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Chapter 3 Salivating

Li Jie smiled, trying to pull his pants apart.

Chen Jiāng was also frightened, and hurriedly covered his trousers, his entire face turned red.

Seeing Chen Jiāng was so shy, Li Jie even trembled with laughter.

Li Jie smiled like this, and the two soft fleshy balls on her chest also shook, completely attracting Chen Jiāng’s gaze.

Li Jie noticed Chen Jiāng’s gaze, and instantly stopped smiling, and asked him warily, “Little Jiāng, what are you looking at?”

After realizing Li Jie’s changes, Chen Jiāng’s body and body were somewhat different. Tightened, he hurriedly pretended to look like hehehe, pointing to Li Jie’s chest and said: “Sister-in-law, son, why are you different from me here.”

Li Jie looked at him, and soon he was relieved. I think this little uncle is just a spoiled child. I don’t even know the size of a woman’s breasts. How can I have that kind of thinking?

Chen Jiāng continued to pretend to be carefree, and continued: “I see the aunts in the village, they use this to feed nǎi, sister-in-law, I want to drink your nǎi too.”

Li Jie covered his mouth and smiled and said “

I’m such a big person, why do I still want to drink nǎi, my sister-in-law doesn’t have nǎi to feed you.” “But I think everyone else has…” Chen Jiāng looked aggrieved, his face was full of grievances. Caress.

Chen Jiāng has been sprinkling sons since he was a child, and everyone in the village knew that, and seeing that he didn’t even know that women who gave birth to children had no water, Li Jie was even more relieved.

She put her hand on her chest and smiled and said to Chen Jiāng, “Sister-in-law. Zi didn’t have nǎi for you to drink, or sister-in-law. Zi would give you mō.mō?”

Chen Jiāng shook his head and said, “I don’t want mō. I want to eat nǎi…”

Li Jie couldn’t help feeling a little depressed. With her figure, no matter who saw it, she had to salivate.

Unexpectedly, she was like this, this little uncle still refused to mō.

But ever since I gave birth to that kind of thought in the bath room, and saw Chen Jiāng’s huge baby, Li Jie has grown up in his heart, completely attracted by his masculine charm, and couldn’t help but want to seduce him. . Confused her.

Li Jie smiled, and in a very charming tone, smiled and said to him: “Are you really not mō? It’s very soft and comfortable…”

“Really?” Chen Jiāng stared, his eyes widened. Can’t believe it.

Li Jie leaned towards Chen Jiāng, rubbing his soft chest lightly on his arm.

Seeing that Li Jie took the initiative to seduce himself in this way, Chen Jiāng became hot, and the xuè liquid began to boil. He really didn’t expect that Sazi would still have such benefits.

But he was afraid that Li Jie would be suspicious, so he still didn’t dare to easily agree, so he muttered: “What if my sister-in-law lie to me?”

Li Jie smiled and said, “If my sister-in-law lied to you, let you eat nǎi. “As

she said, she stretched out her finger and slid gently on Chen Jiāng’s tuǐ.

Chen Jiāng’s second half of his life was numb, and his body and body were almost unwilling to do so. I really want to pounce on Li Jie now.

Although he was already too excited in his heart, on the surface, he still pretended to be calm and said to her: “Okay, sister-in-law. You must not lie to me. The deceiver is Xiao Gou.”

” Okay.” , You hurry up.” Although Li Jie was still smiling, she couldn’t wait long ago.

Since her husband’s death, she hasn’t touched her chest. Thinking of the feeling of ecstasy, Li Jie couldn’t help but tighten her white double tuǐ.

Chen Jiāng’s heart thumped straight, and the whole person was excited. He was too excited, but he still restrained the shaking palms and stretched out towards Li Jie’s plump and crisp chest.

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