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Chapter 24 You sent those photos, right?

And the students around, after seeing this conversation between Lin Suer and Gu Cheng, their expressions became even more weird for a while.

They looked at each other, with the same thoughts in their hearts

—Although Lin Su’er was mad, he was still a fool as expected.

What kind of ghost doctors pass from people to people, but also cure all diseases?

Go crazy!

At this time, the teacher just walked into the classroom, and they didn’t dare to discuss any more, so they could only take out the books and start the class.

And Lin Suer didn’t bother to pay attention to them, just opened the book and listened to the class seriously.

Now that she had been reborn in this body, Lin Suer naturally did not intend to continue to be a scumbag.

Although this world is not full of spiritual power, but science is advanced, Lin Suer is also happy to learn these new knowledge. If possible, she also wants to learn Western medicine in this world, and see if she can integrate the ancient medical techniques she has learned.

But what is depressing is that the learning of the original body is really poor. It is obvious that these books, the original body has been studied for the third time, but when Lin Suer read the book, she still felt very strange.

But fortunately, Lin Suer was smart. While trying to remember the bad foundation in her body, while reading, she finally got a rough idea of this knowledge.

The classmates around saw Lin Suer’s seriousness in class, and they couldn’t help whispering.

“Have you seen it? Lin Su’er read all day’s books! I went, isn’t she the most afraid of studying before? I remember once crying because she couldn’t solve the equation. Why did she suddenly change her sex?

” Che, just holding a book and pretending to be, you don’t know how stupid her brain is, even if you don’t work hard, you still won’t be able to graduate!”

Everyone’s voice was full of contempt and disdain for Lin Su’er, a scumbag, but Lin Su’er didn’t care. She just looked down at the book in her hand, and even held her vocabulary book when she went to the cafeteria to eat at noon.

I don’t want her to be eating seriously and carrying the words, when a sharp ironic voice suddenly sounded in

her ears-“Oh, sister, you still read a book, anyway, you can’t understand it. Why waste this effort? “

Lin Su’er looked up, only to realize that Lin Rou’er was standing in front of her with her breasts folded, looking at herself sarcastically.

When Lin Su’er saw Lin Rou’er, her eyes instantly cooled down.

“Lin Rouer.” She put down her fork, her expression faintly, “You just came here, I just want to ask you something.”

“What are you asking?” Lin Rouer sneered, “Want to ask me the question? I explained to you, do you understand?”

Lin Rou’er said harshly, but Lin Su’er’s face remained unchanged, and she just asked indifferently, “You sent the photos on the school forum, right?”

Lin Rou When I heard this, my face changed slightly.

Of course she sent those photos.

Now that Lin Suer approached Bo Qingang, Lin Rouer really didn’t dare to bully her as blatantly as before. But she still dared to post some photos on the Internet.

What if Bo says that the man in those photos is him? She posted the photo on the Internet, but the classmates in the school didn’t know that it was Shao Bo, and only believed that Lin Suer was hooking up with the wild man outside.

When the time comes, Lin Su’er will become infamous, she will look at it, and the young boy will not want her!

Lin Rou’er had a good abacus in her heart, but she didn’t expect that Lin Su’er, who used to be the only nonsense, would come to Xingshi to inquire in such a straightforward manner.

An unnatural flash flashed through her eyes, but she quickly snorted from her nose, denying: “What nonsense are you talking about, what pictures, I don’t even know!”

“You don’t know?” Lin Suer sneered. “These photos are only in your hands. Who do you know?” When

Lin Suer said this, her voice was not loud, but her eyes were coldly locked to Lin. Rou’er, Lin Rou’er felt like falling into an ice cellar for no reason.

She almost instinctively took a step backwards, but in the next second she realized that she was too embarrassed, and she couldn’t help shouting: “Lin Su’er, don’t you pretend to be very clever here! Who doesn’t know what is in your mind?

It’s just a mess! You can’t even solve a binary equation. You have the ability to doubt me. Why don’t you think of a way to pass the midterm exam next week!”

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