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Chapter 11 The Uninvited Man

“Who!” Lin Aotian was already full of anger. At this moment, someone suddenly broke in. His expression became even more ugly. He turned his head and yelled, “I don’t know that this banquet hall has been taken by me. Bao…”

He was about to get angry, but when he saw the person at the door, he froze when he reached his mouth.

I saw a dozen men in black suits and sunglasses rushing in from the door and quickly Champa in two rows at the door.

A xin-long figure, surrounded by men in black, came backlit from outside the door.

I saw that the man was 1.9 meters tall, wearing a black shirt, just like ink that couldn’t be melted, he walked slowly, with an indescribable aura on his body, making everyone in the banquet hall uncontrollable. Stopped breathing.

Finally, the man walked into the banquet hall.

The crystal light of the banquet hall fell on the man, and suddenly illuminated the man’s face.

What an amazing face is that.

Sword eyebrows and star eyes, the facial features are deep and three-dimensional, and every line on the face is like a magical handicraft. Just looking at it will make people unable to move their eyes again.

But the most alarming thing is not the man’s appearance, but his innate aura.

A pair of ink eyes were like cold pools and were not bottomed out. He just stood there, saying nothing and doing nothing, but the powerful aura around him carried a huge sense of oppression, which made everyone in the audience secretly startled.

Lin Suer was also stunned when she saw the man who appeared suddenly.

It’s him!

The man who was used by her to cure the coldness in the car yesterday!

Lin Aotian, who was originally angry, couldn’t help being completely dumbfounded when he saw the man’s appearance and pomp.

“This, this gentleman…” Lin Aotian did not dare to yell like just now, even unconsciously, his voice was stained with a little awe, “Excuse me… Are you?”

But the man in front of him did not answer. his meaning.

On the contrary, his eyes only crossed the crowd and fell on the girl in the middle.

I saw that among countless people, curious or awe-inspiring, there was only one girl standing there coldly, as if out of step with the surroundings.

She is very petite, slender, with beautiful facial features, but she seems to have an indescribable light on her body. Standing in the crowd, she can also be seen at a glance.

Bo Qingang’s ink eyes narrowed slightly.

After returning to the villa this morning, the first thing he did was to ask someone to investigate the girl named Lin Suer.

But after investigating, I was surprised to learn that Lin Suer turned out to be the eldest daughter of the Lin family. It is said that she lost her mother in her childhood and was a fool since she was a child.


Bo Qingang recalled the bright eyes of the girl in the carriage before, but he didn’t take it seriously.

He didn’t believe that what a fool that quirky little girl would be.

Bo Qingang ignored Lin Aotian’s meaning, which made Lin Aotian a little embarrassed for a while, but he didn’t have time to speak, and he didn’t want to be behind him, so he suddenly rushed off the stage.

It is Song Yuanzhi.

I saw Song Yuanzhi rushing to the man, his face was full of shock and ecstasy, and even his voice couldn’t stop trembling, “Thin, thin, you… why are you here? Why don’t you tell me in advance, My father and I can pick you up personally!” When

Song Yuanzhi said this, almost everyone in the audience gasped!

Even Lin Aotian’s expression changed in an instant.

“Far, what, what are you talking about?” He couldn’t believe his ears, and he couldn’t say clearly for a while, “You said this… is this thin?”

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