Chapter 4: Mysterious Mr. Blank

Seeing her resolute attitude, Wu Mengling narrowed her eyes, “Manman, are you serious?”

Jian Man’s brows were calm, “serious.”

“Okay, very good! I want to see, without me, you can be there. How long is the entertainment circle, long, I’m waiting for the day you come and beg me to come back!”

Wu Mengling snorted coldly, packed up her salute, carried the box, and slammed the door and left without looking back.

Jian Man sighed heavily, softened suddenly, and dropped herself onto the soft bed. After so many things happened in a row, she was upset and hesitated for a long time. After all, she clicked on QQ, and sent a message on the gray icon with blank avatar name.

【Are you there? ]

[Hmm. 】The

other party was indeed online, and there was a reply soon, and the dim icon instantly lit up.

Now it’s the era of playing WeChat, but Jian Man doesn’t play WeChat very often. On the contrary, she keeps the deductions she applied for while studying as a social software.

The person with the blank profile picture, Jian Man, doesn’t know who the other party is. Seven years ago, he appeared in her friends column for no apparent reason. She asked who it was, and he was silent, and his temper was a little moody.

Later, after chatting back and forth, they got acquainted.

During the past seven years, Jian Man would talk to him about any upset concerns. He is a very good listener, listening carefully to every complaint from her, although sometimes he does not respond, but she knows that he is there.

She hadn’t seen each other, but she had an inexplicable sense of trust in him. It’s like all the troubles, just looking for him, it’s like throwing the troubles into the sea and disappearing in smoke.

Perhaps this is the charm of the Internet, you can talk to strangers without scruples.

He never revealed his name, Jian Man called him, Mr. Blank.

[Mr. Blank, I met that person today. ] After

waiting for a while, there was no reply on the other end. She thought he probably forgot, so she typed a few more lines of explanation, [It was seven years ago, I mentioned to you once, the object of my crush in high school, I am today Saw him again. ] For

a while, she always dreamed that Lu Yinran went crazy looking for her again at midnight, like a ghost, and wanted to go back to City A to take a peek at him. Later, I forced myself to stop this crazy idea, and I talked to Mr. Blank on the Internet about his pain, and mentioned Lu Yinran once.

If it wasn’t for the time that was too hard, she actually didn’t want to confide this heart-wrenching love to others, as if in person, it was painful to expose the scar again.

However, it seems that since she mentioned Lu Yin to Mr. Blank that day, then she and Mr. Blank began to slowly connect.

[Oh, what then? ]

This is the first initiative of Mr. Blank or gossip, Jane Man scratched his head, is not natural to him tell the truth, after all, what’s bed, too ashamed of.

Moreover, I was forced to sign a prenuptial agreement in charge…

[It was an accident, um, and then I saw it. I was caught off guard. I haven’t gotten over it yet, just like dreaming. . ] The

other party was silent for a while, and then typed a few words, [Do you remember him? 】

…… Isn’t this nonsense, don’t remember, why did you mention him to you?

But also, if you mention it after seven years, ordinary people will think that they have forgotten the world, right?

Jian Man sent a popular dynamic emoticon package to show that he remembered it.

The other party asked again: [Then, do you still like him? 】

Jian Man was startled: […Your question today is a bit sharp…]

[What? ]

Jane bit her lower lip Man, look carefully and gradually, slowly, but firmly, Qiaoxia a word.

【Um. 】I

like it, how can I dislike it? The love and passion of Qing Cong when she was young has already burned all her love to ashes, and her love will only burn for one person.

Lu Yinran had long since been a scar carved into her bones. It couldn’t be removed, it was a sadness that couldn’t be ignored.

[Then why did you leave him back then? Mr. Blank’s words came quickly.

Like, how can you leave?

Jian Man looked at such a excited Mr. Blank, a little ashamed.

Why did she leave him…

If it weren’t for Lu Yinran’s refusal back then, how could she willingly leave his world.

She still remembers the night when she graduated from high school. After her family had changed, she made up her mind to talk to Lu Yinran frankly and openly. She texted him and asked him to come out at night.

She wanted a result for the high-profile Ming love that lasted three years.

But Lu Yinran was even less affectionate than she had imagined… As

if thinking of some heart- wrenching memory, Jian Man blinked, constricted the soreness in her eyes, and broke away from the memory.

She gave a nonsense reason and replied to Mr. Blank, [The personality is not suitable, so I was lost and decided to abandon him! Mr. Blank, you can see that you have never fallen in love. Some love is destined not to be together. Have you read the story of Nie Xiaoqian and Ning Caichen? The so-called monsters have different paths, and there will be no results. 】

Behind, there is also a playful emoticon package, deliberately teasing Mr. Blank.

[Oh, then you and your crush, who is a fairy? ]


brief choking diffuse some language, is not that what a metaphor, it is the other side of it seriously or ridiculed her?

She quickly changed the subject wittily.

However, in the next second, the other party went offline directly, expressing his refusal to continue chatting.

Cold and arrogant.

Jian Man didn’t know where to offend him, but in the final analysis, he felt that he had a strange temperament.

After receiving the phone, she sighed and threw herself onto the small bed, sinking into the soft bedding.

Suddenly, she seemed to be thinking of something again, and she got up in a panic, opened the bag, and dumped all the contents onto the bed.

In simple cosmetics, a card with delicate patterns is very conspicuous.

She bit her lip and picked up the business card.

Lu Yinran’s business card is very simple, with only one name, his phone number and an email address. It is very concise and low-key. It should be a personal business card without the address of the company he works for.

I don’t know if it was God’s pity for her bitter love or a deliberate joke to her. She never expected that after seven years, she and Lu Yinran would meet again in this way…

That agreement…

Jane Unconsciously stretched out his fingertips and rubbed the name on it, but suddenly it seemed that his hand was burned by the gold leaf on it. He quickly released it, and the business card slowly fell on the bedding.

She was stunned for a long time, and finally, she took a brocade box, carefully collected the business card, and smiled bitterly.

This is the first time Lu Yinran gave her a gift…

Although it was just a business card left at hand, it was still precious in her heart.