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Chapter 11 Interesting, there is a story

Just when everyone hadn’t reacted to the babbled “husband” just now, only a woman rushed over and plunged into Gu Jinhan’s arms like an octopus.

Suddenly, a gasp sounded in the corridor.

This woman, take the courage of the bear heart and leopard!

Not only did she brazenly say that she was Young Master Han’s wife, but she also dared to rush on Young Master Han.

Isn’t he a fool?

There was no trace of emotion on Gu Jinhan’s angular face, and a pair of deep black eyes stared at Ye Youyou, who was close at hand.

Ye Youyou put his arms around Gu Jinhan’s neck, raised his head and looked at him grievously, smiled, and called out, “My husband.”

The distance between the two of them was very close, and the scent of wine on Ye Youyou’s body curled around the tip of his nose with a light mint fragrance.

So, did she drink alcohol?

Gu Jinhan frowned displeasedly, “Let go.”

“No.” Instead, she hugged tighter.

Are they already married? Why is he still so indifferent to her?

Hearing Gu Jinhan speaking in person, the female manager of the bar quickly winked at the stupid security guard, “What are you doing in a daze, don’t you throw people out for me.”

After speaking, he turned to Gu Jinhan again, blinked flatteringly, and said, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I disturbed you, and we will deal with it immediately.”

Ye Youyou was anxious when he heard it.

With so many people, it would be shameful to be thrown out.

Besides, she did nothing wrong again. Is it a problem to come to her husband as a wife?

Ye Youyou bulged his cheeks, seeing Gu Jinhan staring at him indifferently, without any intention to stop him, so he gritted his teeth, closed his eyes, and kissed Gu Jinhan’s lips.

The sudden kiss made Gu Jinhan startled, and he tasted the sweetness of mint…

Seeing this scene, everyone’s eyes were about to fall to the ground.

“Tsk.” Mu Nanfeng hugged his arms and stared at the two of them interestingly.

Interesting, there are stories.

Forcibly kissing a man in front of so many people, even if the man is his husband, Ye Youyou’s face is hot.

As soon as she was about to leave his lips, he pressed the back of her head firmly.

Deep kiss, caught off guard.

Want to play? Then I will play with you.

Gu Jinhan pressed the back of her head with one hand to prevent her from hiding, which deepened the kiss she offered to send.

Come on!

The people present even dropped their chins to the ground.

“Is this, I was tempted?” Zhao Yi’s eyes widened, and he couldn’t believe that Gu Jinhan, who had never been close to women, would actually hold a woman and kiss him in full view.

Is it really stimulated?


Seeing that Ye Youyou couldn’t breathe quickly, Gu Jinhan let go of her still inexpensively.


Looking at the people around him staring at him with wide eyes, Ye Youyou couldn’t wait to find a hole in it.

Although she likes being kissed by Gu Jinhan very much, it does not mean that she likes to be kissed in front of so many people, her old face.

Gu Jinhan squeezed her jaw, with a lazy smile in her voice, “Why, not enough?”

“Enough… hiss!”

His thumb hit the corner of his mouth, and Ye Youyou frowned.

Ye Hongsheng’s slap was strong enough, and the corners of her mouth were bleeding.

Gu Jinhan only noticed the bruise on the corners of her lips. He lifted the hair around her temple and saw that one of her cheeks was slightly swollen, and a slap print was vaguely visible.

Gu Jinhan’s face turned cold in twilight, and she gazed gloomily at the security guards who had been talking with Ye Youyou just now, “Who beat him?”

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