Chapter 3: Prenuptial Agreement?

Lu Yinran grabbed the bathrobe on the side and threw it towards her, putting it heavily on her head, coldly: “Put it on!”

She reacted and quickly put on the bathrobe to cover her with hickeys. The body, followed by a silent silence, made her stand uneasy, and her fingers were tangled together, and they were almost squeezed into twists.

However, she was the only one who was uneasy. Lu Yinran stood up calmly and changed his clothes in front of her.

She blushed, standing awkwardly, dodging her eyes, her head almost falling to the ground.

Suddenly, there was a slight opening sound outside the door. She looked sideways and saw a young man in a suit and leather shoes, not squinting, respectfully placing a small bag and a document on the table.

“Mr. Lu, the things you want are ready.”


Lu Yinran had changed his clothes and came out. The young man immediately disappeared and left, as if he knew what was in the house that he couldn’t see too much. Know how to measure.

“Come here.”

Jane Man paused and approached cautiously, standing in front of him, biting her lip nervously like a pupil sees a teacher.

Lu Yinran threw the document that the young man had brought to her, and said concisely, “Sign it.”

She was taken aback, and subconsciously scanned the contents, her pupils widened in an instant, “No, you, what do you mean?”

If she read it right, this turned out to be a prenuptial agreement! She looked dizzy with the dense content, and only saw the conspicuous words that were responsible for marrying her. The color was added to the black, and it looked dazzling.

Lu Yinran raised his chin, his tone was cold, and with a slight disgusting tone: “Literally.”

Jian Man didn’t know how to describe his feelings at this moment, and he didn’t know whether to be happy or sad.

Back then, she couldn’t ask for it and wanted to be his girlfriend. He didn’t even look at her, and dismissed her. Seven years later, he accidentally slept once, but he said he wanted to marry her?

But looking into the matter last night, he can completely separate the relationship. After all, she was the first to take the initiative, and he was the one who was passive at all, although it was obviously messed up afterwards.

Besides, doesn’t he already have someone…like it?

A long time, Jane Man finally found his dry voice, “I say, last night was just an accident, I do not want you in charge.”

He stared at her, suddenly spoke up: “? If I have chosen to do,”

there are so For a moment, Jian Man seemed to see the stubbornness and persistence in his eyes, the ruthless dominance that was bound to win.

Her heart was so disturbed that her mouth suddenly became reluctant, and her breathing became heavy: “I said no, I don’t want you to be responsible, and I don’t like you!”

Seven years, countless days and nights At night, he gnawed her heart like a heart demon, making her sober in the pain, how ridiculous the original love for him was.

With tears coming out of her eyes, Jian Man turned around and wanted to run, but her elbow was caught from behind, and she was clenched tightly in her palm. She was so hard that she turned pale in pain.

“You let go!” “When you go

to bed, I will be responsible for Lu Yinran!”

His face was extremely ugly, his tone was fierce and stern, and there was a certain disgust in his anger.

Seeing her stubborn and unmoved, Lu Yinran twisted his eyebrows, grabbed her fingers suddenly, put the pen into her hand, wrapped her palm in her hand, and forced her to sign.

When he forcibly held her hand and signed the word’Jianman’, she finally recognized that he remembered her, as if touched a certain sore spot, she burst into tears.

After Lu Yinran left, he put a business card on the table for her, his contact information, and then seemed extremely disgusted with a woman like her who would crawl on the bed indiscriminately. He stopped looking at her again and left indifferently. .

Jian Man squatted on the ground, confused, her head as heavy as a daughter, before leaving, she finally reached out and put the thin card in her bag cherished and nostalgic.

Back in the small hotel where she was staying, as soon as she walked in, assistant Wu Mengling greeted her with a expectant smile, “How are you, Manman, did Lin Wei promise to give you the female 4 role?”

Jane As soon as he saw her, all the things of yesterday came to mind.

That bottle of water…

She looked at the young face in front of her, who had been with her for many years. The next second, she raised her hand quickly and slapped her severely.

With a’pop’, in the cold double standard room, it was particularly loud and harsh.

Wu Mengling was slapped by the face and glared at Jian Man in disbelief: “Are you crazy? Why are you hitting me!”

“Why are you hitting you?” Jian Man sneered, “You are my assistant and I treat you. How, you ask yourself. And what did you do to me? Give me the medicine, I have no defense against you, after going up, there is only one naked in the room who wants to be strong. Lin Wei who

violently violent me!” Wu Mengling frowned and became heavy. In the tone, “So what! Jian Man, how many years since you debuted, the company doesn’t praise you! No resources! All of your legendary roles are won by my assistant for you! You have no power, no power, no background, no Unspoken rules, how to win this role! Lin Wei said that as long as you stay with him for one night, he will give you female 4!”

She speaks plausibly, but Jian Man understands it. It turns out that the way is different and they are not conspiring. Wu Mengling didn’t understand at all. The reason why she came to the capital to audition was because the director personally invited her. The female 4 role was hers in nine out of ten, and the winning rate was already extremely high. However, her assistant still made her own way and wanted to send her into a dirty mode transaction such as Unspoken Rules.

With the first time, there will be countless times, Wu Mengling’s character in her place has already been defeated.

Jian Man rubbed her eyebrows wearily: “Let’s go.”

“What do you mean?”

“Wu Mengling, you are officially fired by me.” When

Wu Mengling heard this, she panicked and hurriedly stepped forward and held her hand. , Softened his tone: “Manman, I know you are arrogant and icy, but this is the capital city, you need backing, do you understand? Manman, I am not harming you, I am helping you!”

Jian Man pulled her hand away and said with a slight irony in her eyes: “No, Mengling, you are just helping yourself. I know, you are eager to praise me so that you can become my agent one day and get ahead. I understand your thoughts, but you shouldn’t or shouldn’t use such means to use me! Do you understand?”

Wu Mengling narrowed her eyes when she saw her resolute attitude, ” Manman, are you serious?”

Jian Man brows calmly, “seriously.”

“Okay, very good! I want to see, how long can you walk in the entertainment industry without me, long, I am waiting for the day you come and beg me to come back!”

Wu Mengling snorted coldly, packed up her salute, carried the box, and slammed the door and left without looking back.