Chapter 1: Sir, help me…

“Manman, the directors and investors said that this is a temporary small audition for a few outstanding candidates. After going up for a while, remember to perform well and try to get the role of female 4!”

Assistant Wu Mengling led Staying at the gate of Imperial Palace in Kyoto’s largest hotel with Jian Man, cheering her on.

Jane and Man came from downtown S. Whether they can stay in the bustling capital for development in the future depends on whether they can win the role of the female 4 in this large-scale IP palace drama.

Jian Man looked up at the luxury hotel like a skyscraper in front of him, and once again confirmed, “The high-level directors said that they want to conduct a small audition?”

Wu Mengling had a sincere smile on her face, “I can still lie to you, come on. Go, Gao said that it is room 801 on the 8th floor. You take the room card. After you go up in a while, just go in directly.”

She handed the room card to Jian Man. Jian Man reached out and took it and nodded. , Was about to turn around to enter, and Wu Mengling stopped her again behind her.

“Manman, take a sip. After a while, don’t be nervous, as long as you win this role, I believe you will be popular in the future!”

Jian Man was born beautiful, and his ambition is in the show business circle, but the opportunities are not good. In recent years, there has not been a big fire. The company that signed the contract did not give her a decent agent to package her, but was suppressed everywhere. Wu Mengling was the assistant she found by chance. The two were almost dependent on each other in S City. For the sake of Jian Man’s future, Wu Mengling was no less worried than her.

She moved slightly in her heart, stretched out her hand to take the water that Wu Mengling reached out, took a sip, and smiled: “Okay, then I’ll go up first.”

Wu Mengling held the water cup tightly, looking straight at Jian Manli . Going back, his eyes were dark.

“8th floor, room 801…”

Jian Man was holding the hot stamped key card, she was crazy, turning around on the 8th floor, looking for the room number blankly.

The Emperor Hua Hotel is too big. She walked around the corridor for about three minutes before she happened to see Room 801.

When I swiped my card in, it was quiet, there was no sound, and it didn’t look like a small audition at all.

Jian Man frowned and yelled a little in the living room, “Is anyone here?”

Could it be that everyone hasn’t come yet?

While being so suspicious, there was a slight noise in the direction of the bedroom. She turned her head to look and saw that the door was opened from the inside. A man with a naked upper body and a bath towel around his lower body appeared in her sight. middle.

Her pupils shrank in an instant, and she backed away vigilantly holding her bag, “Mr. Lin, Lin?”

This slightly dark-skinned, fat man she saw when she participated in the audition yesterday. He was the biggest investor in that TV show, called Lin Wei.

When Lin Wei saw her, his eyes lighted up, and he threw himself over to hug her like a wolf, “Little beauty, but finally here, waiting for me to die.” As

he said, his mouth that smelled like tobacco and alcohol wanted to go to her. Kiss on the body.

Jian Man was taken aback, and then reacted swiftly. There was no such thing as a small audition at all, she was deceived!

She twisted her eyebrows, trying to get rid of Lin Wei’s indecent, but her body suddenly became weak, and her whole body became soft and hot.

“Let go of me, I want to go…”

She yelled, her voice hoarse and weak.

“Baby, it’s all here, what are you going to take, take care of me, the role of female 4 is yours.”

Lin Wei smiled happily, the fat hands on her delicate body, and finally stayed on her waist. , I want to pull her culottes.

Jian Manhai’s bones were trembling, and she clearly wanted to refuse, but her body was limp, and waves of heat spread through her body, making her unconsciously want to hug, and want to be close to the man’s arms…

how to reply thing……

She bit her lips forcefully, until a trace of blood filled her, and painfully made herself awake, she slammed Lin Wei aside, seized the door to escape.

“You, bitch. People, dare to run, huh, I’m the person Lin Wei is fond of, I see where you can run!”

Behind him, Lin Wei was so frustrated that he pulled his clothes around him and chased him in twos or twos. go out.

Jian Man’s head was heavy, her heart was beating rapidly, and her whole body was muddled. She only knew that she had to run forward and could not stay for a second.

Otherwise, the consequences would be disastrous if caught by Lin Wei who was chasing after him.


“Don’t waste your time, even if you call someone out and see me, Lin Wei, the police can’t help you with this matter.” Lin Wei followed for a while, patiently quit, and suddenly crossed. Step by step, “Okay, baby, I’ll play with you enough too, goodbye, let alone a female 4, I will definitely hold you in the front line in the future!”

He said, stepping forward and pulling her wrist. She dragged her away eagerly.

“Let go of me, let me go…” Jian Man’s footsteps were vain, dizzy, and he was easily tossed off, a heart sank to the bottom of the sea.

At this moment, the elevator door in the distance opened suddenly with a ding-dong, and the soft yellow light in the elevator faintly illuminated the man’s fuzzy silhouette.

Jian Man squinted her eyes hard, and when she saw someone, she seemed to grasp the last hope, flicked away Lin Wei’s shackles, and ran away.

“Sir, save me…” The

man had a cold fragrance on his body, as cool as mint. At this moment, Jian Man was at a time of hot and dry body, smelling this comfortable fragrance, as if finally overwhelming the last layer of vigilance in her heart, clinging to this man who couldn’t even see his face, he didn’t want to let go. .

“Sir, save me…help me…”

“Mr. Lu, this…”

Yu Xiaobai watched as a glamorous little beauty with red cheeks and blurred eyes slammed into Lu Yinran, his horrified eyes popped out.

He hurriedly stepped forward, trying to push the lifeless woman away for his lesser-looking master, but the woman seemed to be aware of it, tightly holding Lu Yinran’s waist tightly, her tears dim, and she kept repeating what was in her mouth. Muttered: “Save me, save me…”

Lu Yinran lowered his eyes and looked at the woman who was buried in his arms. He was obviously confused, but still trembling with fear. He pursed his lips, his bright eyebrows were handsome and deep, with traces of coldness, and he looked straight at Jian Man’s face, his gazes secretive, so that people couldn’t really understand his emotions at the moment.

He didn’t push Jian Man away, nor did he act to save her, but stared at her coldly, as if to stare out a hole in her.

Deep and terrifying.

Jian Man’s whole body was already burning with gold stars. At this moment, she only felt the unusual warmth and comfort of the man’s arms. She couldn’t help but squeeze herself into his arms, with her hands still on his waist. Randomly feeling meaninglessly.

Lu Yinran’s long fingers hanging next to him gradually clenched into fists, and the delicate Danfeng eyes were vague.

“Hey, this is my girlfriend, don’t let go!”

Lin Wei chased up, panting, pointing to Lu Yinran and sternly scolded.

This kind of clear situation, the woman is obviously Chinese medicine, his words do not have any credibility.

Yu Xiaobai sneered and said, “Your girlfriend? Your girlfriend, do you need medicine?”

Lin Wei was red-faced with sarcasm, and said straightforwardly: “Do you know who I am? I am Lin Wei! CEO of Tenda Entertainment ! this little star is in the interest of their own to climb my bed, and she is afraid to cop out and feed it to their own medicine, force yourself to one. this kind of thing, the entertainment commonplace, you do not Mind your own business! “

I Xiaobai looked at Lu Yinran inquiringly when he heard the words.

If this is the case, they are really not easy to intervene. After all, this woman had thought clearly about this kind of thing before. Now I regret it, who knows if I really regret it. The good people from other provinces didn’t do it, and instead provoke a commotion.

Although, people like them are not afraid of such troubles.

Yu Xiaobai was waiting for what Lu Yinran meant. After all, President Lu was indeed not a nosy person.

It depends on the master’s meaning if it does not save people.

Lu Yinran suddenly raised his hand and clasped it on the woman’s shoulder. In that posture, it seemed as if he was about to push away.

Jian Man, who has been in chaos, seemed to feel something, clutching the clothing behind him, shaking his head with tears in his eyes.

“Don’t…save me…save…”