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Chapter 7 Didn’t Taste the Heat

Li Jie was pushed there by him and let out a painful cry.

Moreover, Zhou Liang actually developed a fart, pulling at his own pants, clearly wanting to do that kind of thing to Li Jie.

Chen Jiāng was anxious when he saw his ass. He thought that if he didn’t go out, her sister-in-law would have to be nòng.

I haven’t tasted it warm, so how could I be nòng given to him by Zhou Liang first.

So Chen Jiāng couldn’t control so much, he slammed the door open and rushed out, shouting, “Bad people, don’t bully my sister-in-law!”

Zhou Liang stopped when someone came out.

But he turned his head and found that it was Chen Jiāng who was not nervous, so he said to him: “You know what you know, I’m doing business with your sister-in-law. You hurry back.”

Chen Jiāng saw him return I was even more

annoyed when I scolded myself for being a son, and yelled: “No, my sister-in-law is crying, you are bullying my sister-in-law!” Zhou Liang just got excited, but was interrupted by Chen Jiāng. So I am also angry.

Coupled with the constant chatter of Chen Jiāng, Zhou Liang directly cursed and said: “He made a stinky mess, believe it or not, you nòngsǐ you!”

Zhou Liang saw that he was a mess , thought it was easy to deal with, even pants. Before he pulled it up, he had already walked towards him.

“Ah…shā. People…shā. People…”

Chen Jiāng looked at him coming, and instantly pretended to be scared, turning around in fright and ran away.

Seeing him so persuaded, Zhou Liang smiled triumphantly.

But at this time, Chen Jiāng suddenly grabbed a piece of wood from the corner, and turned around and shouted, “Bull my sister-in-law, you bad guy, I want to beat you!”

Although Chen Jiāng has sprinkled these years, his body has grown very strong. He directly picked up the wooden gùn in his hand and moved towards Zhou Liang’s body.

Zhou Liang still wanted to fight back, but he didn’t expect Chen Jiāng to be so fierce that he was immediately beaten up and screamed.

While beating Chen Jiāng, he cursed and said, “Let you bully my sister-in-law, let you bully my sister-in-law!”

Although Li Jie looked scared by the side, she didn’t dare to come up to stop him, so she could only leave Chen alone. jiāng acted on him.

Zhou Liang crawled around and fled into the yard, but Chen Jiāng was still chasing after him and had to beat him so hard to come back.

At this time, the villagers were still awake, and when they heard Zhou Liang’s screams, they ran over to watch the excitement.

Everyone looked around and laughed at first, and they said that Sanzi actually hit someone. It was really interesting.

But soon someone recognized that Chen Jiāng was beating, who turned out to be the village chief’s son.

Immediately, someone came up to persuade him to fight, saying that this was the son of the village chief, and told him not to fight anymore.

Chen Jiāng jumped his feet with anger, and cried again: “He is a bad guy, bullying my sister-in-law, I want to beat him!”

Zhou Liang has been beaten all the time, and he is not in a hurry to hide, let alone mention his own pants. Up.

Everyone looked at Zhou Liang’s fart, Li Jieyi, shirt, no clothes, and crying with rain, and immediately understood what had happened.

Zhou Liang did not do this kind of mess once or twice, but everyone was afraid to say anything for the sake of face.

But Chen Jiāng is a spoiler, and spoiler is not a crime. Even if the village chief’s family has to care about it, he will never embarrass a spoiler.

So when everyone looked at this posture, they didn’t persuade it at all and just watched it from the side.

In the end, the village chief’s Po Niang heard the movement and ran over, only to realize that such a scandal had happened.

After all, it was Zhou Liang who had a bad mind. He was too old to say anything, so he could only teach Zhou Liang a few words and take him home.

When the big guys saw that there was no excitement to see, they all retreated.

But Li Jie suddenly ran over, threw the wooden gùn in his hand aside, and said to him, “Come in with me!”

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