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Chapter 1 is yours from now on

In the hot summer, Zhang Nanxin ran downstairs and took a few ice creams and mashed them in a bowl. Because her mother restricted the amount of ice cream she could eat, she didn’t know how many ice creams there were after mashing.

He ate ice cream with a spoon, and listening to the sound at the entrance, Zhang Nanxin digs the ice cream with a smile, “Mom, it’s my dad who is back.”

But there was one more person beside Dad Zhang. He was handsome and tall, dressed in a suit and leather shoes, sword eyebrows, big eyes, and a tall nose. This was the most handsome person she had ever seen.

He behaved with aura, with a slight smile on his face.

“Why are you standing stupid? Call someone.” Dad Zhang entered the door and looked at her with a smile.

“Good brother.”

Dad Zhang raised his eyebrows and corrected it seriously, “Call it Uncle.”

“What uncle, when did I have an extra uncle?” Zhang Nanxin ate the last bite of ice cream.

Father Zhang smiled from ear to ear, “I call him Brother Joe, of course you are Uncle, don’t be so rude. He helped us win the lawsuit in the case our company was involved in.”

If someone who is irrelevant calls her brother, how can she call her uncle?

Zhang Nanxin curled her lips in disapproval.

Zhang Ma came out and looked at her wearing a loose shirt. She didn’t wear it inside. She felt ashamed and reprimanded: “Go back to the house and come out with some more clothes.”

Seeing that my mother was angry, she hurried upstairs. It’s really embarrassing to see people in this way, looking for the beautiful skirt in the room and making gestures all the time.

Dad Zhang took Qiao Mubei to the study upstairs. The lawsuit won so beautifully, so he wanted to ask Qiao Mubei to be his legal counsel.

People in the real estate industry will inevitably die, and he doesn’t want to get in trouble all the time.

“I still haven’t dealt with some things, and I will reply to you after a while. I’ll go back first.” Qiao Mubei had a polite smile on his face.

Obviously he is not interested in this matter.

Dad Zhang smiled, “Well, brother Joe, think about it again.”

“I’ll go to the bathroom first. Brother Qiao, you should go to my study first.” Dad Zhang suddenly had a stomachache, pointed his finger at the study in front, and hurried downstairs.

Qiao Mubei watched Zhang Dad go downstairs, retracted his gaze, and when he walked to the study, he passed Zhang Nanxin’s room and found that her door was not closed, she was trying on clothes naked, and met his gaze when she turned around to get another dress. .

After he saw it, there was no change on his face, as if she was looking at a wood. Is her figure that bad?

His cheeks flushed with shame, and the dress he held in his hand was the most important part.

In fact, there is no need to block it, wearing the inside of the cartoon bear…

“I was taken care of by you, and I will be yours from now on. You promise me now that I will marry me in the future, or I will shout out loud.”

Qiao Mubei turned his back and lowered his voice with a soft scent: “You didn’t close the door, I saw it accidentally.”

“It’s all seen by you, and you’re still looking for a reason to shame.” She flattened her mouth, her eyes filled with tears, and her tears popped like broken pearls, falling one by one.

This is a talent. If her father hadn’t forced her to study financial management, she would go to the art school to be an actor.

Dad Zhang followed Qiao Mubei out and looked at him suspiciously, “Why are you standing here?”

When she heard Dad Zhang’s voice, she jumped onto the bed one by one, wrapped up the quilt and pretended to sleep.

Qiao Mubei saw her wrapped in silkworm pupa through the crack of the door, but couldn’t see her face. I wonder if she was still crying?

Taking a look at Zhang Nanxin’s room, Zhang’s father laughed and said with satisfaction, “This girl is spoiled by me, and there is no girl at all, the house is messy.” He stepped forward and closed the door, acting very lightly as if worried about her. Waking up.

Qiao Mubei just smiled and did not speak.

Zhang Fu took Qiao Mubei towards the study, “Brother Qiao, my company’s case is really thanks to you. If it weren’t for you, my company’s case is still in trouble. This was originally developed in the Southern District. The community just puts my company’s name on it. The government asked me to develop it.”

“I don’t want to take this development case at all. I didn’t make any money. But I can’t offend the leader.”

Having said that, Zhang Fu was also very helpless, sighing again and again.

Zhangfu didn’t forget to stretch out his hand to signal, “Brother Qiao, sit down, please sit down.”

“Now that this case has been resolved, you don’t have to worry about government leaders coming to trouble you.” After Qiao Mubei took his seat, he looked at Father Zhang and said.

The sad cloud on Zhang’s face disappeared, and he smiled and said, “That is. It is really thanks to you, brother Qiao. In our city, I have run all the law firms everywhere, and no lawyer dared to accept it. This case. I really appreciate you, brother Joe.”

“Brother Qiao, you are also brave.” After a pause, Zhang’s father seemed to have thought of something. “By the way, I haven’t asked Qiao Brother, you are a capitalist, why did you come to work here?”

“It happens that something is here.” Qiao Mubei constricted the strangeness in his eyes.

Since he didn’t elaborate, Zhang Fu understood that he didn’t want to say it, so he didn’t continue to ask, “Then there is nothing else here, brother Qiao, you should go back as soon as possible. Avoid it for a while to avoid being targeted. Something happened.”

At this moment, Zhang Ma came and knocked on the door.

“The food is ready. If you want to talk, just eat and talk.”

Zhang’s father answered with a smile on his face, “Okay.” Then he turned to look at Qiao Mubei, “Brother Qiao, go and taste your sister-in-law’s craftsmanship. I asked her to prepare hastily, not many dishes, and poor reception, Brother Qiao. Don’t be surprised.”

“Yeah, don’t be surprised, Lawyer Qiao. Lao Zhang should invite you to the restaurant to have a good meal.” Zhang Ma agreed.

Qiao Mubei’s temperament is not good at polite, he just said, “I can eat anything, you don’t have to be too polite.”

Originally Zhang’s father was worried that he would neglect Qiao Mubei and wanted to invite him to the restaurant to eat, but he accidentally mentioned his daughter, thinking that her daughter would go to university in the distance tomorrow, and wanted to come back to accompany Zhang Nanxin more, so he invited him. Qiao Mubei came to his house for dinner.

Unexpectedly, Qiao Mubei agreed.

Maybe people are just refreshing and nonchalant people, so Zhang’s father didn’t think much about it.

“Then you hurry down, I’ll call Nan Xin.” Zhang Mu thought that Nan Xin was still in the room.

A minute later, Zhang Nanxin followed Zhang Mu and went downstairs. She didn’t fall asleep either, but was shy and wanted to hide and calm her emotions.

When he arrived at the dinner table, Zhang Nanxin was sitting opposite Qiao Mubei. From time to time, her eyes always looked at Qiao Mubei as if she couldn’t control it. She blushed and her heart beat faster. Why did he seem to have nothing the same?

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