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Chapter 5 Uncomfortable

Seeing Li Jie yelled out, Chen Jiāng became even more excited. The strength he used in his hands was very strong, and the softness was almost deformed.

Li Jie leaned against Chen Jiāng.’s shoulder, panting. He hadn’t felt such an affair since his husband died.

Moreover, the masculine charm exuded from Chen Jiāng completely attracted Li Jie to xī. If she hadn’t had the last bit of restraint, I’m afraid she would have been dying for a long time.

But this way through the pajamas, it really made Chen Jiāng feel uncomfortable, so he stopped.

Li Jie had just arrived at Xing. Seeing him stop, she felt a little uncomfortable, so she asked: “Little jiāng, why did you stop?”

Chen Jiāng grumbled and said, “Sister-in-law, son of yours. I scratched my hand.”

Li Jie lowered her head and looked at it. There were indeed huā patterns on her clothes. It was probably this that made Chen Jiāng feel scratched.

Li Jie smiled and asked: “Sister-in-law, son dragged the clothes, okay?”

Chen Jiāng was immediately excited when she said that, thinking of Li Jie’s white and charming body, his mind was always there. Charge.xuè.

Chen Jiāng didn’t know what to say, so he nodded vigorously.

At this time, Li Jie had long been confused and infatuated, and only wanted to satisfy her own needs, but did not find any abnormality in Chen Jiāng.

She panted for breath, stretched out her hand to untie her pajamas, and her snow-white chest was instantly exposed in front of Chen Jiāng.

Chen Jiāng was a little impatient, almost almost leaping forward, but he still pressed his body and waited for Li Jie to grasp his hand before putting his palm on it.

Li Jie’s wēn warm chest was so hot that he was a little at a loss in the palm of Chen Jiāng’s palm.

Seeing that he was not moving, Li Jie asked anxiously: “Little jiāng, what’s the matter, don’t you want to rub it?”

Chen Jiāng came back to his senses and gently rubbed the soft lump in his hand. . Soft, Li Jie also closed his eyes, and gasped gently in accordance with his rhythm.

As Chen Jiāng’s strength grew stronger, Li Jie couldn’t control herself at all. Her breathing became louder and louder. She couldn’t help but grabbed Chen Jiāng’s arm. The strong impulse made her I feel the dampness between myself.

But at this time, Chen Jiāng suddenly sighed.

Seeing that he seemed to be a little disappointed, Li Jie hurriedly asked: “Little jiāng, what’s wrong, are you uncomfortable?”

Chen Jiāng lowered his head, and said with some frustration, “I want to eat nǎi, everyone has nǎi to eat.”

Li Jie I smiled bitterly, thinking that he is no longer a child, where there is still nǎi to eat.

However, seeing Chen Jiāng’s depressed look, Li Jie couldn’t bear to hit him, so she smiled and asked, “Otherwise, you can eat some of your sister-in-law’s nǎi?”

“Can you?” Chen Jiāng immediately raised his head and eyes. It’s all shining.

Seeing Chen Jiāng’s reaction, Li Jie couldn’t help being stunned, looking a little surprised.

Chen Jiāng also didn’t realize that it was wrong, and hurriedly yelled: “Sister-in-law, son, I want to eat nǎi, I want to eat nǎi…”

Seeing him sprinkle jiāo on myself, Li Jie felt that he was like a child, not much. Think about it, just say: “You eat the sister-in-law, and the sister-in-law will eat it for you.”

Chen Jiāng stared at her crisp breasts, and after receiving Li Jie’s answer, he immediately jumped on and started to shǔn.xī.

Chen Jiāng buried his head in her chest, and Li Jie couldn’t help feeling sullen. He snorted, reached out his hand to save Chen Jiāng’s head, and pressed him in his arms.

Her sensitive and sensitive sex was touched by Chen Jiāng’s tongue and head, making her body more uncomfortable, and her hands couldn’t bear to stay on Chen Jiāng’s body.

Li Jie’s hand moved toward his crotch, and he touched the tall tent.

“Little jiāng, is it uncomfortable?” Li Jie stretched out her finger and gently twirled it in a circle.

“I…I feel uncomfortable…sister-in-law…” Chen Jiāng panted and looked up at Li Jie’s pretty face.

Li Jie’s body also leaned over, and said with a smile: “Close your eyes and your sister-in-law will play a game with you, so it won’t be uncomfortable.”

Chen Jiāng nodded seriously, then closed his eyes. .

Li Jie rushed forward and immediately pressed Chen Jiāng under her body.


Before Chen Jiāng could react, he felt that his pants had been dragged down, and Li Jie’s jade hand immediately held his own heat in his hand…

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