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Chapter 10 Are You Missing Me?

Sure enough, this appearance matched Su Yi’s appetite, and he smiled at Nan Xin, which meant that he was thanking him.

I felt a lot more relaxed in an instant, and this had to make Nan Xin admire her IQ, and danced triumphantly.

Ah Jiu will understand now, “Nan Xin, it turns out that you have an idea about the matter.”

“Why, Ah Jiu, thank you so much.” Zhang Nanxin took Ah Jiu’s wrist, “Go, Ah Jiu, let’s taste the wine here. It’s the first time we come to this kind of place. Feel the fascination for many people here.”

Ah Jiu was dragged away by Zhang Nanxin. He stared at Lan Xuanxuan for several times. He was really worried. When Lan Xuanxuan saw that she was a delicate princess raised by a wealthy family, he was still very worried about Lan Xuanxuan.

“A Jiu, how is your recent development of chasing seniors?” Zhang Nanxin took him and deliberately talked with him.

“I’m busy with military training every day. It’s the first day I met the senior. The military training is almost exhausted into a dog. I pay attention to protecting my skin, which has also been tanned into charcoal.” Ah Jiu looked at his arm. , Frowning distressed.

“If your parents see the charcoal color you are now, they will definitely be very happy.” Jiu’s parents think that Jiu has been like a girl since he was a child. In order to make Jiu look like a man, he was sent to learn Taekwondo, although Taekwondo I didn’t learn very well, but every time I saw Nan Xin, Ah Jiu’s parents were happy to bloom.

Nan Xin understood that they had misunderstood and thought that Jiu had become normal.

I chatted with Ah Jiu for a while, and then went to dance again, only to realize that it was half past eleven. I patrolled the bar, but couldn’t find the voice of Su Yi and Lan Xuanxuan. Does this mean success?

Pulling the drunk Jiu, “Ajiu, let’s go back.”

Ah Jiu looked at Nan Xin with drunken eyes, “Nan Xin, why have you become two heads?”

Nan admired Ah Jiu with a roll of eyes, so he became so drunk after drinking a glass of wine. If you can’t drink, don’t drink. Her weak body sent Ah Jiu to school. What a torture!

The phone kept ringing, Nan Xin took a lot of effort to touch the phone, and when he heard Qiao Mubei’s voice when he swiped the answer button, he said with joy: “Uncle, do you miss me?”

“Where have you been?”

“I’m at the Twilight Bar, uncle, I…” I went back in a while. Before Nan Xin finished speaking, Ah Jiu touched the phone on the ground.

She squatted down to pick up the phone, and Ah Jiu couldn’t get up by pressing directly on her.

When Ajiu wakes up, she must settle the account!

Take a taxi on the side of the road. If there is no empty car, there is no taxi.

About half an hour later, Qiao Mubei appeared, his face cold, “Get in the car.”

“Uncle, my friend is drunk.” Nan Xin looked at Qiao Mubei with big pitiful eyes, and a look of help flashed in his eyes.

“You get in the car first.” Qiao Mubei walked over to support Ah Jiu, who was almost exhausted by Ah Jiu’s weight.

Nan Xin helped open the door of the car before getting into the car.

As soon as I got on the car, Nan Xin saw Ah Jiuqiang through the car window|Kissed my uncle!

In an instant, Nan Xin went crazy and died Jiu, she was going to kill Jiu! !

The car drove to the school gate.

Qiao Mubei frowned and looked at Ah Jiu lying in the back seat, “Which dormitory does he live in?”

A Jiuqiang|She is still angry after kissing her uncle, and she wants her uncle’s service to be delivered to the dormitory. How could it be possible?

“Just send Ah Jiu to Uncle Guards, and Uncle Guards will send him back to the dormitory.” Nan Xin was still angry with her eyes and resisted looking at Ah Jiu, for fear that the more he watched, the fire would get worse!

After throwing Ah Jiu to the school guard, Nan Xin climbed back into his car.

“You get out of the car too.” Qiao Mubei was still cold.

Nan Xin stayed for two weeks. The doctor drove her out of the hospital today. Her mother asked her to go back to school. She was discharged from the hospital. Dad Zhang told Qiao Mubei. But just now Zhang Ma called and asked the teacher, Nan Xin, knowing that Nan Xin is no longer at school, this dad called Qiao Mubei to help find it.

Nan Xin didn’t get out of the car or talk.

Qiao Mubei took a look at her. She dressed up like this, and she was not suitable for going back to school now.

Qiao Mubei drove her back to his residence. Nan Xin kept silent, but stared at Qiao Mubei’s lips. She flattened her mouth, her eyes filled and soft and waxy until she returned to the apartment and closed the door. Called, “Uncle.”

“Who told you to go to the bar in this way?” Qiao Mu’s north face Pang Lingjiao was distinctly serious.

Just now when he saw Nan Xin holding Ah Jiu at the entrance of the bar, if it weren’t because he had seen Ah Jiu, wearing a red tube top skirt, wearing a wig, and wearing heavy makeup, he would really not recognize Nan Xin. When she bent over while holding Ajiu, everyone in front of her was almost seen, and she suddenly felt that she didn’t know how to learn well.

Before the uncle spoke to her softly and with a smile, Nan Xin roared: “Uncle, don’t divert my attention, you kissed Jiu today!” He took off the wig on his head and threw it aside. Kick off the high heels on your feet.

Don’t think he is angry, she can forget about it regardless of the severity!

“He is a man.” He constricted his eyes, calmed his expression, and replied faintly. Sitting elegantly on the sofa.

It seems irrelevant.

Hearing his answer, Nan Xin was annoyed, and suddenly rushed towards Qiao Mubei who was sitting on the sofa.

Qiao Mubei just stretched out his hand to take the coffee on the coffee table, when she suddenly rushed over, without precaution, the coffee spilled all over the floor.

“What are you doing?” He frowned.

Zhang Nanxin lay on him and couldn’t get up, sulking angrily, “I want to clean it up for Uncle!”

Before his thin lips opened slightly, she kissed him.

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