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Chapter 16 Let You Cry and Beg Me

Nanxin originally planned to find a hotel to stay for two days, making Qiao Mubei anxious. But it was found that the mobile phone was still in the private room of the bar.

Going back to get the mobile phone and worrying about running into the uncle, entangled several times.

When I went to the bar, I found that my uncle was gone.

Su Yi and Ah Jiu were not there either.

I found the mobile phone in the corner of the sofa. The cell phone had a bad electrical contact and shut down.

After turning on the phone, she squinted happily when she saw the call log of her uncle.

When he went out with his cell phone, he ran into the blessed man just now. His eyes narrowed and looked at Nan Xin interestingly, “Isn’t your uncle who doesn’t understand Lianxiangxiyu, you came back to me?”

Seeing him molested, Nan Xin thought about it.

Dialing Qiao Mubei’s number, a trace of cunning crossed his eyes. He kept retreating into the private room, crying, “Don’t come, don’t come!”

The blessed square-faced man looked at Nan Xin’s appearance and stretched out his hand to touch Nan Xin, “Don’t worry, brother, I will be very gentle and will love you well. Although I don’t look gentle, I will be gentle when I do it. “

Pooh! So old and shameless to call himself brother! Nan Xin scolded him inwardly.

“Don’t come here, help!” Nan Xin shouted sternly.

Feeling that this level is enough, I threw the phone to the ground, the screen went black, and it turned off.

The blessed man took off his clothes while approaching Nan Xin. When his hand was about to touch Nan Xin, Nan Xin kicked him away, then locked him back, and slammed his head against him.

“I told you not to come here! You don’t listen to persuasion!” Her lips curled, her eyes sharp.

The blessed man wailed in pain, and yelled: “You little bitch, dare you beat me! I will strip you naked and tie you to the bed, and make you cry and beg me and fuck you.”

The ears were really uncomfortable, and Nan Xin raised his head and bumped it twice on the ground again. There was a sharp sound of’dongdong’. Nan Xin closed his hand angrily, “If you are at this age and still want to play excitement, then I will fulfill you!”

Nan Xin helped him pull out all the clothes on his body and kept one inside, tied him to the coffee table, threw the clothes in the trash can, and closed the door.

Just an old man, awkward in figure, he is simply a pig. If she can’t figure out the taekwondo, she will learn it for nothing.

She messed up her hair in the bathroom, and she tore the clothes on her own. In order to look real, she tore the clothes so that the front chest was half exposed.

She was wearing jeans that were not easy to tear, so she took off the pants and kept them inside, then squatted in the women’s bathroom, waiting for her uncle to come and take her back.

The people who came in the women’s bathroom saw Nan Xin very sympathetically, and then watched Nan Xin squatting in the corner and stepping forward to speak, but Nan Xin didn’t say a word. People who asked her thought Nan Xin was scared. .

As soon as Qiao Mubei arrived at the bar, he heard a lot of talk about a raped girl in the women’s bathroom.

Hearing her call for help, every second she rushed here, her heart fluctuated and expanded, and she strode to the bathroom. Seeing Nan Xin’s heart stagnated, she stepped forward to take off her coat and put it on her, cautiously Pick her up.

Nan Xin put her arms around his neck, howling, “Uncle!”

And at this moment in her mind, her uncle was also wearing a suit in the summer, is she afraid of the cold, and if she put it on her, will the uncle feel cold?

Nan Xin, who was held in his arms, greedily sniffed the smell of his body, his body had the fragrance of laundry detergent, and some of the musky scent of his male body.

The corners of the satisfied mouth were raised, but from time to time, he whimpered like a kitten.

It was not the first time that Nan Xin was holding the strength in Nan Xin’s hand. He always felt that Nan Xin was small and thin without any weight.

Qiao Mubei watched as Nan Xin was wrapped in a suit, and the part below his knees was also exposed, his brows frowned.

The blessed man who was tied to the room by Nan Xin was also rescued by the people who came to the bar with him.

Because I had no clothes, I could only stand at the door of the box, poking out my head and shouting loudly, “Brothers, this little bitch did this for me now. Help stop this little bitch!”

Qiao Mubei’s face is distinct, and his thin lips are pursed. He lowered his head and glanced at the person lying in his arms, his eyes felt cold and stern with tenderness for a moment, and the breath exuding from his body was like an angry king, but it made him shudder at the first glance.

“Lawyer Joe, you put down this woman now, we won’t put the mistake on you.” A short, fat man yelled calmly with his throat.

This incident greatly shocked the person in charge here. Manager Wang with seven or eight security guards looked anxious and breathed very quickly.

Manager Wang was about to speak, but was robbed in front by the square-faced man, his face grimly roared, “Mr. Wang, you just came here. I am your distinguished guest. Now something happened with you today, if you don’t give me a Say, I want to give you face and forget about it, none of my brothers will.”

Manager Wang bent over ninety degrees in front of Qiao Mubei and apologized, “Mr. Qiao, I am sorry to cause you trouble. We have just received a call from Mr. Mu. Mr. Mu has ordered us. I will try my best to make you. satisfaction.”

According to the order received by Manager Wang, if Qiao Mubei was dissatisfied with the pre-handling today, and all of them left behind, it would be light.

Manager Wang motioned his eyes, and several security guards grabbed the blessed man with a square face. Manager Wang pressed the intercom, “Outside the bathroom, hurry up.”

The blessed man with a square face who had been hiding at the door and only dared to stick his head out, he didn’t hide, he was covered in underwear, standing in front of Manager Wang, roaring fiercely and spitting at the stars, “How do you do things, not only do you not look like this? Lao Tzu apologized and beat Lao Tzu’s brother!”

The men who were restrained by the security guards said all swear words.

“Quickly plug their mouths.” He raised his head to signal the security, and then continued to lower his head to stand beside Qiao Mubei, waiting for Qiao Mubei’s dispatch. “Mr. Joe, what do you want us to do?”

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