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Chapter 3 Renters in the Car

I took a sigh of relief and looked up at the man in front of the car. As long as I make a little movement, everyone will see this scene. I can only choose not to make a sound and move to another position.

Unexpectedly, the slap on the tún_ slapped fiercely again, and a smiling voice came from my ear, “Beauty girl, don’t move, be careful not to hurt your body.” The

voice just fell, I I saw an icy dagger right on my waist. I was shocked, and gritted my teeth quietly, “Let go!”

“Beauty girl, don’t tell me. It would be a pity that no one appreciates this figure!” The man gave a wretched smile, no longer satisfied with rubbing. niē me In the tún. department, he put his hand along my short skirt into it. Cū his fingers across the rough within. Wanton dial pants tease my body with red


My body shook, and water began to flood the golden mountain below, and I writhed shamefully trying to drag.

But when I turned around, I saw the man’s yín. smile, and the roots of his ears were red, and he turned his head away. The man was even more anxious and unscrupulous. He pulled his underwear to the side and pierced my lower body with his finger.

I gritted my teeth and clamped my hands tightly, but the bus was still bumping back and forth. Fingertips back and forth. The friction back and forth, my suppressed desires. Hope is like being ignited, the transparent liquid. The body keeps pouring out.

At this moment, a scorching hard object hit my lower body.

“Now I’ll come to meet you well.” The man leaned in my ear, whistling hot. After that, his hard, hard, hard as iron, rubbed back and forth on my wet and wet parts through the underwear that had returned to its original position.

Everywhere on my body seemed to be yelling, my mind was moaning, and my sanity disappeared little by little. I stretched myself straight. The son approached the thing. After a layer of cloth, when the bus was about to enter, the bus braked and the driver in front said to the rear: “Get out of the car, the car is turned off. Change to the back one.”

There were complaints from the car, and everyone went down toward the door. Riding in the chaos, I quickly pulled off my skirt and rushed out of the car. When I got out of the car, my double tuǐ was still dripping down. I was afraid of being found out, so I ran towards the company.

After I arrived at the company, I rushed to the bathroom for the first time, leaning against the door panel, feeling a bit of loss in my heart beating wildly. If at that time…

my ears were hot, and there was a voice outside the door, I would go out after handling it quickly.

My ears were hot, and there was a voice outside the door, and I got out of the way below.

There were only two employees in the company. When I came out, they stopped their voice and greeted me: “Director Feng, you came so early today.

I smiled and nodded . When I lowered my head, I noticed that there were still some water stains on the tuǐ. With a tight heart, he walked quickly into the storage room. I

was planning to find something to wipe it off, but when I entered the door, I saw a set of sexy clothes on the cabinet door. Yes. He Liang drank the last time. For wine, when I came to the company to pick me up, I fell in the storage room when I was lost. The

bright red sexy panties. Although there is a gap in the middle of the pants, it is wet, sloppy, and sloppy. For pants, it’s better. I bend over and put the sexy underwear on the pair of tuǐ. The door of the storage room suddenly opened, and I twisted to find that Manager Niu was standing staring. Look at me at the door.

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