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Chapter 22 The Pulse Condition of Kidney Deficiency

The Pulse

Condition of Kidney Deficiency The next day, Lin Suer went to school.

The school she attended was Yingzhen High School, a well-known local noble high school.

The original body is actually nineteen years old, just because the brain is really not so good, the school is at the bottom of the school with poor grades, this has only been repeated for two years, and is still in the third year of high school, and is in the same class as Lin Rouer, who is two years younger than him.

Lin Suer came to the school by car in the morning and walked towards her classroom in the second grade of high school according to her memory.

But I don’t know why. When she walked through the school, she always felt that the people around her seemed to be pointing at herself, with a bit of sarcasm and disgust in her eyes.

Lin Suer frowned.

In her memory, the original body was really unwelcome in school because of the bad brain, but most people seemed to just think she didn’t exist, why would they suddenly point to her?

With a suspicious mood, Lin Suer walked into the classroom.

And the noisy classroom, the moment Lin Suer entered the door, suddenly quieted down.

Lin Su’er didn’t care, walked to her seat in the corner, but didn’t want to pass by her classmates, but the full-fledged comments came into her ears–

“Eh, you look at the photos in the online forum. Oh, my God, I didn’t expect that Lin Su’er looks stupid, but he is actually this kind of person!”

“Cut, it’s not a good thing to look at. I used to look at her face and I knew it wouldn’t be a good thing. Sure enough,

I’m so stupid and awkward. It’s disgusting.” “That’s right, you said she is so messy, will there be infectious diseases in her body, it is really unlucky to be in the same class with her!”

Hearing these comments, Lin Suer paused slightly with the hand holding the book from the bag.

She suddenly realized something, took out her mobile phone, and found the forum in the school according to the memory in her body.

In the forum, a post was topped and was very hot-

[Silly and sweet on the surface, Pan Jinlian in my heart? I’ll expose you the true face of Lin Su’er, a idiot repeater in Class 2 of high school! ]

Click in, Lin Suer saw countless familiar photos.

It was the photo of her traditional Chinese medicine that Lin Rouer took out at the wedding yesterday.

Lin Su’er looked at those photos and her eyes suddenly became cold.

This Lin Rouer.

It’s really healed. The scar is forgotten to hurt.

I just taught her a lesson yesterday, but today is she going to get up again?

A chill flashed under her eyes, Lin Suer just locked her phone, but she didn’t want to snap a hand on her desk.

When she raised her head, she saw a boy with a non-mainstream haircut and wicked eyebrows standing in front of her.

Lin Suer barely remembered in her mind that this is her classmate, Gu Cheng, a well-known playboy in the school, three years in high school, I don’t know how many girlfriends have changed.

“Lin Su’er.” Gu Cheng raised her eyebrows and looked at Lin Su’er with a frivolous smile. “I heard that you play outside the school. Why, you like those outside of school. Why don’t you consider the classmates in our school? “When

he said this, Gu Cheng’s small eyes looked up and down on Lin Su’er, with a bit of insignificance.

I have to say that although this Lin Suer is a bit stupid, it has to be said that it still looks really good. It’s not bad to be a serious girlfriend, and it’s good for a few nights.

Hearing Gu Cheng’s nasty molesting, many boys in the class lowered their voices and chuckled, and the girls blushed.

But Lin Suer, the client, is just like a okay person. He just raised his head and looked at Gu Cheng in front of him lightly, “Considering classmates? Are you talking about you?”

“Of course.” Seeing Lin Suer didn’t seem to be molested. It looked like Gu Cheng couldn’t help being more courageous. He leaned over with a hippy smile, and his mouth was not covered. “My Gu brother promises you that my job is definitely much better than the rascals outside you! Guaranteed to be able to. Satisfy you!” As

he said, his hand still touched Lin Su’er’s white face.

I don’t want Lin Su’er to go and suddenly raise his hand and grab his wrist.

“Good job?” Lin Su’er raised her eyes, and a cold arc formed at the corner of her mouth. “Don’t talk nonsense. I’m afraid that your weak and weak kidney pulse can’t hold it for ten minutes. Would you still satisfy me?”

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