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Chapter 17 Good Girl, Go To Sleep

“Send to the police station!” Qiao Mu’s northern voice was harsh, like a cold winter. Putting down these words, he walked away with his long legs.

The security guards of a house stood on both sides, bent over at ninety degrees, and sent Qiao Mubei out.

Qiao Mubei put Nan Xin in the car and brought him back to the community, and then he held Nan Xin until he put it on the bed.

Nan Xin pulled the blanket and wrapped herself tightly, without even showing her head.

Qiao Mubei frowned, stretched out his hand to pull away the blanket, “You won’t be able to breathe like this.”

“If you can’t breathe, you can’t breathe. I don’t want to see the uncle. The uncle is just like the fat man, he is a bad person!” Nan Xin, wrapped in silkworm chrysalis, made a muffled voice, full of grievances.

Thinking about it, Nan Xin regretted at the moment, not kicking the lifeblood of that square-faced man, making him inhumane anymore.

“I’m sorry.” It took a long time to say such a sentence slowly, deeply helpless.

Today she was frightened, and he couldn’t let her go cruelly.

Nan Xin showed her face, eyes full of tears, “Uncle, why do you hate me so much?”

“Don’t think about it.” Qiao Mubei leaned over and pushed away a strand of hair that blocked her forehead.

He likes to watch her smile, like her to act like a baby to him, like her to pester him facelessly.

Nan Xin blinked at him puzzledly, waiting for his next words.

Qiao Mubei’s slender fingertips traced her brow bones, in a gentle and low voice, “Good girl, go to sleep.”

He treated her as just a child, tolerated her ignorance and took care of her, but she was moved this way to him…

Qiao Mubei’s voice was very good, with a bewitching taste, Nan Xin closed her eyes obediently.

Until Nanxin breathed evenly and fell asleep. Qiao Mubei helped her pull down the blanket a little bit. He knows that she is afraid of heat and often sleeps naked at night, and he pushes the blanket over her body to the side.

Qiao Mubei got up and closed the door gently before receiving the phone call.

“Those people have all been sent to the police station now, and they have been dealt with for the crime of attempted rape, and Director Liu was asked to beat them up. Are you satisfied with this treatment, lawyer Qiao?” Mu Jun deliberately said ‘Attorney Joe’s rap had a long ending.

Today they asked Qiao Mubei to go to the bar to help him in the lawsuit before he went to the bar.

Qiao Mubei thought for a moment, and said slowly, “The corruption in City A is serious. All of them are Director Jiang’s people. They are still useful.”

“You mean to let them go?”

“No. Let Director Liu get the confession of Director Jiang’s bribery from them as soon as possible, and then deal with them all. It is best if the lower part of the body is disabled and the woman can’t be moved.”

“Attorney Qiao, I couldn’t bear to start this way. People became lustful, but I didn’t touch the girl. I was beaten by the girl very badly, and his head was bleeding.” Mu Jun smiled and said. .

Qiao Mubei’s face softened a lot.

If it moves, it’s not inhumane, it’s that simple.

After a while, Mu Jun didn’t hear Qiao Mubei’s voice, so he said: “Okay, just as you said, I will do it.”


Mu Jun became curious, “Who is that little girl? Did Mrs. Qiao like her? You have lived in the same compound with you. I haven’t seen you make such a big fire for so many years. Correct……”

Without waiting for Mu Jun to finish speaking, Qiao Mubei touched the red button with his finger and hung up.


Outside the school gate, Qiao Mubei had been waiting for Nanxin for half an hour in the car.

Nan Xin saw Lan Xuanxuan ahead, and was afraid that Lan Xuanxuan would find her chasing Qiao Mubei, so she deliberately slowed down.

When she reached the gate of the school, she was suddenly stopped by a senior. She had seen this senior, the senior who had been staring at Lan Xuanxuan when she ate on the first day of entering the school.

“Senior girl, go back and read this letter again.” After finishing speaking, the senior had a crimson face and walked away.

After the senior walked away, Nan Xin looked up and couldn’t see Lan Xuanxuan’s back. Seeing Qiao Mubei’s license plate number, she hurried over.


“What are you holding?” Qiao Mubei’s face was cold, his eyes fell on the letter.

Zhang Nanxin glanced at the envelope, with the words’confession letter’ written on it, and his heart surged instantly, and the expression on his face became tangled.

Qiao Mubei looked at her, “Come here.”

Nan Xin offered it with both hands and said, “Uncle, I don’t know him, I just happened to have a meal with him.”

If this is to let Jiu know so much and make Jiu sad, it is really difficult for Jiu to develop a relationship. As soon as he fancyed a senior, the senior turned around and sent her a love letter. Sure enough, it is not easy for men to find men.

“Letter, I have confiscated it, no premature love is allowed.” Qiao Mubei took the letter, and still exhorted her.

Puppy love is not allowed! Puppy love is not allowed again!

No matter how unhappy she was, she nodded her face and agreed, “Yeah.”

Qiao Mubei reached out and touched the top of Nan Xin’s hair, “Good girl.”

With the look and tone of his uncle, Nan Xin felt that his uncle really used the attitude of an elder to get along with each other.

Helping Nan Xin fasten his seat belt, Nan Xin’s eyes flashed with excitement, “Uncle, let’s go to the supermarket to buy…” Vegetables.

Before she finished speaking, Pink Lips met Qiao Mubei.

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