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Chapter 13 Waiting for a Great Grandson

“Mom, don’t worry about my business from now on.” Qiao Mubei looked at Zhang Nanxin who was filming on the screen.

He had only been outside for only half a month. It seemed that he had stayed for half a month and contacted those people. His mother did not spend much time investigating, even Nan Xin’s grandfather was investigated.

Seeing that Qiao Mubei was upset, Qiao’s mother looked sad, “Mom doesn’t want to worry about it, but whoever told you to refuse to marry. If you don’t agree to let you go on a blind date, you will not agree to your fiancee. Not satisfied.”

“Your grandfather is also looking forward to hugging his grandson sooner. Does he have the heart to make your grandfather regret it? His old man is already that old.”

Mother Qiao said these things to Qiao Mubei with love and reason, but Qiao Mubei was too impressed.

“Where is Grandpa?” Qiao Mubei asked, looking at Qiao Nianyu who was aside.

He didn’t want to hear them say this.

Qiao Nianyu, who is good at observing words and colors, has always been honest when he sees his brother again. At this moment, looking at her brother’s face, his heart suddenly becomes hairy, “Grandpa… is practicing calligraphy in the study.”

Qiao Mubei went straight upstairs.

Qiao Nianyu moved a place, sat next to Qiao’s mother, and said, “Mom, marriage is not a child’s play. Besides, you also know the parents of your elder brother’s fiancee. How can you change your attention casually, it will make my father angry if he knows it.”

“No, your father is the most filial. As long as your grandfather says something, it’s okay. It’s just that at Lan’s house, we have to take a bit of speech and apologize.”

But the Lan family is not the most worried about Qiao’s mother. What she is most worried about is whether her son likes Zhang Nanxin, then it is no use to say anything!

Outside the study door upstairs, Qiao Mu was knocked on the door and entered.

When Mr. Qiao saw Qiao Mubei’s return, he quickly put down his writing brush and said cheerfully, “Mu Bei, you are back. You will be back for a long time since you went on a business trip. I haven’t seen him for half a month. You are here.”

“Didn’t I come back to see you?” Qiao Mu stepped forward and mixed with the old man.

The old man pretended to be angry and coldly said to you, “You tell me, what’s wrong this time, you didn’t even make a phone call at home. Did your dad ask you to do some dangerous work again?”


At this moment, Father Qiao’s voice came from outside the study, “Mu Bei, you are back, and your grandfather is worried about you recently.”

“Look at your dad, he was also worried about you, but he said I was worried about you.” Old man Joe joked with a smile.

Father Qiao would not express his feelings easily. He was worried about Qiao Mubei, so as soon as he knew Qiao Mubei was back, he went in to see his son in the study room upstairs.

Father Qiao said again, “Don’t stand stupid anymore, everyone is back, why don’t you go to eat, why stand stupid?”

When Father Qiao saw Father Qiao going out on crutches, he followed.

“I heard Section Chief Wu say, you went back to your unit and reported your work?” Father Qiao glanced at Qiao Mubei next to him and asked.

Qiao Mubei answered, “Yes.”

A proud smile appeared on Father Qiao’s face, “I really didn’t expect that, given you two months, you will be back in half a month to report to your work. Corruption and corruption in City A are serious, and officials are protecting you. The Commission for Discipline Inspection So many people from the Anti-Corruption Bureau went to investigate, but they didn’t find anything.”

“The task force set up checked the mayor of city a for half a year, but the mayor has not been found out. The comrades of the task force have been pulled down and put in jail.”

Corruption is so serious that if you investigate, you will usually either be dragged in to accompany you, or you will be dismissed and sent to a cell.

The person under investigation either committed suicide early by the wind or disappeared.

There was no smile on Qiao Mubei’s face, but frowned, “I understand their style and prepared in advance. I used the identity of a lawyer as a cover to prevent them from noticing it.”

“Fortunately, I prevented you from becoming a lawyer at the beginning, but didn’t stop it from succeeding. You have to pretend to be an identity, and even I conceal it.”

Regarding this matter, Mr. Qiao also has a lot to say, “Mu Bei, our family, you are the only male. If your mother is not a minority, the country allows multiple births, even your sister does not have. You will not inherit mine. Mantle, if you don’t go into politics with your dad and become a lawyer, then our family, after your generation, will be gone, not to mention a place in the capital. After I die, I can’t stand under Jiuquan.”

Qiao Mubei tightened his eyebrows, “Grandpa…”

“Dad, don’t say anything like that.” Father Qiao persuaded the old man.

Father Qiao always smiled, “Okay, I won’t tell you, I won’t tell you, I’m still waiting for my grandson!”

“Quickly, quickly. Haven’t I already booked a marriage for Mu Bei?” Father Qiao said these words to reassure Mr. Qiao.

Qiao Mubei did not agree to the engagement. It was just a verbal agreement between Father Qiao and Father Lan. The reason why he told Nan Xin that Lan Xuanxuan was his fiancee was intentional.

Going back to the room, Qiao Mubei charged the phone. When it was turned on, it showed 53 missed calls and 104 text messages.

But only one day. She has been looking for him?

Swiping the lock screen, the slender index finger flicked the scrolling screen, and clicked a few text messages at random. They always ask him where he is and why he doesn’t answer the phone.

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