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Chapter 1 Father-in-Law Enters the City

My name is Feng Jie and my husband is He Liang.

Two months ago, He Liang was dispatched to Africa to work abroad. So I went home from get off work and started to guard the vacant room alone for two months.

When I was lonely and intolerable, I could only hold his pillow and imagine He Liang rubbing my chest fiercely, and then piercing the thing that was as hard as iron from behind me. .body.

In my mind, every time he twitches, I arch my body higher. The private parts that have not been moisturized for a long time are so flustered, and the sound of waves is suppressed from the lips.

Without much effort, I will burn my body and rub my hands into the red lips and keep stirring.

At this moment, there was a knock on the door, which was higher than the other.

“Who?” I tensed up, and when I got up, I could see my polished body and estrused face in the mirror next to me..

I look like this, which is so different in my usual image. .

If someone sees…

I dare not think about it, wrap the towel next to me. But suddenly, there was no knock on the door, and the sound of the key wiping into the hole could be heard vaguely.

Soon after, the door in my room was opened.

“Who?” I was so scared that my face was pale, and I was about to dig my hand out of my pocket. When I looked up, I saw my father-in-law standing at the door. His eyes were facing my half-covered body, and the bath towel on my body only reached the root of the tuǐ, showing a mass of pitch black between the two tuǐ.

The father-in-law swallowed, and smiled stiffly, “I have another old stomach problem. Come to see the doctor in the city, you.mā, by the way, let me give you two old mothers to bring them over.”

I was already flushed. She closed her face and moved her eyes away in disorder.

After shaking his body, he saw his strong chest and arms again. Because he worked in the fields all the year round, every part of his father-in-law exudes the nòng.nòng masculine breath, strong and powerful….Further down, he propped up a bulging tent on his trousers, tall and upright. .Stand up.

My whole body was hot, and I was moisturized and down. I hurriedly squeezed my tuǐ and turned my body around, but my arm knocked off the wedding photo of my husband He Liang and I on the bedside table.

The frame was shattered, and both of us looked towards it and suddenly seemed to be awake.

I am married, and my father-in-law is standing in front.

After I finished speaking to myself, I smiled stiffly at my father-in-law, and fled to the kitchen, “bà, you will sit down for a while, and I will cook for you.”

Out of courtesy, I did not leave the father-in-law alone to eat in the living room. , I cared a few words about the situation at home. Only halfway through the meal, father-in-law’s chopsticks fell to the ground.

He laughed at me and hurriedly bent down to pick up the chopsticks on the ground.

But after a while, the father-in-law lay down under the table “looking for chopsticks”. I suddenly realized that I was not wearing panties.

It is said that the lower body is strong, the desire for women is very strong, and I am of this type. He Liang also said that the lush “jungle” can always arouse his animal desires, and every time I lay on the bed, he would plow my fertile land like a wild animal.

But now… Father-in-law must see my “secret” below.

I clamped the tuǐ tighter, and my voice was a little hot: “bà, have you found the chopsticks?

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