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Chapter 4 It depends on your performance

Manager Niu is a fat man in his fifties. He is a well-known old wolf in our company. He likes to harass our female colleagues by talking about work.

Without waiting for me to put on my pants, he took a quick step. He stepped forward and grabbed my wrist and smiled trivially: “Xiao Feng, I heard that your husband was out on a business trip, but he didn’t expect to be masturbating in the storage room now. This kind of thing, if there is a need, you can find me~”

“I don’t have one.” I want to refute, but Manager Niu is my boss after all. I swallowed what I wanted to say, and explained, “Mr Niu.” , You’re misunderstood…”

I’m getting more and more excited because I have struggled for five years before becoming a supervisor. If Manager Niu spreads out what happened just now, not only will I not be able to stay here anymore. It ruined me, I can’t even imagine.

Manager Niu seemed to see what I was thinking, and walked towards me, “Xiao Na, as for what I saw today, it depends on your performance?”

He finished speaking, and blocked my mouth. His tongue stuck into my mouth and kept stirring.

A-bursts of heart swept over, and the stomach turned and pours into the sea. Just when the heart was about to be spit out, there was a knock on the door. I quickly snatched it behind the curtain.

Immediately after the door was opened, a charming and charming voice came from People, Affairs, Ministry, Xiaona, and said: “Brother Niu, it’s you. I thought who was in it. I just left when I finished it last night, and I didn’t even have a condom. Take it away, the murderer explained to her husband for a long time before concealing the past.”

Manager Niu looked at my direction, hopefully to her, and smiled, “Xiaona, your counsellor can’t satisfy you, then I can only do it for me. I don’t think you were very happy last night?”

He said, he put his arms around Xiao Na’s waist, untied her pants, and Xiao Na immediately handed over, “Ah! Brother Niu , You… hate it!

I saw Manager Niu unzip the trousers, and a thin dark object with a thumb cū was exposed. Xiaona knelt on the ground very skillfully.

The dark, shiny thing slowly became hard and long in her mouth. Manager Niu grabbed Xiaona’s head with his hands to let her stay connected, and turned to look at me.

~ I scared, cattle manager pick. Funny to laugh at me, big palm has

been pressing the Huna in the bed. On. He lifted up his short skirt and dragged his panties, and directly pierced the man’s roots into Xiaona’s body from the back without any foreplay.

Xiaona uttered a shuǎng quick moan, Manager Niu shrugged and moved her waist quickly, while slapped Xiaona’s Feng tún vigorously.

Watching Mr. Niu’s male root quickly appear in Xiaona’s darkened lower body, the sound of popping and popping and popping water echoed in the office.

One of my mind: Wood, my body was damp, wet, and the desires in my heart could not stand up to tease. I quickly closed my eyes.

Unexpectedly, as soon as I closed my eyes, the office door was kicked open. Manager Ma and Xiao Na, who were meeting each other, were startled. The two of them screamed and lifted their pants.

It was Xiaona’s husband who came in. He looked at the scene in front of him, and the blue veins on his forehead bào, “Okay, Li Na, I thought you were wrong yesterday, but when you came to the company today, your colleague said that he saw you in. The storage room has been in the storage room for a while, and I knew it!

After he finished speaking, you sword girl picked up the fruit on the table and rushed towards Xiaona.

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