uncle.

This sense of sex has made Li Jie uncontrollable, and her voice has improved a lot. Anyway, there is no one in the yard, and there is no fear that anyone will hear it.

Seeing Li Jie’s reaction getting louder and louder, the cry was extremely ecstasy, Chen Jiāng’s eyes were fiery and hot, and he wished to get in now.


But he slammed his head forward, bumping his head against the door frame, and there was a noise.

But this voice was also heard by Li Jie.

“Who is it?” Li Jie pulled out from the blurry state in an instant, covered her body with a bath towel, and walked quickly to the window.

The window was still hidden, but she looked outside but found no half-person figure.

At the critical moment, he unexpectedly made a noise, Chen Jiāng.’s heart was not uncomfortable, but he did not dare to continue peeking, so he ran away in a desperate manner without even having time to close the window.

So Li Jie stood by the bed, also surprised, wondering if someone was peeking at her taking a shower just now.

But there won’t be anyone else in the yard, could it be his own uncle.

Li Jie still shook his head. That little uncle was stunned. He didn’t understand these things at all, so how could he take a peek at himself taking a bath.

But she was not in the mood to continue. After a little rinse, she put on her pajamas and came out and shouted: “Little jiāng, where did you go?”

“Sister-in-law, son, I am here.” Chen Jiāng ran in from the outside. In the room.

Li Jie glanced at him, and then asked him: “Where have you been, didn’t you let me close the window?”

“I…I went to pull .shǐ.” Chen Jiāng hesitated and said it for a long time. In one sentence.

Li Jie was about to scold him, but her eyes suddenly fell on Chen Jiāng’s crotch.

Li Jie hadn’t noticed before that his part was actually much larger than ordinary people, and now it is fully erected, even if he is wearing pants, the cū. strong silhouette is still clear.

Li Jie looked at it for a long time, then moved his eyes a little bit reluctantly, and said, “What are you doing, don’t hurry to close the door.”

Chen Jiāng nodded, turned to close the door, and listened to Li Jie again: ” Xiao Jiāng, come here and sit next to your sister-in-law.”

Chen Jiāng didn’t say a word, but ran over and sat down beside Li Jie.

Li Jie turned his head and glanced at him, and said,

“My sister-in-law doesn’t scold you, why are you sitting so far away?” “Oh…” Chen Jiāng replied, moved again, and sat down next to Li Jie. .

Li Jie had just taken a shower, wearing only a light pajamas, which completely outlined her plump body.

And from this angle of Chen Jiāng, you can see the two

plump peaks from the inside of her loose collar… Seeing this scene, Chen Jiāng’s body is even hotter, hotter, and his crotch. It has risen even more.

Of course, Li Jie could notice the changes in Chen Jiāng. So she smiled and asked, “Little Jiāng, what are you zàng in your pants, why are you so big?”

Chen Jiāng was afraid that his sister-in-law would find out what she wanted, so she hurriedly explained Said: “No…nothing…”

Li Jie looked at him with a hehe, deliberately trying to amuse him, so she leaned in and said with a smile: “Sister-in-law, I don’t believe it, you untie your pants and let Sister-in-law, see what happened.”

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