Chapter 5 Betrayal

At the beginning of the Hua Deng, the dim light gave Yunding Manor a blurred brilliance.

The men and women present were looking for their prey.

Zhao Dong’s absence and return did not attract anyone’s attention.

He turned his gaze to the dance floor in the middle of the lawn, and did not see Sophie, nor did Wei Dongming see anyone.

Lifting his gaze, a beautiful shadow was reflected in the windows on the third floor.

Intuition told him that it must be Sophie.

He avoided the manor’s bodyguard, and in a few strokes he turned in from the balcony.

With the melody of the waltz, I heard a quarrel in the room.

Wei Dongming closed the door, his voice overbearing and ruthless, “My clothes are taken off!”

Sophie hugged her shoulders and said, “Dongming, you drank too much.”

“I said, I fucking told you to take off your clothes!”

Wei Dongming roared and his eyes were bloodshot.

Sophie backed down subconsciously. She was used to Wei Dongming’s politeness. Although she didn’t like it, she was definitely not annoying.

But the man in front of her made her feel a bit strange.

Is this his true face?

Once gaining power, the villain gains ambition?

Wei Dongming asked, “What? That little security guard can see, but my dignified fiance can’t see or touch?”


Sophie turned her head, tears of aggrieved tears rolling in her eyes.

The dignified Miss Su family, even if the family is down, has she ever suffered such humiliation?

“Damn, bitch, what do you pretend to be innocent? Still treat yourself as a high-ranking Miss Su family? Everyone must crawl under your feet like a pug?”

Wei Dongming stepped forward and pulled.

Sophie’s resistance made him even more angry, and during the dispute, he raised his hand and slapped it.


Sophie was beaten and staggered and fell onto the bed.

Wei Dongming took the red wine glass and drank it in one gulp, pulled off the tie with one hand, and smashed the glass to the ground with the other.

Perhaps because of alcohol, his cheeks are especially red.

When his eyes fell on the bed, even his breathing became hot.

Sophie wore a high-slit evening dress today. Pian Ruohong’s figure is not flawed, especially the winding arc of the slender legs, like a perfect work of art.

He shook his hand and grabbed it, starting with thin flesh-colored silk stockings, which felt slippery and slightly warm.

Wei Dongming was short of breath. He waited for twelve years and never passed half a minute, just for this moment!

Imagine that this perfect body in front of him was unexpectedly picked up by other men, and he was furiously angry at first.

Afterwards, there was even a trace of morbid excitement!

With red eyes, Wei Dongming tore a corner of his skirt with his hands.


A piece of black lace was exposed at the bottom of the skirt, as if the tempting original sin swallowed his last reason in an instant.

Sophie sat up struggling and slapped her hand.

Wei Dongming clenched her slender wrist in his hand, and said more viciously, “You know what the situation of the Su family is now, you know better than me. I’m ready for three billion yuan. You take it off by yourself, or I will come. Help you take it off? You think about it!”

After speaking, he slowly loosened Sophie’s wrist.

Watching the aloft goddess slide step by step into the abyss of corruption, it is more pleasing to the eye than tearing off her clothes by hand!

At this moment, the sound of broken windows sounded.

Sophie shivered when she was blown by the cold wind.

She turned her head to look, but saw an extremely impactful picture.

The person who came in was Zhao Dong, who descended from the sky like a god

His expression was extremely gloomy, and his eyes were terribly calm!

“It’s you?”

Wei Dongming was secretly annoyed by the bad things, and at the same time was shocked. Since this guy appeared here, it means that those people have missed.

Although he is extremely angry, but he is not a fool on the brain.

The guy who can easily solve five or six thugs is not an opponent at all.

Wei Dongming retreated and shouted, “Come on…”

Zhao Dong glanced at the head of the bed and said that he didn’t care about it, but when he saw the tears on Sophie’s face and the torn corners of the skirt, his anger still rushed uncontrollably on his head.

The knuckles creaked, and he punched Wei Dongming’s face.

Wei Dongming didn’t have time to open his mouth, his broken front teeth and flesh and blood clogged his throat, blocking the words behind him in his mouth.

Zhao Dong pinched his chin with one hand and lifted him up.

Wei Dongming kicked his feet arbitrarily, his broken teeth swallowed together with flesh and blood, his throat was cut, and his chest was filled with fiery pain.

Zhao Dong sneered and punched his lower abdomen again.

A punch is harder than a punch!

Wei Dongming squirted wildly, and the broken teeth he had just swallowed, together with the blood foam, spat out again, and there were fragments of internal organs.

Half-life was taken away in the blink of an eye!

Then there was a flying kick, and Wei Dongming flew in response.

The high-quality solid wood door was instantly shattered by him, and there was a flurry of jumps in the corridor!

Zhao Dong ignored the blood on his face and turned to look at Sophie, “Are you okay?”

Sophie turned her head and said, “Don’t worry about it! You walked so coolly just now, what are you doing back now?”

She scolded happily, but her tears couldn’t stop falling.

Zhao Dong looked distressed and couldn’t take care of it so much. He stretched out his hand and said, “Follow me.”

Sophie asked blankly, “Where to go?”

Zhao Dong frowned slightly, “You can go anywhere, leave here first.”


Sophie smiled absurdly, her eyes piercing people’s hearts, “This is the Wei family, the man you threw out just now is my fiance! Leave with you? What do you want me to do in the future?”

She didn’t ask for half a word, and just walked with you so namelessly. How should I explain to the Su family?

Are you really not afraid of chaos in the world?

Zhao Dong said seriously, “I will raise you in the future!”

Sophie was stunned, and stretched out her hand in a ghostly manner.

It was too late to regret, she was picked up by Zhao Dong, and then a coat was draped over her body.

The coat is very heavy, but it is warm when worn, giving her an inexplicable sense of security.

“Lying on the grass, the surnamed Zhao, Lao Tzu, where you can come or leave as long as you want?”

The broken wooden door was kicked open.

Zhao Dong turned to look.

Many people walked in outside. The first few were dressed in black suits and dressed as professional bodyguards.

It was Wei Dongming who was speaking, and he was helped to walk in.

He glanced at Sophie warningly, “Want to go? Where should I go?”

Sophie froze in place.

At this moment, Wei Dongming’s face was full of blood, and his smile looked particularly hideous.

Sophie trembled as he saw her, and the courage she had finally accumulated disappeared instantly.

Yeah, where can she go?

Once left here, the Wei family will definitely not recognize her identity.

Without the support of the Wei family, the Su family would probably not be able to survive tonight.

When the people betray their relatives and leave, will Tianzhou still have a place for her?

Zhao Dong saw her hesitation and did not urge.

Sophie was about to shrink when she suddenly saw Zhao Dong’s back.

There was a wound on it, like a knife wound, half a foot long and dripping with blood.

Her nerves pierced for a while, and she subconsciously asked: “Are you really going to take me away? No matter what the consequences?”

Zhao Dong took a deep breath, “As long as you want!”