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Chapter 21 You must pay the price!

As soon as Lin Su’er said this, Lin Aotian’s expression completely froze.

Lin Suer’s room is clearly shown to be Lin Rouer’s.

Lin Aotian was embarrassed on the one hand with the youngest daughter he had loved for so many years, and the elder daughter with promising future on the other.

But after all, Lin Aotian started his business from scratch, making the choice more clearly than anyone else, but in a moment, he immediately made up his mind.

“Rouer.” He coughed slightly and said, “Your sister has been in poor health recently, so you should vacate your room for her.”

“Dad!” Lin Rouer heard that Lin Aotian was standing by Lin Su’er, annoyed. His eyes are red.

But Lin Aotian had already made up his mind to not allow others to question any more.

“That’s it.” He put down the chopsticks in his hand heavily, and said to Wang Linya in a commanding tone, “You can arrange it after you have eaten.”

Wang Linya is obviously more eye-catching than Lin Rouer, although it is also. The angry nails were pinched into the flesh, but the face was still full of smiles, “Okay, I will help Rou’er clean up and free the room.”

She said that she also grabbed Lin Rou’er who wanted to lose her temper.

Lin Su’er saw this scene in her eyes, and the corners of her lips hooked unnoticeably.

In fact, she didn’t really care about the room or anything, but she was quite happy to find Lin Rouer’s white lotus unhappy.

“Then I would like to thank Dad.” Lin Suer said indifferently, then stopped looking at Lin Aotian and turned around.

With Wang Linya’s help, the change of room was quickly finished.

Lin Suer moved into Lin Rouer’s room, and Lin Rouer was squeezed into a bedroom on the third floor.

Lin Rou’er was so angry that she started throwing cosmetics everywhere when she arrived in the new room.

“Rou’er, what are you doing!” Wang Linya saw a piece of glass in a place when she came in, her face couldn’t help but look, “It’s midnight, do you have to make your dad angry to be satisfied!”

“Mom!” Lin Seeing Wang Linya, Rouer couldn’t hold back all the grievances, and cried out, “I’m just too angry! Why is that fool Lin Suer staying in my room! Why can I have a relationship with a thin boy! !”

Wang Linya’s face was also hard to look.

“Speaking of Lin Su’er, it’s really like a person who has changed.” She murmured, “Could it be that she used to pretend to be stupid with us?”

“I don’t care if she pretended to be stupid or something!” Lin Rouer hated her. Wiping tears, “All in all, mother, I don’t want to marry Song

Yuanzhi !” “What!?” Wang Linya’s face changed when she heard this, “Don’t you like Song Yuanzhi before?”

“That’s not because I didn’t at all before. Do you know Bo Shao!” Lin Rouer looked resentful, “Now with Bo Shao, who can still see Song Yuanzhi!” The

former Lin Rouer really liked Song Yuanzhi. After all, Song Yuanzhi’s family background and appearance are placed there, and they are indeed excellent.

But as soon as Bo Qingang appeared at the wedding today, Lin Rouer knew what was called heaven and earth.

She used to think that Song Yuanzhi, who was handsome and golden, stood beside Bo Qing’ang, just like a Chinese pastoral dog stood beside a real wolf, how rustic and rustic!

This makes her willing to continue to be with Song Yuanzhi.

“But…” Wang Linya hesitated when she heard these words, “The engagement banquet has been held today, isn’t it a good idea for you to regret it?”

“What’s not so good! It’s just an engagement banquet, and I don’t count it.” Lin Rouer hummed, “Anyway, I’m not a young

man and don’t marry. I don’t like the Song family!” Bo Qingang was an object that Lin Rouer didn’t dare to dream of. After today’s events, everything was different.

Even a fool like Lin Su’er can make Shao Xiao look at her, why can’t she make Lin Rou’er?

Thinking about this, Lin Rouer cried harder and shook Wang Linya’s hand, “Mom, in short, you must help me. You don’t want me to marry a fool like Lin Suer, right?”

Wang Linya was also told by Lin Rouer.

Feeling agitated , she could only nod her head, “Okay, then I’ll figure out a way, you should rest early.” Lin Rouer nodded aggrievedly, and after watching Wang Linya leave the room, her eyes fell on the surrounding rooms.

The room that Wang Linya arranged for her was spacious and bright, but she was still not convinced!

Lin Suer, a bitch, dare to snatch something from her, she must make her pay!

She thought bitterly, her eyes suddenly fell on those photos of Lin Su’er on the table, and her eyes flashed suddenly.

“Snatch something with me.” She picked up the photo and sneered, “Lin Suer, I must make you pay!”

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