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Chapter 6 What game to play

Although Chen Jiāng closed his eyes, he could still feel Li Jie’s eagerness.

But Chen Jiāng is not in a hurry. If he gets too excited, it will make Li Jie suspicious, so he just needs to lie down and enjoy it.

Li Jie pulled off his pants and felt very surprised. Before looking at the outline, he felt that it was not so big, but now that he took a closer look, he found that it was scary.

Compared with him, what is his husband’s point.

Therefore, Li Jie was also a little frightened. He wanted to put this thing in, but he had to shuǎng.sǐ.

Chen Jiāng lay there, feeling that Li Jie was holding her gadgets, but she did not take any further action, and Chen Jiāng couldn’t help feeling very anxious, wondering if she would come.

“Sister-in-law, what game are you going to play with me?” Chen Jiāng couldn’t wait any longer, so he asked.

Li Jie smiled and said, “Don’t worry, my sister-in-law will play with you slowly.” As

she said, Chen felt that something soft was slowly rubbing against her.

Then, two more soft pieces caught him, rubbing them up and down.

This irritating feeling almost made Chen tremble all over, feeling extremely irritating.

Chen Jiāng was also taken aback, wondering if his sister-in-law was using her breasts to give herself a nòng?

Thinking of this, Chen Jiāng felt more comfortable and closed his eyes and began to enjoy.

But at this moment, there was a “bang-bang” knock on the door outside, and he was still very anxious, and immediately frightened the two of them.

Li Jie was a little panicked, stood up hastily, and shouted at the outside: “Who is it?”

“It’s me, Zhou Liang!” A shout came from outside.

Li Jie’s expression changed and she hurriedly said to Chen Jiāng, “Little Jiāng, put on your clothes first, and I’ll go out and have a look.”

She ran out in a hurry and closed the door.

Looking at Li Jie’s enchanting back, Chen Jiāng couldn’t help but feel a little annoyed, thinking about how he came here at this time and just broke his good deeds.

But in the village, no one dared to provoke Zhou Liang, because he was the son of the village chief.

He is in his thirties, and he is idle all day long, even if he has already married a wife, he always does things to other women.

Although many people in Murakami complained about him, the village chief spoiled him and no one took care of him.

Chen Jiāng put on his pants, walked to the door, and looked outside.

As soon as Li Jie opened the door, Zhou Liang slammed the door open and stumbled in. He smiled drunkly and said, “Xiaojie, I came to see you.”

It seemed that he was drunk, and neither did Li Jie. He dared to touch him, and while backing away, he said: “It’s so late, or you should go back first.”

“I won’t go back. How can the tigress at home compare to you.”

Zhou Liang smirked. , Grabbed Li Jie, and pulled her into his arms.

Although Li Jie desperately wanted to resist, Zhou Liang’s strength was so strong that he couldn’t help it.

Zhou Liang smiled triumphantly, seemingly contented, and leaned down again, trying to strengthen Li Jie’s neck.

Seeing this scene, Chen Jiāng immediately buckled the door panel, feeling angrily in his heart.

In Pingyue, Zhou Liang mixed playing. I didn’t expect that after he was drunk, he would go directly to the door to play with Li Jie, which is simply not as good as a bird or a beast.

Li Jie couldn’t resist. She could only cry and say, “Don’t be like this, let me go…”

But Zhou Liang didn’t show any pity for Xiangyu Yu at all. Instead, he smirked and said, “Smelly brewers, what pretends to me? My husband is so early, I must have wanted it?”

Li Jie still wanted to talk, but Zhou Liang had already pushed her down on the table and started to tear her clothes…

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