How to choose Pocket WiFi for your journey?

Pocket WiFi is popular device for sharing internet in foreign countries. During your travel one of the important thing is internet. By use internet in foreign countries currently that there are many options to choose from but have you admit about choosing WiFi network or not. For travelers trust and use the most is Mobile WiFi (Pocket WiFi) for their communicate when they’re not in hometown. So internet is important for connecting to people and information even use for meeting during you travel.

If asking why is Pocket WiFi, the first reason is we have to connect to the internet on a variety of devices. Currently, one person have notebook laptop, mobile phones, tablets, or games that need internet connection. Therefore, regardless of where you travel to the world and what type of device do you want to connect to? Mobile WiFi (Pocket WiFi is the answer.

Important things when choosing a Pocket WiFi for use in foreign countries by renting. You will choose which service provider that is good. At least you have to compare their network and device of the service such as:

  1. The quality of WiFi network and device must be good.
  2. Areas must cover.
  3. The price must be worth it.

From then, we will try to compare clearly as follows.

1. The quality of WiFi network and device must be good.

In general use Pocket WiFi in foreign countries is similar to use internet on mobile phones at home by usage exceeds the package that we have applied and how fast on internet speed. But when you rent Pocket WiFi that there are service providers with unlimited internet use in foreign countries at the highest speed and internet speed ​​does not decrease.

2. Areas must cover on number of countries that can be used

In general, Pocket WiFi is available for rent in different countries. The system has already been set up in which countries and each SIM Card can be used. We have to check on WiFi network for each area of ​​service. See how many countries that they cover. Some network connection cover more or less.

3. The price must be worth

Now that we have to compared on price. The usage quality and service area if network and area connecting are same. This is most important thing on how much should we pay? If it wasn’t too expensive to pay, it wouldn’t be possible. Therefore, we try to compare prices and see which brands and how much it is. But the price that we will compare is a normal price not a promotional price. Because sometimes promotions can be limited by various conditions so we have to compare at the normal prices.

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