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Chapter 15 But, I Like You

Such a scene is really spicy and irritating.

The blessed man exploded, “Your niece, you can do it. As expected, the lawyer is a gentle beast!”

“Lawyers are really human-faced and beast-hearted!” The voices echoed, a room spreading with extravagance, and under the dual stimulation of alcohol and pictures, the men and women in the room overlapped in pairs.

The smell is overflowing with erosion.

In order to cater to Qiao Mubei, Nan Xin wrapped his arms around his neck and stood on his toes. Suddenly, Qiao Mubei let go of Nanxin, without a trace of drunkenness in his eyes.

“Now you are satisfied!” The corners of his mouth lifted up with sarcasm.

Nan Xin was confused, looking at the corners of his eyes with chills, she was a little puzzled, blinking and staring at him, her big watery eyes, and her eyelashes fluttering.

Qiao Mubei lowered his head and leaned against her ear, with a warm breath on her face, and a dull voice sounded, “If you are not satisfied, we will change a place, take off our clothes, and continue.”

“Okay.” Nan Xin’s head was dumbfounded, and she blurted out without thinking.

Qiao Mubei suppressed his anger, “Do you have any shame?”

“Yes, but you are uncle. I like you.” Nan Xin squinted and smiled very sweetly.

He hiccups as he speaks, it’s all the smell of wine.

Suddenly, Qiao Mubei took Nan Xin to the bathroom, squirting water on Nan Xin’s face.

The cold water stimulated her nerves, and Nan Xin shivered coldly, instantly waking up. Qiao Mubei still splashed water on her face, she resisted, and the water wetted her hair and some of her chest. When she struggled, the pink inside her chest was undulating.

Ah Jiu wanted to help Nan Xin in the past, but was stopped by Su Yi. Standing by and watching Qiao Mubei’s cruel hand to Nan Xin, he didn’t want Nan Xin to have illusions about such an old uncle again in his own heart.

“Are you awake, you can see me clearly.” Qiao Mu’s voice was cold, and he lifted his thin lips to exhale the sound, word by word, “Keep away your thoughts about me, to me, you are just a friend’s daughter. Did you hear me clearly?”

Zhang Nanxin broke away from his big palm and ran out.

Looking at her back, Qiao Mubei’s gaze froze until she disappeared, his beautiful eyebrows frowned, and his eyes deepened.

It was windy outside at night, and Nan Xin was still wet.

Su Yi drove to catch up with Nan Xin, “Get in the car quickly, don’t catch a cold.”

Nan Xin turned a deaf ear to her and continued walking.

Su Yi got out of the car and pulled Nan Xin. Nan Xin raised his leg high and hit his lifeblood. He squatted in pain, and his forehead was bulging. He roared angrily: “You little conscience, yes. Qiao Mubei charged you with cold water, and it was not me. Why don’t you treat him like this?”

“Of course I can’t treat uncle like this. If there is a case, I will have no offspring.” Nan Xin glanced at him.

Don’t think that this will scare her away. She will not be afraid that he will not feel guilty if she disappears. She wants him to get angry in a hurry!

Listening to her, Su Yi sighed, “You really hanged on a crooked neck tree!”

Nan Xin squinted at him and told the truth, “I know you’ve always been jealous that your uncle is handsomer than you.”

“I don’t like to listen to these words. How come I have that Qiao Mubei that I have nothing to do with you? You still beat me cruelly.” Su Yi complained with a grieving face.

Nan Xin turned around and put his arms around Su Yi, putting his head on his shoulders, “You are my brother.”

Su Yi has deep eyes, but he doesn’t want to be her brother.

“Brother, you threw Ah Jiu in the bar. You pick him up, I’ll wait for you here, blow the hair by the way, and wake up.” There was a bench by the roadside, and Nan Xin was sitting on it.

Seeing that she seemed unaffected, Su Yi didn’t know whether to rest assured or worried.

Qiao Mubei regretted seeing Nan Xin running out, thinking that she was still young and he could communicate with her well and shouldn’t scare her so much.

I took out the mobile phone and showed three short messages from Nanxin. I dialed Nanxin’s mobile phone, but it turned off.

After Qiao Mubei returned to the apartment, he has been reading the text messages on his mobile phone. Nan Xin has sent him more than 200 text messages these days. There are two hundred of them: Uncle, I miss you.

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