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Chapter 14 I’m Drinking For Uncle

In a private room of a bar, Zhang Nanxin still uses her mobile phone to send text messages.

Su Yi snatched her mobile phone, “Nan Xin, what’s so good about that old man. Later, I will introduce you to someone younger than him and richer than him.”

Uncle hasn’t contacted Nan Xin for three days, and Nan Xin is worried.

Su Yi’s expression of loss every day was seen in his eyes, which made him feel unhappy with Su Shao.

“True love is priceless, don’t you understand!” Nan Xin pressed him to grab the phone.

When I said this, I would like to add a few sentences. How many people do you know Su Yi have a passion for? I don’t know how many women I played!

Therefore, her uncle is the best!

“You know what love is! A child who hasn’t grown up yet.” Su Yi stood up, one head taller than Nan Xin, his left hand holding the phone was raised high, and his right hand held Nan Xin’s tender face, soft Can’t put it down.

Nan Xin swallowed him fiercely, “You will bully me if you die Su Yi! I will be an adult in two months and eight days!”

Nan Xin counts birthdays every day, and she is determined to pounce on her uncle on the day of adulthood.

The height disparity caused Nan Xin to suffer a lot. An anger suddenly rushed to Su Yi, opening his mouth and biting down fiercely.

Su Yi’s painful forehead and blue veins are violent, but the sound of his mouth is very enjoyable, “You use a little force, don’t be too gentle!”

The door was opened, and Ah Jiu smiled and said, “Nan Xin, see who is here.”

Ah Jiu ran into Qiao Mubei in the bathroom just now, and told Qiao Mubei that Nan Xin was here.

Turning his face to look at Qiao Mubei outside the door, Qiao Mubei said lightly, “I’m still socializing next door.”

Obviously, his voice was clear and shallow, but the chill radiating from his whole body made Nan Xin feel that it was not summer but winter.

Suddenly found that she and Su Yi’s posture was too ambiguous, and quickly kept a distance from Su Yi, stepped forward and took Qiao Mubei’s hand, “Uncle, where have you been these days? Why don’t you answer my phone and tell me? “Unable to be depressed and delighted, I kept asking, with a little complaint.

Su Yi glared at Nan Xin, which meant that she was a little heartless, and only her uncle was in her eyes.

When he got up, the demeanor of the noble son was wrong, and the corner of his mouth smiled faintly, “Do you want to play together?”

Qiao Mubei pushed her hand away from his sleeve, “No, you play slowly.”

Seeing his tall back suddenly turned around, Nan Xin was anxious, uncle misunderstood, she is innocent!

Catch up and explain, “Uncle, don’t get me wrong, he is my cousin.”

“I did not misunderstand.”

His answer made Nan Xin feel relieved, but then what came to mind was loss, and asked, “Why is uncle avoiding me?”

Qiao Mubei looked down at Nan Xin, “I just watched your father take care of you for a few days.”

Remind them that it doesn’t matter, it’s just that he looks after her father to take care of her, and he has no need to report her whereabouts.

Qiao Mubei stepped to the door of the box, Nan Xin pulled the delicate cuff on his sleeve, lowered his head and didn’t move.

In the box, there are four men, hugging left and right smoking cigarettes, surrounded by smoke.

Qiao Mubei’s usual practice on this occasion is to go to the bathroom under the pretext and then go back. Had it not been for Ah Jiu to tell him that Nan Xin was here, he would not stay.

Nan Xin followed up with the box and stood beside Qiao Mubei.

There was a man with a square face and a little blessed, about forty years old. He saw Nan Xin with great interest and squeezed out the cigarette in his hand. Staring at Nan Xin, her eyes were greedy and hot, and it took a long time before she turned her face to look at Qiao Mubei, “Does Mr. Qiao also like tender grass?”

“She is my niece.” Qiao Mubei took a sip of the wine on the table, glanced at Nan Xin and said.

Nan Xin bowed her head and flattened her mouth, calling him uncle, he really regarded her as a niece!

“Oh.” The blessed man laughed non-stop, meaningfully.

Then they continued to play games, and Qiao Mubei joined them. Nan Xin stood aside, incompatible with the personality here.

Qiao Mubei was not good at playing games, so he was fined and drank a lot of alcohol.

“Attorney Qiao, you have been losing so much, and you have always been drinking. We let you go this time, and if you feed this glass of wine into any woman here, we won’t let you drink it.” The man seemed to be watching the show.

The man in this room, Qiao Mubei, who looks good, posted it if he took the initiative.

“Lawyer Joe, can you feed me a drink?”

Nan Xin pulled the posted woman over and shouted, “I’ll drink it for Uncle!”

He grabbed the wine in Qiao Mubei’s hand, drank it all in one sip, his tears came down, his head was dizzy, and his cheeks were flushed.

The blessed man lit another cigarette and looked at Nan Xin, “The rules are not set like this.”

It means that Qiao Mubei has to feed it.

Qiao Mubei drank it in one sip, hugged Nan Xin’s waist, lowered his head and poured the wine into her mouth.

The smell of wine is full of mouth, and there is a masculine musky fragrance. Qiao Mubei robbed her of her breath, each other’s breath became muddy, and her body gradually became hot.

Nan Xin was really drunk, she never thought that her uncle would kiss her so actively.

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