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Chapter 5 CǎoP Fear

Xiaona was so frightened that she was so terrified and horrified.

She called: “My husband, don’t be like this, don’t be like this.” Manager Niu was also shocked, and shouted at the colleagues who came in to watch, “Hurry up and report jǐng.” , Stop him quickly, this man is crazy, stop him quickly. “The

scene was in chaos, Xiaona’s husband once again rushed to Manager Niu just a chop, I also took advantage of the chaos and ran out from behind the curtains, not daring to go anymore. There were so many dāi here, so I ran out in a hurry.

Soon Jǐng. Cha rushed to take away Xiaona’s husband, who had been restrained. Although Manager Niu was not chopped down, he was still injured very seriously. He was taken out of the office by the doctor. The genitals have been cut down.

When this happened to the company, we didn’t manage to go to work either. After finishing the transcript with jǐng.chao, the boss gave us a half-day holiday, so that we should not tell other people about this matter.

When I got home, my father-in-law was not at home, he should have gone to the hospital.

The dirty clothes basket in the bathroom was empty. My underwear and clothes were hung on the balcony, which should have been washed by father-in-law in the morning.

Thinking of my father-in-law helping me clean my underwear, my cheeks suddenly became red and hot.

My father-in-law arrived in a hurry last night, and I didn’t give a good treat. Tonight, I cooked a table of good dishes and took out the wine from my husband Zhenzàng.

Neither of us spoke during the meal. We had three glasses of wine, and the father-in-law talked too much. Both the words and the words praised me as a good wife. They also said that He Liang married me and it was like a smoke from their He family’s ancestor’s grave. Up.

The father-in-law drank more happily. After drinking half a bottle of wine, he was also drunk and unconscious, lying on the table and slumbering.

My father-in-law’s body is very strong. I carried him back to the guest room and put him on the bed with his soft body. When I covered my father-in-law with a quilt and was about to leave, I remembered that my father-in-law used my underwear in the bathroom last night. In the picture of .nòng male root, my feet seem to be filled with lead without moving.

Looking at my father-in-law’s sturdy body, I swallowed, and a crazy thought emerged.

I am a woman with strong desires. Although I have fantasized about getting along with

a man other than He Liang , I have never done anything to do anything with a man other than He Liang.

But I am also a woman, a woman who has endured hunger and thirst for two months.

At the moment, lying on the bed was the father-in-law who was already drunk, and his even and powerful screams made my heart feel irritated. Looking at my father-in-law’s handsome face, I unnaturally cast my eyes on his lower body.

Although separated by the quilt, I can still feel that the strong and strong thing between his two tuǐ is waking up from sleep.

After hesitating for a long time, I couldn’t control my hands anymore, so the quilt covering my father-in-law was lifted off.

“Bà, let me drag the clothes for you, it’s uncomfortable to sleep in the clothes.” I tentatively shouted, but father-in-law did not respond.

My courage grew, and I untied my father-in-law’s clothes. When the bronze skin appeared in front of my eyes, my heart throbbed like a deer.

The father-in-law is very strong and does not have the fat on his peers, just like the body of a fitness coach, many times stronger than He Liang.

My fingers were stroking back and forth on my father-in-law’s broad chest, and my father-in-law may have felt itching, so he raised his hand and scratched his chest twice.

I was so scared that I hurriedly withdrew my hands and held my breath for a long time. Seeing that my father-in-law hadn’t awakened, I finally felt relieved.

My father-in-law was wearing house pants at home and was easily dragged down by me.

At this moment, the father-in-law was only wearing a pair of tight-fitting boxers lying on the bed, on the top and bottom. The raised parts of the body may have felt my gaze, slowly creeping. The movement slowly became larger.

The boxer briefs no longer had a place to hold it, the thing stuck out its head along the gap, and the big purple top was hung on the outside of the boxer briefs like a base bullet.

Such a big and strong monster made me a little scared. If I was squeezed into my body by this big hard object like a bitter gourd, my tunnel should be torn apart.

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