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Chapter 30 Who Said I’m Not Responsible

Lin Suer didn’t know what Bo Qingang was thinking. She just replied without thinking, “Of course.” Just

kidding, this is the poison of coldness!

The self-righteous old man of her master has studied for a lifetime and has not solved it. If she can solve it, wouldn’t she be able to blow it for a lifetime?

Bo Qingang heard Lin Suer’s answer without hesitation, but his eyes darkened suddenly.

The girl in front of him had clean and clear eyes, but he unconsciously thought of the soft and moist touch of her pink lips that night.

He couldn’t help but think that if the girl detoxified herself in a more intimate way…

Bo Qingang’s throat unconsciously tightened, some unnaturally averted his eyes, forcing himself to stop looking at Lin Su’er’s clear pair eye.

Lin Su’er didn’t notice Bo Qingang’s strangeness.

She just mentioned the medicinal materials on the ground and said, “Nothing else, I will go back first.” Then, she turned and walked outside, Bo Qingang looked at her back. Disappeared at the door of Wanrentang, without taking back his eyes for a long time.

Until there was an extremely contrived cough around me.

Bo Qingang turned his head and saw Ouyang Luo standing aside, looking at him jokingly.

“I can’t see it.” Ouyang Luo raised his eyebrows, his eyes were full of playfulness, “Our mother’s solo boy, who is now a sister, is now also a girl?”

Ouyang Luo’s tone is extremely low, but Bo Qingang is too lazy. Paying attention to him, just asked: “You said last time that Lin Suer’s detoxification effect on me is determined by the closeness of the two people. Are you serious?”

Ouyang Luo didn’t expect Bo Qingang to ask this suddenly. First he was taken aback, but he answered honestly: “I think it is, but it must be confirmed after practice.”

Bo Qing nodded.

“You’re right.” His expression was faint, “It should be a try.”

Ouyang Luo was taken aback for a moment, and then suddenly reacted to the meaning of Bo Qingang’s words. He was so scared that he let out a pig on the spot. Naruto.

“Fuck, you are trying to play with other girls for experiments?” His eyes widened, “I tell you, although you really want to detoxify, you can’t be such a beast! Does it take advantage of other girls? Responsible, it is God’s condemnation!”

In Ouyang Luo’s understanding, Bo Qingang said “try”, of course, to do the most intimate thing with Lin Su’er.

If you do it and then you are not responsible, isn’t it a beast!

Ouyang Luo looked distressed.

I really can’t see it!

Bo Qingang, this boring Sao, on the surface looks coldly not interested in anything, but he is actually such an old beast! You can deal with the little girl!

But Bo Qingang glanced at him disgustingly.

“Who said I’m not responsible.” He looked at Ouyang Luo with idiot eyes, “Since I want to try, I will naturally be responsible.”

Ouyang Luo was taken aback, before he had time to ask Bo Qingang how to be responsible, he heard Bo. Qing Yang opened the mouthβ€”

“Speaking of which, is Angel Kiss still in Europe right now?”


At the same time.

Lin Suer on this side has returned to the Lin family villa.

She carried the big and small bags back to her newly-robbed room, sorted the medicinal materials into categories, carried the golden needles close to her body, and finally took out a few verdant seedlings from the bag. Entered his own medicine spirit jade space.

This is the medicine seedling she bought from Wanrentang today.

Lin Su’er had seen the medicinal materials of Wan Ren Tang today. Because of the low spiritual power of the continent, these medicinal materials did not grow well, so Lin Suer thought to herself that she could just grow a little in space.

After all, her medicinal spirit jade space is full of spiritual power, and the medicinal materials she grows must be much better than those on the market.

With this idea in mind, she dug a few small holes in the space and carefully planted the medicine seedlings in. She was about to water. But at this time, a piercing and mocking voice suddenly sounded in her ears–

“Lin Su’er! When is it, do you still have a leisurely and elegant dozing off here?”

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