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Chapter 1 You see yourself too much!

“Kang Dang!”

Hands up, the bottle is broken, people fall…

Ye Youyou clapped his hands, looked condescendingly at the old man who was lying on the ground and full of intestines, and fluffed his hair in disdain.

Humph! Dare to use her hands and feet, and have enough leisure to live a long life.

Taking out the phone, Ye Youyou sat on her suitcase and dialed his father Ye Hongsheng’s number.

The day before yesterday, Ye Youyou received a call from home saying that her father was seriously ill, so she rushed back from Country M overnight. Who knew that just after landing in the afternoon, she received a message from her father to come to Room 910 of the Riverside Hotel.

She came, but she didn’t see anyone in the family.

Waiting here is the old man lying on the ground knocked out by her at the moment.

Did you go to the wrong room?

“Hey, you…” After the call was connected, Ye Youyou was interrupted by Ye Hongsheng just as she wanted to ask what was going on.

“Youyou, I know that you have been living abroad alone in the past few years. Dad is not feeling well. You have to be considerate of Dad. Dad really doesn’t love you. No, I personally found this marriage for you. “

“Although President Wang is a bit older, being older also has the benefits of being older. It will hurt people. If you marry President Wang, you will have a son and a half daughter in the future, and you won’t have to worry about the rest of your life.”

Ye Youyou was startled, staring at the unconscious man on the ground. Just now, this old man did introduce himself by saying that his surname was Wang.

“So… you are not sick at all?”

Ye Youyou is not a fool. As soon as Ye Hongsheng spoke, she could tell that his voice didn’t look like he was sick.

He lied to her to return home just to… let her marry this… an old man old enough to be his grandfather? !

“Ye Hongsheng.” Ye Youyou called him word by word, his nails pinching the skirt, his face full of anger, disappointment, and distress…

On the other end of the phone, Ye Hongsheng did not get angry because Ye Youyou called his name directly, but slowed down his voice:

“Youyou, haven’t you always wanted to go back to Ye’s house? As long as you can make President Wang happy and let him agree to invest in cooperation with Zhaohui, I will recognize your identity and declare that you are my Ye Hongsheng’s daughter.”

Feelings, Ye Hongsheng is selling women for glory.

Ye Youyou’s lips curled up coldly. If he knew the daughter Mo Ruofu, he really knew her and knew how to seduce her with what she cares about.

If it were six years ago, Ye Youyou might be shaken when he heard this, now…

Ha ha……

“Ye Hongsheng, you see yourself too much!” The cold voice did not contain a trace of emotion. After Ye Youyou finished speaking, he hung up the phone before he could speak.

“Exactly, I was really kicked by the donkey in my head, and I still believe the nonsense of the Ye family!”

I really don’t know why she ran back so scorchingly, deliberately trying to get angry.

Ye Youyou put the phone in his pocket, full of anger burning in his heart, and kicked the old man’s belly without mercy, and snorted coldly.

Drag the box and leave!

Leaving the hotel, Ye Youyou dragged his suitcase and walked down the street by himself, and his cell phone kept ringing.

At first it was Ye Hongsheng’s phone call. She didn’t answer, and he started to send messages.

[Youyou, Dad is also doing this for you. Hello, President Wang’s worth is not low. The Wang family is also a well-known wealthy family in the imperial capital. If you marry him, you will definitely live a good life. 】

[Youyou, you have to be considerate of Dad, the business has not been doing well these years, and the Yip Group is now in a crisis. If there is no fund transfer at the end of this month, the company will be in big trouble! 】

[Mr. Wang told me that as long as you are willing to marry him, he will take 10 million as a gift money, which not only solves the company’s urgent needs, but also allows our company to say that we will cooperate with the Wang family. One harm. 】

What a good profit!

Because it is you who profited, and all the damage was on her, and they never treated her as a family!

Ye Youyou held the phone tightly, his lungs exploded with anger.

The phone rang twice, and Ye Hongsheng sent two more messages.

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