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Chapter 10 Husband Hug and Hold High

Ye Youyou retracted one foot that had already stepped out of the bar door, and looked at the three women who had gathered together to discuss it not far away.

Little cold?

Gu Jinhan!

In the entire imperial capital, people can call them a sigh of coldness, and they can make these women rush, Ye Youyou can’t find the second one.

Ye Youyou’s eyes lit up suddenly, and since Gu Jinhan was here, she was not in a hurry to go home now.


In the crowded private room, a group of people chatted, drank, or hugged the beautiful women around them, but the man sitting in the corner didn’t say a word.

The man leaned on the leather sofa with his legs folded, half of his face hidden in the shadow, holding a glass of red wine in his hand, shaking it gently, the scarlet liquid looked particularly charming under the light.

Zhao Yi took the wine glass and walked to the man, “Can you stop being cold? It seems like someone owes you money.”

Mu Nanfeng chuckled, “Isn’t he always like this?”

Knowing him for so many years, he has become immune to his iceberg face.

“I said, Boss, there is no fragrant grass anywhere in the world, why are you hanging on a tree or a tree with a crooked neck.”

Gu Jinhan’s eyes flashed, sipped a sip of red wine, and squinted slightly to look at Zhao Yi, her eyes indescribably sharp.

Zhao Yi couldn’t be more familiar with this look.

The prelude to the bloody storm, the tranquility before the storm.

“Ah, I remember now. I have a good bottle of wine in my car. Wait, I’ll take it for you.”

Based on his understanding of Gu Jinhan and his own premonition, Zhao Yi felt that if he didn’t want to grease the soles of his feet, he was presumably carried out today.

Mu Nanfeng rolled his eyes at Zhao Yi, who had fled from the wasteland. He didn’t dare to provoke him without having a long memory.

However, the crooked neck tree really stopped the image.

However, just as Zhao Yi opened the private room door, a chaotic quarrel came in.

“Do you think you can see Young Master Han? I see a lot of women like you, and I think I have a bit of beauty and I want to seduce Young Master Han, I’m.”

“That is, I dare to say that I am Young Master Han’s wife. I am really shameless. What are you doing in a daze and throw this woman out.”

“You let me go, I’m really Gu Jinhan’s wife, ah, what are you doing…”

Zhao Yi smacked his lips and looked back at Gu Jinhan, “Tsk tsk, how can the women be willing to go out? In order to see you, I dare to use this kind of excuse.”

Gu Jinhan’s gaze fell on the door of the private room and gently shook the wine glass in his hand.

This voice is a bit familiar.

His wife…

Gu Jinhan put down the wine glass and stood up gracefully.

Although the people in the private room also heard the outside sound, they didn’t take it seriously. After all, there are countless women who want to pounce on Young Master Han. Such a small episode is nothing.

Seeing Gu Jinhan walking outside the door, they were all amused secretly, and it seems that there will be a good show later.

The woman outside who claims to be the wife of Young Master Han will end up miserably…

Why did Ye Youyou know that the third floor of this bar is so high-end, and it takes a high-level VIP to get up, so when she got out of the elevator, she was stopped by someone.

Originally thought they would let it go after saying that they were Gu Jinhan’s wife, who knew it would invite more violent expulsion.

Ye Youyou was very helpless, and regretted again why he gave the marriage certificate to Gu Jinhan. Wouldn’t it be okay to keep a copy in her hand?

This kind of occasion is really useful!

Seeing that he was about to be dragged into the elevator, suddenly, a familiar figure came over like stars arching over.

“Husband~~” Ye Youyou’s eyes lit up, and she broke away from the security guard who was holding her on the left and right, and rushed into the man’s arms with lightning speed.

That’s right, it’s bashing.

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