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Chapter 11 Don’t mess around

“Quickly go down, stop messing around!” Qiao Mu’s northern voice was cold. His big palm clamped her shoulders to keep her away from him.

Seeing the anger rising on his face, Nan Xin went down obediently.

Avoiding seeing her, she is so close to Lan Xuanxuan, and now she kisses Ah Jiu!

Nan Xin was angry and wronged in her heart, her eyes flushed for a while.

Get up, go back to the house, close the door, and go to sleep.

Qiao Mubei thought he was too serious and frightened her, and returned to a calm tone. He said outside her door, “You haven’t taken a shower yet. You can go to bed after taking a shower.”

The next morning, after Nan Xin got up, her vitality recovered again. She opened the door and stood at her door. Qiao Mubei, who was about to knock on the door, shouted, “Uncle.”

“After washing, come and have breakfast.” Qiao Mubei turned and walked to the table to sit down.

Please forgive her for her sleepy eyes and see what his expression is, but she shouldn’t be angry anymore.

At this moment, Nan Xin regrets that, under the same roof as her uncle, how can she sleep and close the door? She shouldn’t sleep closed!

Nan Xin has the habit of sleeping naked at night. She slept naked last night. She thought that if she didn’t close the door last night, she woke up this morning, the uncle would be too old to see her graceful body. Tempting. As a result, the uncle never enters her room when she is asleep!

Nan Xin, who was brushing her teeth with a toothbrush in her hand, suddenly brightened her eyes, drinking water and looking at Qiao Mubei, “Uncle, don’t you need to go to work today?”

“Take a rest today.” Qiao Mubei took the toast and ate it gracefully.

“Great.” Nan Xin smiled on her face.

In this way, he can accompany her all day today. It is too hard to be a wife who waits for her busy husband to come home every day. Nan Xin feels this feeling deeply.

After eating, Nan Xin took the initiative to wash the dishes.

Nan Xin, who was humming a little tune, went to the house and changed her clothes. When she saw Qiao Mubei in the study, she started a video conference and curled her lips. This is also called a break? Obviously working from home.

I helped my uncle make a cup of coffee, tiptoedly placed it next to him, and then looked out for a few fashion magazines.

“Get out.” Qiao Mubei raised his eyes and looked at her.


“You will affect me here.” He put down the pen in his hand and crossed his fingers.

Nan Xin swears that she has never been so quiet, all because of fear of quarreling her uncle. The most is the sound made by turning the pages of a magazine. She stared at him with accusations, she flattened her mouth, threw the magazine aside, and went out.

In the living room, Nan Xin kicked the leather sofa, Qiao Mubei’s gentle voice sounded, “Aren’t you going out? What are you doing standing by the sofa?”

Nan Xin turned to look at him, he put on his jacket and walked straight outside.

“Uncle, you weren’t driving me out just now, but you meant we were going out together?” Nan Xin Shui Shui’s eyes were excited.

Her pink cheeks are also watery, Qiao Mubei stretched out her hand and rubbed the top of her hair, and smiled, “I was not good yesterday. I shouldn’t lose my temper to you. However, don’t dress up like that next time. It’s not safe to go to a place like a bar again.”

“Well, well, I won’t do it anymore.” Nan Xin obediently agreed, covering up the loss of her eyes.

Seeing his attitude, he still only treats her as a child.

Wait until the car stopped at the door of the department store building. Qiao Mubei brought Nan Xin to buy vegetables.

This is the first time that Nan Xin has grown up to buy groceries, and it is the first time she went shopping with her uncle. She and her uncle are pushing the car like this and walking in the Caicheng district. Nan Xin feels that they are like normal couples. , There is so much love!

Nan Xin looked at Qiao Mubei’s engraved profile, her eyes gleaming.

The more I look at it, the more handsome my uncle becomes!

“What do you want to eat?” Qiao Mubei stopped and placed the beef he picked in the cart. Nan Xin peered at her side.

“You!” Nan Xin blurted out.

Several aunts nearby heard their conversation and looked at them teasingly, laughing from ear to ear.

Qiao Mubei didn’t even look at Nan Xin, and walked with long legs while pushing the car.

Alas, my uncle didn’t give a reaction, it was white!

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