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Chapter 29 Are you willing to any method

Are You Willing Anything?

At this time, Bo Qingang looked at the little girl in front of him, with a level of caution he had never seen before.

He always thought that it was a coincidence that Lin Suer met him that night, and it was a coincidence that her body could detoxify him.

But at this moment, when he heard Lin Su’er knew that he was poisoned, he had to think more about it.

No one knew about the toxins in his body, except for the Bo family confidants and the Ouyang family. Where did the little girl in front of him know about it?

Not only that, since Lin Su’er knows that he has toxins in his body, the detoxification effect of her body makes people feel more playful and suspicious.

Bo Qingang had to wonder if this little girl deliberately approached herself from the beginning, including the so-called “antidote” on her body, which was also a trap.

Lin Su’er didn’t expect that her unintentional

remark would make Bo Qing’ang react so much, “What do you mean by that.” She frowned slightly, “Did you not have a poison when I saw you that night? , I also touched your pulse, why didn’t I know that you were poisoned?” When

Lin Suer said this, her beautiful eyes looked at Bo Qingang frankly, and she was indeed not lying.

But Bo Qingang’s eyes still had a bit of suspicion, “Take the pulse? Just by taking the pulse, you can see that there is poison in my body?”

“Of course.” Lin Suer frowned, “I said, I know Chinese medicine, although I can’t solve it. There is poison in your body, but the diagnosis is no problem.”

Bo Qingang’s beautiful brows wrinkled even more when he heard Lin Su’er’s words.

This girl, doesn’t he know that his body can help him detoxify?

He stared at the girl’s clean eyes. He didn’t see any problem for a long time. In the end, Lin Suer frowned and said, “Bo Qingang, you hurt me.”

Bo Qingang lowered his head and saw Lin Suer press. The white and tender wrist was pinched red.

There was a red trace on the snow-white skin, which was indescribably dazzling.

Bo Qingang immediately let go, Lin Suer rubbed her wrist.

“Sorry.” Bo Qingang said, his voice finally returned to his usual coldness, “I misunderstood, but I hope Miss Lin will not tell anyone about my poisoning.”

Lin Suer nodded clearly.

Bo Qingang’s identity is here. Of course, this kind of poisoning can’t be a big fan.

When she used to treat those distinguished persons, those patients would also ask for confidentiality. Although Bo Qingang is not her patient now, she is kind to her and of course she will not betray him.

“Don’t worry, I won’t say it.” She promised, “And the toxins in your body, I will also think of a way to see if I can help you solve it.”

Although she can’t solve the poison of ice and cold now . , But Lin Suer has always been a person with ideals and pursuits. She has always believed that there is no poison in this world that cannot be solved, and there is no disease that can not be cured, so she is willing to study and explore.

Hearing this, Bo Qingang’s expression turned a little weird.

What Ouyang Luo said to him before came out for no reason—

“Eh, you said that Lin Suer is a kiss and you can suppress toxins for you, so if you two do something, right? Can you solve the toxins in your body?”

This sentence is actually just Ouyang Luo’s nonsense. At that time, Bo Qingang didn’t pay attention to it, but now he heard Lin Su’er seriously saying that he wanted to detoxify himself. But it was inexplicably suddenly thought of this.

A few waves flashed in the depths of the ink eyes for no reason, and Bo Qingang said in a ghostly manner: “If you can help me detoxify, would you like to use any method?”

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