Love or Bread – 我的億萬麵包

Love or Bread – 我的億萬麵包
Country: Taiwan
Genre(s): Drama, romance
Episode(s): 12
Release: November 16, 2008

Love or Bread is a 2008 Taiwanese drama starring Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin. It was produced by Gala Television and directed by Lin He-long. This marks the third drama that Cheng and Lin have co-starred together, after It Started with a Kiss in 2005 and its sequel They Kiss Again in 2007.

A young man living above his means and a young woman waiting for her boyfriend to return keep bumping into each other in unexpected ways. Frank (Joe Cheng) grew up without a family after his parents died and has no money. But he likes to wear designer clothing and live above his means, borrowing money from loan sharks to support his lifestyle. Zhen Shan Mei

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