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Chapter 2 The Secret Garden

“Found it.” The father-in-law hurriedly stuck his head out, bumping his head on the table, startling me.

The father-in-law rubbed his head and sat up. He smiled bitterly at me and said, “Xiaojie, bàbà suddenly felt a little uncomfortable in my stomach. I went back to the room first.” The

father-in-law stood up quickly after speaking, and when he turned back to the room, I found that the tent at his crotch was bigger and taller.

For a while, the heat that I had dissipated, became stronger and stronger. His father-in-law’s crotch appeared in his mind over and over again, and he automatically filled up what was in his trousers, his body became hotter and hotter, and the liquid drawn between the two tuǐ wet the chair.

I hurried back to the bedroom. But I dragged off the bathrobe on my body, it was still madly hot, and my lower body was getting damp and wet.

I wiped the bottom with a paper towel, then changed into my pajamas and wanted to take a shower.

I was thinking about it, now it’s more than ten o’clock, the father-in-law should have fallen asleep after sitting in the car for a day.

But when I got to the bathroom, I found the light was on inside, the door opened a gap, and a sigh of man’s gasps came out from inside.

My heart trembled, as if something kept buckling my body, ghosts and gods sent me to the ground, I looked inside.

I saw in the bath room, the father-in-law was naked, half of his body, and his right hand was holding my lace underwear, trousers, nòng cū, strong lower body. He is strong and healthy. That thing is stronger than He Liang’s. It is as big as a mature bitter gourd, and it is covered with bào exposed green tendons.

I almost yelled, raising my heart. Even if I know that she is my father-in-law, but I am a normal woman, I also have physical needs.

Body finally defeated reason, and I leaned on the edge of the wall to get closer. In the next instant, it was discovered that the father-in-law was injured holding the hand machine, and the picture in the hand machine was that he was eating and stealing under the table. He took pictures of my lower body.

He stared at the photo, moving his hands faster and faster, as if the strong male roots were squeezing into my body.

I leaned against the wall, softened all over, and leaned down with my hands.

At this time, a low growl came from the bath room. I looked up and saw a turbid white liquid flowing along the father-in-law’s strong man’s roots, and it all penetrated into my lace underwear.

Soon, he was panting, and he was ready to get out of the bath room.

I stood where I was struck by lightning, so scared that I forgot to move. I’ve been a good girl since I was a kid, sitting upright in class, and now I’m actually watching my father-in-law do that kind of thing.

Mind quickly flashed, if this kind of thing was too immoral …. physiologically on _ and I really want to go to be ruthless father

relentlessly trample. Lin.

Looking at the bath room again, the underneath of me has flooded.

But I still want face, I still want to be a human being, I dare not!

Until the footsteps reached the door, I finally turned around and went back to the room, stuffing myself in the quilt. One night, the position of my father-in-law kept reverberating in my mind, and I didn’t sleep at night.

In order to avoid meeting again, I prepared a meal and left a note for my father-in-law the next morning, and went out to work.

In the morning, it was the peak time for work, and it was full of people. Because my company is at the last stop, I will go to the end of the bus every time I get on the bus. And because I didn’t sleep last night, I felt like my soul was not on my body. The driver braked and almost fell on the ground, but fortunately, he grabbed his hand in time.

But when he stretched his arms to pull something, the suit on his chest wrinkled, and the buttons on the white shirt broke apart in an instant. When I lower my head, I can see the black clothes and “career line” on my chest. I hurriedly covered my chest, and turned around and found a piece of white huāhuā at the back of the tún.

When I was about to pull the skirt, I was severely niēd on the tún. A slap with only a cocoon was pressing on it.

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