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Chapter 12 The Fiancee

School canteen.

When Ah Jiu saw Nan Xin’s figure, he carried the meal over, and saw Nan Xin listlessly asking: “Is the meal unappetizing? Your uncle has made you stomach upset.”

At this moment, Nan Xin is really not suitable for joking. I used chopsticks to clamp the chicken legs on Ajiu’s dinner plate, biting in resentment, and his mouth was full. After chewing and swallowing, his eyes looked sad, “Uncle is gone.” , He won’t answer when I call him.”

Is this avoiding her? She should have noticed that her uncle was upset when she was shopping for groceries yesterday.

When she took a bath last night, she didn’t see her uncle when she came out. She called on the phone all night and stayed up all night.

“No wonder you will come to me today” Ah Jiu nodded suddenly.

Nan Xin stared at him from the corner of his eyes.

Ah Jiu smiled and said: “Maybe your uncle is in a hurry, and then the phone ran out of power, so I didn’t contact you to tell you.”

Nan Xin comforted herself, “I hope it is what you said.”

It was a coincidence that Ah Jiu suddenly thought of something, “Nan Xin, Lan Xuanxuan also took time off today and was not in school. Could it be with your uncle?”

“Are Lan Xuanxuan and Su Yi okay recently?” Nan Xin suspiciously.

“Recently, Lan Xuanxuan has been asking me if I have seen Su Yi. She pours bitter water on me every day, saying that she likes Su Yi very much, but Su Yi feels like she doesn’t.”

This made Nan Xin very angry and called Su Yi to question.

That Su Yi rapped, “Xinxin, I’m so touched, you finally remembered your brother Su Yi. It’s a coincidence, do we have a good heart, I miss you too, now at your school gate, right? Ready to come and see you.”

“Don’t move there, I’ll find you.” After that, Nan Xin hung up the phone.

Ah Jiu felt that something was wrong, and Nan Xin was going crazy. Last time he was drunk and didn’t have any fragments, so that after waking up he didn’t dare to look for Nanxin for fear of being abused.

If you are worried, just follow it and have a look.

Who would have thought that when Nan Xin saw Su Yi, he looked at the red and willow green flowers he was wearing, attracting bees and butterflies. He directly kicked the glass of his Lamborghini sports car.

Su Yi looked at his car and asked with a heartache: “What hate or resentment do I have with you, are you doing this to me?”

“Su Yi! Why did you provoke Lan Xuanxuan and still not be optimistic about her!” Zhang Nanxin roared.

Lan Xuanxuan had already bowed down under Su Yi’s suit pants.

Such a woman will be hooked casually, not worthy of an uncle!

Squeezing his forehead, Su Yi still kept laughing, “You are still young, you don’t understand. Listen to me telling you that if this man and woman are together, if you want the other party to be stubborn to you, you have to do this, otherwise the other party doesn’t know her. I care about you so much that I can’t live without you for a moment.”

It sounds reasonable, but the truth is that both Uncle and Lan Xuanxuan eloped!

Su Yi stared at Su Yi with a face full of disbelief.

Afraid of accidents, Ah Jiubang said, “Nan Xin, in fact, Senior Sister Lan really likes your brother Su Yi. She also said that she regretted being engaged. He said that your uncle was not considerate or caring about her, and did not treat her at all. Keep it in your heart.”

“Really?” Nan Xin raised her eyebrows.

After Ah Jiu answered, she put a little snack.


Beijing, Qiao’s house.

Qiao Mubei looked at Mother Qiao, “Where is Grandpa?”

After driving all night, his expression was slightly tired.

“Big brother, grandpa is fine. It’s my mother who wants to lie to you to come back, so she has to question you.” Qiao Nianyu smiled and got up from the sofa.

There was an awkward smile on Mother Qiao’s face, “I didn’t mean to make fun of your grandpa’s body.”

The old man of the Qiao family is ninety-six this year, and his body is very tough. But getting older, dizziness and tinnitus are natural. As for Qiao’s mother yesterday, she called Qiao Mubei and said that the old man was in the hospital, which was purely a lie.

“Big brother, my mother found a teacher who knows how to speak.” With an excited smile on his face, he took the remote control, turned on the LCD TV, and put the videotape she took from the supermarket. Pointing to Zhang Nanxin inside, she said with a smile: “She even dared to say that kind of thing in the supermarket during the day.”

“Where did this videotape come from?” His black and white eyes were slightly deep, and his brows frowned.

Qiao’s mother was talking to her lips, and Qiao Nianyu stubbornly said, “Big brother, we are going to question you now. My mother thought you went on a business trip to City A to get along with your fiancée.”

Unexpectedly, it was unexpected.

Qiao Nianyu was feeling excited and nervous. Yesterday, she followed Qiao Mubei, but she didn’t know that she hadn’t been discovered, so she went to the surveillance video and came back with evidence.

“Mu Bei, if you like that girl, just tell your mom. This little girl has a good family background, an innocent family, and grandfather Su always belongs to the scholarly family in Jiangnan B city.” Mother Qiao smiled and watched the screen on the LCD TV. Zhang Nanxin.

Qiao Nianyu said quietly, “It’s too young, not as big as I am.” It is also very different from her brother.

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