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Chapter 9 Sister Mei

Chen Jiāng hid in the tree, not even daring to breathe, for fear that he would be discovered by Sun Xuemei.

I saw Sun Xuemei pouting his fart, and Chen looked at it, looking at the upright snow-white, Harazi was about to come out.

Yesterday, I couldn’t taste the taste of my sister-in-law, so Chen Jiāng was still a little bit more interested. He didn’t expect to see the scenery of Sun Xuemei again today.

Chen Jiāng swallowed and looked at the snow-white stubbornness. He wanted to be able to enjoy her from behind. It was as comfortable as a god.

Thinking about this, Chen Jiāng’s body was a little hot, and his pants were gradually being supported.

Seeing Sun Xuemei’s appearance, it seemed that it was convenient under the tree. After the convenience was over, she stood up and wanted to lift her pants.

Chen Jiāng was still reluctant to give up, and suddenly he slipped and almost fell off the tree.

However, after such a fall, there was no movement, and Sun Xuemei was immediately aware of it.

Sun Xuemei was shocked when she heard someone, and she hurriedly raised her head and cursed: “Which king is it. Ba Laozi is peeping at the old. It is convenient to make?”

She cursed and raised her head, only to find out that it was Chen Jiāng. Relieved.

After all, Chen Jiāng was a spoiler, and not the men in the village. He showed him and no one took it seriously.

Sun Xuemei raised her head and smiled and asked him: “Little Jiāng, what are you doing on the tree?”

Seeing that she didn’t scold herself, Chen Jiāng knew that she must have regarded herself as a child.

So Chen Jiāng pretended to be sprinkled, and said dumbfounded: “I…I picked fruit from the tree.”

“What’s the point of picking fruit, come down, and Mei’s wife, I will play with you.”

Chen Jiāng nodded, and slowly tūntūn jumped down from the tree.

But Sun Xuemei grabbed his hand and asked him with a smile, “Little jiāng, what did you see just now?”

Chen Jiāng lowered his head and his eyes fell on Sun Xuemei’s chest.

Although Sun Xuemei was fierce, her chest was very big, even bigger than Li Jie’s, hanging on her chest like two papaya.

Chen Jiāng swallowed, and then muttered: “I…I saw Mei’s bare fart. The stock is niào…”

Hearing what he said, Sun Xuemei couldn’t help but blush, thinking about it. No matter what you can say.

However, Sun Xuemei has always been very open and didn’t take it too seriously. Instead, she smiled and asked him: “Little jiāng, is that sister-in-law’s fart. The stock looks good?”

Chen Jiāng nodded hurriedly: “Good-looking, good-looking, with Dabai Mantou Same!”

Sun Xuemei couldn’t help laughing when he heard him describe it like this, wondering how anyone compares the fart stock with the big white steamed bun. Sun Xuemei curled her lips

and said, “Sao Mei’s fart is much softer than steamed buns. What do you know as a little

boy .” While she was talking, she stretched out her finger and chuō Chen Jiāng’s chest. .

Seeing Sun Xuemei teasing herself so much, he couldn’t help but feel a little heart-stirring.

However, Chen Jiāng was a little curious. She had just beaten her husband yesterday, why she saw herself today as if she had nothing to do.

But Chen Jiāng thought for a while, their husband and wife’s feelings were not very good, and in their eyes, he was a Sazi, and whoever he was, it would not be boring to compete with Sazi.

Thinking about it this way, Chen Jiāng was relieved a lot, hehe smiled and said, “Sao Mei, you lie, my fart. The stock is hard, but it’s white and soft like a steamed bun.”

Sun Xuemei thought to herself. The son is really interesting. He actually compares him with a woman with the ass of a man, and he speaks plausibly.

But in Pingyue, Zhou Liang didn’t have a family, and she could only stand alone in her empty boudoir, feeling somewhat lonely, and sometimes even had to solve it by herself.

So now that I saw Chen Jiāng, she also found it fun, so she deliberately wanted to tease her.

“Sister-in-law Mei’s fart is different from yours. Don’t believe that Sister-in-law told you to mō.mō?” Sun Xuemei blinked, her expression full of charm.

Chen Jiāng was also in his heart, and muttered: “Sao Mei, please don’t lie to me.”

“Sao Mei will not lie to you.” She laughed and pushed her fart, reaching out and dragging her trousers. Down…

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