Chapter 2: Jian Man, this is what you asked for!

“Don’t give the person back to me?”

Lin Wei’s lips curled up with a smug smile, two steps forward, motioning the other party to hand over the person.

However, he stretched out his hand and froze in midair again, glaring at the man who suddenly hugged Jane into his arms.

“What are you doing!”

Yu Xiaobai was also surprised.

Lu Yinran wrapped Jian Man in his arms with one hand, then casually raised his other hand, pressed the button on the top floor of the elevator, and glanced at Yu Xiaobai, his eyes were slightly cold: “Here, it’s over to you. “

His voice is as cold and indifferent as he feels, but every word composed of low-pitched notes can give people a severe sense of oppression.

“Yes!” The

elevator door slowly closed in Lin Wei’s violent rage.

Lin Wei was so angry that he wanted to chase, but Yu Xiaobai easily held his shoulders, and he stumbled on the ground with force, yelling in pain.

Yu Xiaobai’s actions were violent, but there was a gentle and harmless smile on his face, in a persuasive tone: “The person my husband is going to take away, do you think you can stop this little flea?”

Lin Dawei roared, “You haven’t Do you understand me! I’m the CEO of Tenda Entertainment! You offend me, I told you to eat and walk around!”

“Hey, what entertainment?” Yu Xiaobai puckered his ears, “Sorry, I haven’t heard of it.”

Then, Like carrying a sack, he lifted a nearly two hundred catties Lin Wei, and kicked twice again. Violent incidents were taking place in the corridors of the huge Imperial Hotel. The person in charge of the hotel rushed over after hearing the sound, but only locked the scene for cover, without the slightest intention to help his guests.

In the elevator, Jian Man nestled in his arms uncomfortably, only feeling that the iron arm that was lying on her waist was so tight that she was about to strangle her waist, and she let out a painful cry.

The changes in her body made Lu Yinran’s expression change, and she reached out and pushed Jian Man away rudely, without any pity, watching her fall to the ground in embarrassment.

Jian Man’s head hit the hard metal material, painful tears came out, and the chaotic head was awake for a moment, knowing that someone had rescued her.

She got up and wanted to thank her for leaving, but unfortunately, the suppressed heat wave hit again.

“Hmm…” In the

cold and silent elevator, there was a woman’s low whisper, a soft whisper like a kitten, with such a charming scent.

Lu Yinran’s body froze suddenly.

The woman had climbed up along his trouser legs again, her skin hot and terrifying, and her body was soft and wrapped around him like a boneless one.

His complexion was faintly green: “Jian Man, you…uh…”

Before the cold words were finished, the woman’s soft lips were blocked, and her small face was filled with tears.” I’m so uncomfortable, you, you help me…” The

seductive and helpless voice is as innocent as it was seven years ago.

Lu Yinran’s eyes were dull, like a terrifying storm rolled up, his eyes fierce.

Suddenly, he clasped the woman’s hand that was pulling his clothes indiscriminately, and gritted his teeth and stared at her: “Jian Man, this is what you asked for!” The

elevator reached the top floor and opened with a ding-dong, and Lu Yin dragged her rudely. , Walked into his suite.

Jian Man couldn’t remember everything afterwards, just as if he was in an endless ocean, ups and downs, stumbling, and whole body pain and soreness.

She couldn’t stand it anymore, and cried loudly, but someone was holding her, clinging to her, as if to take her down into the abyss and lingering lingering… a

night of madness.

In the early morning, a warm light came from outside the window, and Jian Man moved her thick eyelashes. She did not open her eyes, but a teardrop rolled from the corner of her eyes, indicating that she had woken up.

“Wake up?” An

indifferent and slightly mocking tone sounded in his ears, cold and sarcasm in the seductiveness of the sentiment that has not yet dissipated.

After all, Jian Man opened his eyes with trembling eyelashes.

The man leaned on the head of the bed, covered with a thin soft quilt on his legs, and wore a white shirt loosely on his upper body. The delicate and beautiful buttons were all loosened, revealing the smooth and charming lines of his body.

The temperature in the bedding was very high, but Jian’s blood was completely cold, and the water was deep and hot.

Last night, she seemed to vaguely see this familiar face, but she always thought it was just a phantom.

But I didn’t expect it to be true.

Lu Yinran.

When the name that had been buried in her heart for seven years appeared in her brain, she was almost reflexive, thinking of the vigorous period in high school…and the shameless love time.

She licked her dry lips and said, “You…” Seeing you

again seven years later, but this is the case. She doesn’t know how to explain the situation last night, or if nothing happened, long time no see?

Perhaps, in seven years, he had forgotten her a long time ago.

After all, he never gave her a straight eye when she announced that she wanted to chase him in a high-profile manner.

Jian Man’s eye sockets were a bit sore, and the fingertips pinching the bedding were tight, and they were pale pale.

Seeing that she was no longer pretending to be asleep, Lu Yinran glanced over at her, the man’s beautiful Danfeng eyes had a faint expression, even without any expression, but Jian Man seemed to read it from his expression. disgust.

Yes, last night, she was so embarrassed…

Her expression was a bit embarrassing, she forced her inner bitterness, raised a relaxed smile at him, and her tone of voice was also joyful, “Handsome guy, yesterday, thank you so much.”

She pretended to be free and easy, even in her heart. Cheering for her calmness and encouragement, she felt a sudden shock of air pressure all over her body, unexpectedly raised her eyes, and ran into Lu Yinran’s shocking eyes that seemed to tear her apart and swallow her abdomen.

“What are you talking about?”

He vomited very thinly, but with terrible anger, as if she had done something unforgivable.

If he didn’t know his temperament, Jian Man would think that his anger was because she didn’t know him. But because he was Lu Yinran, she knew that he was mad at her for taking advantage of him and had a brazen and slutty attitude.

“Ah, I mean, adults, just for fun, one night. Love or something, it’s normal.”

Jian Man took a deep breath, playing a very sophisticated appearance, opening the quilt in front of him, wanting to pick it up. Pick up your own clothes and put them on. Unexpectedly, yesterday’s dresses were all rags and couldn’t be worn at all. She couldn’t help but feel a little upset.

She froze in an awkward position, not knowing whether to pick up her clothes and put them on, or go back and hide in the quilt. After all, she was standing naked, like a thorny back.

Lu Yinran sneered suddenly, with a faint gloomy bird between his eyebrows, “It’s just for fun, women are so casual, can they hold their precious things and find men to play with? After playing, if nothing happens, you will be heartless. Turn around and leave?” It’s

like seven years ago, when she appeared heavily and messed up his life, but left without saying goodbye. In her eyes, these are just fun?

Jian Man felt that his words seemed to have something in the words. She turned her head in confusion to look at it, but saw that the corners of his mouth were condensing the little plum blossom blood on the white sheets with a sneer.

Her face turned red when she leaped on the ground, and she froze in place.