Chapter 4 Get married

Zhao Dong, this man she had never cared about, or even counted on at all.

In a domineering and unreasonable way, she instantly pulled her out of the whirlpool of public opinion!

Under everyone’s eyes, slapped the eldest lady of the Xia family in public?

Unfortunately, he can figure it out!

Happily, it also stopped everyone’s discussion and the further expansion of the state of affairs.

But what should he do next? Did he never consider the consequences when he did things?

She even wondered if Zhao Dong could leave here smoothly today!

As for Wei Dongming, his expression was extremely gloomy.

He likes Sophie. When the two married, the Wei family had just started, and everything relied on the Su family. The marriage at the time was a high climb for him.

He swallowed his breath for twelve years in order to raise his eyebrows and return all the blank eyes he suffered before to the Su family.

Let Miss Su, who had despised herself, take the initiative to take off her clothes, and tactfully chant under her body.

In the end, he didn’t realize it. He waited for twelve years, but he waited for a green hat!

It is estimated that within a long time, he will become the laughing stock of the entire Tianzhou.

Xia Ruxue also just recovered from the shock, “You… are you? You are the fucking concubine of Sophie…”

Zhao Dong shook his wrist, “If your parents didn’t teach you what is polite, I can give you another lesson for free!”

Xia Ruxue said with a cry, “You…you silly security guard… unexpectedly… dare to hit me?”

As the daughter of the Xia family, she hasn’t been touched by a finger since she was a child. This feeling of self-confidence makes her feel more uncomfortable than death!

She pointed to the bodyguard not far away and shouted: “You…you rubbish, what are you doing in a daze? Kill him for me!”

Wei Dongming’s face changed slightly, “Ruxue, enough, don’t make trouble!”

Xia Ruxue argued, “Brother Wei, what I said…”

Wei Dongming glared at her fiercely, “You can’t understand me?”

He didn’t refuse before, even indulging in Xia Ruxue’s pursuit, nothing more than wanting to borrow the power of the Xia family to put a little pressure on the Su family by the way.

But right now, he couldn’t wait for this stupid woman to die immediately!

Regardless of whether the evidence she has in hand is true or false, even if Su Xue’s face is swept away, why not put his Wei Dongming face on the ground?

He changed his face and said gently: “I knew about this last night. I was at Xiaofei’s house at the time, and things weren’t what you thought.”

Xia Ruxue gave a startled expression, “What did you say? Brother Wei, are you there too?”


Xia Ruxue was not reconciled, “But, he just admitted in person…”

“You got it wrong!”

Wei Dongming turned his head, a warning flashed in his eyes.

Xia Ruxue bit her lip tightly, not daring to mention it again.

Sophie stood by, just as she was watching a farce.

She understood Wei Dongming’s character, and his city government would definitely not admit this kind of thing.

This is also the confidence she dared to attend the engagement banquet today.

As for how to deal with the storm?

She didn’t think about it for the time being, so she could only go one step at a time.

Zhao Dong was left aside the whole time. He had even prepared for the worst. If it didn’t work, he eloped with Sophie.

In the end, I didn’t realize it, and things didn’t develop in the direction I expected.

The storm passed, the banquet continued, and everything seemed to have never happened.

Had it not been for Xia Ruxue’s spiteful glances from time to time, he would almost doubt whether he had a dream just now?

“You come with me.”

Sophie put down these words and left without looking back.

Wei Dongming looked at the backs of the two leaving, and the haze in his eyes swept away!


Coming to the corner of her sight, she took out a check prepared from her bag and handed it over.

Zhao Dong hesitated, but still took it, “What do you mean?”

Seeing him accepting the check in front of him, Sophie’s disgust in her eyes became more intense, “There is a million in it. Leave Tianzhou with the money, and never show up in front of me!”

Zhao Dong asked amusedly, “Why should I leave?”

Sophie sneered and said, “What happened last night, as long as you are still in Tianzhou, someone will continue to investigate it!”

Zhao Dong asked, “Then what if I don’t leave?”

“You still don’t know enough? One million, even if you stay as a security guard for a lifetime, you won’t make so much money!”

Sophie disgusted to the extreme. Although she was at fault last night, didn’t he think he would be wrong?

She didn’t know what nasty thoughts the security guards in the community had.

People like Zhao Dong are just a bunch of raccoons in the company of them all day long.

Now that he has both wealth and color, I’m afraid he will wake up with a smile in his dreams, right?

Sophie felt even more disgusting when she thought of this, and her gaze towards Zhao Dong was full of contempt and contempt.

Zhao Dong turned a blind eye to her, “Yeah, one million? It’s really a lot.”

While speaking, he took out a half pack of cigarettes from his pocket.

The fire flashed.

He took a deep breath before asking, “Is it worth it to you?”

“If you think that by staying in Tianzhou, you can threaten me and get more money? Then you are very wrong! There is only so much money, do you want to do it!”

Sophie’s patience is about to wear off, she doesn’t like dealing with insatiable rascals.

Zhao Dong tore the check into confetti, “I don’t want the money. As for when to leave Tianzhou, you don’t have to worry about it.”

He was amused just thinking about it.

You just planned to go to the Wei family for Sophie’s sake?

Even if she really worked hard for her, would this woman appreciate it?

Had it not been for what happened last night, a small security guard like him, Goddess Su would not even have a straight look!

Sophie was shocked for a while before she asked, “Where are you going?”

“Don’t worry, I won’t bother you and Wei Gongzi’s good deeds, let’s go!”


Zhao Dong left the Genting Manor through the back door, and no one was seen for the whole afternoon. It is estimated that Fatty Sun will deduct his salary again.

Thinking about the cheque that was just shredded, he can’t wait to make a big mouth at himself now.

Oh shit!

Stupid one!

What to pretend to be chic?

Can you make a living with money?

Zhao Dong stood on the side of the road and waited for a long time. He smoked three cigarettes one after another, but he didn’t see a taxi.

Occasionally, I can see a few private cars and ignore his beckoning at all.

Zhao Dong looked at the security uniform on his body, and then he wanted to understand.

Those who can live in such a place are rich people, and it is estimated that no one will take a taxi.

As for those who are rich, how can they let a small security guard get in the car?

Zhao Dong turned and went down the mountain. He would rather walk for a few hours than go back to see Sophie’s face.

Just a few steps, a van drove over.

Before he beckoned, the car took the initiative to stop in front of it.

The co-pilot walked down to a big man with a strong body, wearing a black vest and keeping his head.

The most important thing is the scar on his face.

The face is very fierce, it’s the kind of kid who can scare the crying child without speaking.

“You are Zhao Dong?” He asked with slanted eyes.

Seeing Zhao Dong nodding, he waved his hand impatiently.

The sliding door of the van opened, and five more burly men jumped down, one by one, each of them was powerful.

Zhao Dong dangled his cigarette and said, “Who are you?”

“I’m your father, come to teach you a dog son!”

When the man waved his hand, several thugs rushed over.

Zhao Dong was amused, and was ridiculed by Sophie just now, and now he was scolded in person.

That bit of unhappiness in my heart burst out in an instant!

While sneering, he kicked out.

The bastard who rushed up first didn’t get out of the way, with a kick in his belly.

Zhao Dong’s foot strength was not small, and he slid out on the ground.

When he stood up, his mouth was worn out, his front teeth had fallen off, and his mouth was full of blood.

Zhao Dong grinned when he saw it, happy!

The scar man threw his cigarette butt and said, “Copy guys!”

Immediately someone ran to open the trunk, and dropped the snakeskin pocket, which was full of steel pipes, wooden sticks, and machete.

Zhao Dong squeezed his fist and walked up in front of a few bastard sticks.

These bastards are not good stubborn, the guy in his hand keeps greeting the key points, obviously with a murderous intent!

Zhao Dong resisted a few times, took the opportunity to grab a short stick, and slapped one backhand, and at the same time, he was also taken a knife in the back, which was so hot and painful!

The remaining gangsters gathered around, and the short stick in Zhao Dong’s hand seemed to have long eyes.

Every shot is bound to be accompanied by a scream!

Almost a piece of it fell in the blink of an eye.

The Scar Man cursed: “Damn, a bunch of trash, get out of my way!”

As he spoke, the guy in his hand smashed into a circle!

Zhao Dong waved his crossbar, and he didn’t think that the man was so powerful.

The wooden stick in his hand couldn’t bear this force, and it broke!

Zhao Dong gritted his teeth to hold back the pain, and punched the scarred man in his abdomen.

Scar Man’s concentration is obviously not good, his face turned green because of the pain, and the iron rod in his hand fell to the ground, and it clinked.

Without waiting for him to bend over to pick it up, Zhao Dong has already kicked it away!

Zhao Dong stepped forward and stepped on his chest and asked, “Let’s talk, who asked you to come?”

When he asked this sentence, Zhao Dong already had several candidates in his mind.

Wei Dongming, Xia Ruxue?

Or Sophie!

“Your grandpa asked me to come!”

The scarred man’s throat rattled, and a mouthful of thick phlegm flew over.

Zhao Dong flashed his head, “You are paralyzed! Pretend to be a good guy with Laozi, right? I’ll let you pretend!”

When the words fell, he grabbed the half of the wooden stick in his hand and stabbed it fiercely!


The Scar Man felt a cold neck, and when he turned his head, his soul almost flew away.

Half of the wooden stick also had arm lengths, so it was inserted deeply into the soil.

How powerful is this?

In addition, the neck was cut by a wooden thorn, and blood was dripping out.

The Scar Man met Zhao Dong’s gaze again, and he almost didn’t urinate. If he hadn’t licked blood from the knife head, he would never have such a terrifying look!

He was already stunned, but a bunch of younger brothers were watching, and they couldn’t be too unpromising.

Just wait for Zhao Dong to give a step, and then go down the ass.

Zhao Dong disapproved, stomping one of his palms under his feet, and the other half of the stick was about to be stabbed.

Scar’s man screamed, “Don’t… don’t… big brother! I admit it!”

If this stick falls, the palm of the hand will definitely be pierced.

He just pointed to this stamina to eat, if he can’t hold the guy in the future, who else is afraid of him?

Zhao Dong didn’t bother him, “Stop talking nonsense, who the hell is it?”

This group of guys take people money and help people eliminate disasters. There is no deep hatred, and it is meaningless to embarrass them.

Besides, if you really want to put people in the hospital, you have to pay for medical expenses if you say it is not good.

He really can’t afford to pay for his current salary.

“The call was made by my elder brother. I really don’t know who the employer is.”

Scar Man said, taking a peek at Zhao Dong’s face.

Zhao Dong didn’t make a statement, he pulled out a half-pack of red plums from his pocket, and popped a stick in his mouth.

The deep eyes make people unable to see through.

Scar Man hurriedly withdrew his gaze, his anger and anger were inexhaustible. Such a guy is the most difficult to deal with.

He knew that he had hit the iron plate today, so he didn’t dare to play slick again.

Step forward, take out the lighter from his pocket.

Taking advantage of the fire, he whispered: “Wei Dongming is the one who talks, saying that he is going to greet him…”

Zhao Dong patted him on the shoulder, got up and left.

Not going down the mountain, but returning to the Genting Manor.

That bastard Wei Dongming dare to calculate himself?

That’s really embarrassing, your good deeds are ruined!