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Chapter 18 Future daughter-in-law

Stayed for a few seconds, just a shallow touch.

Immediately, Qiao Mubei withdrew and started the engine casually.

“Uncle, this was not my initiative, it was an accident.” Nan Xin said with a strained face, vowing. My heart beats faster.

The uncle should have been pressed by her last time, and now the relationship has finally eased a little bit in the past few days, she has always been very careful, not daring to rush him again.

“I know.” It was indeed accidentally touched, but he felt that the lips touched by her were slightly itchy, and this itch spread to the bottom of his heart.

Seeing the weird atmosphere, Nan Xin quickly changed the subject, “Uncle, I want to eat sauerkraut fish.”

“It’s already booked. After I finish my meal, I have to rush back to city f.”

Nan Xin clasped her fingers, lowered her head and said in a dull voice, “Why are you leaving in such a hurry?”

Qiao Mubei did not answer.

In fact, he has stayed here for two more days.

“Uncle, are you still coming to city a?”

“If it is necessary for work.” Qiao Mubei glanced at her lost expression.

Nan Xin understands that unless it is necessary for work, he will not come again. But what about her birthday plan?

“Uncle, you have to visit me once a week, or I will skip class if I miss you too much.” Nan Xin flattened her mouth and looked at her pitifully.

“Yes, but you are studying hard and you are not allowed to fail the final exam.”

“Uncle, but you are all in my mind, and I have to learn to memorize books and make sure that I don’t have a course. This brain is not enough.” Nan Xin blinked her eyes, her eyes were clear and innocent, and she looked a little sad and pitiful.

Qiao Mubei: “…” He didn’t know how to respond.


Qiao Nianyu hesitated, “Mom, it’s not good for us.”

“Nothing wrong, your eldest brother is too busy. For these two months, even when he comes home, he stayed at work. We will take care of Nan Xin on his behalf, and today is Nan Xin’s birthday.” Mother Qiao sat upright. Body, tidy up the silk scarf around the neck.

Mother Qiao had always wanted to see Zhang Nanxin with her own eyes. It was so hard to get Qiao Nianyu to accompany her.

Qiao Nianyu felt amused and laughed out, “Mom, why should we care about Zhang Nanxin on behalf of my eldest brother? Don’t forget, eldest brother’s current fiancee is Lan Xuanxuan. You did this alone?”

“Xuan Xuan, I just met her when she was young. Today, I just want to see which one of them is suitable for your brother.”

“Mom, you are in charge again!” Qiao Nianyu complained.

Mother Qiao stared at her, “You concentrate on driving!”

There were no vehicles at this time on this road, and Qiao Nianyu felt that his driving skills were all right.

“Mom, Lan Xuanxuan and Zhang Nanxin, my brother hasn’t said that, he likes it. And Lan Xuanxuan is one year younger than me, mom, can’t you think about it for me?” She wanted to call her better than her. The sister-in-law of a few years younger always feels awkward.

“My intuition is that your eldest brother likes Nan Xin.” Mother Qiao narrowed her eyes and smiled.

“Mom, your instinct…” Before the words were finished, a Lamborghini collided on the corner ahead.

No skin trauma, but his head was dizzy, Qiao Nianyu looked at Mother Qiao anxiously, “Mom, are you okay.”

Mother Qiao pressed her forehead and said, “It’s okay.”

Su Yi got out of the car, angrily, “How did you drive!”

Qiao Nianyu became angry, “You hurt someone, and you dare to yell, you are unreasonable!”

Su Yi took out his wallet, dumped all the hundred yuan bills in it on Qiao Nianyu, and then turned into the car, “I’m in a hurry. Get out of here!” The car left after speaking.

What a grievance this kind of thing is to Qiao Nianyu!

I stepped on the money on the ground a few times to vent my anger, and looked at Mother Qiao with a crying voice, “Mom, I guess we don’t agree with this Zhang Nanxin. The first time you came to see her, there was a car accident.”

What’s even more annoying is that she still met such a cheap man!

“What you said nonsense made you concentrate on driving.” Mother Qiao raised her eyes and glanced at her, quickly took out her birthday present, and checked whether it was in good condition.

Qiao Nianyu was surprised when she saw Mother Qiao opening the gift box that was actually an emerald bracelet handed down from her ancestors, “Mom, you are really sure to regard Zhang Nanxin as your future daughter-in-law!”

This pair of bracelets is handed down from the ancestors and passed to the daughter-in-laws of the Qiao family for generations. The price of this bracelet is now seven figures.

“I’m wondering if Nan Xin doesn’t like jade bracelets. She is young now, and if she is not well kept, she will be broken. This will hurt the hearts of generations of Lao Qiao’s family.” Mother Qiao thought several times.

As soon as Qiao Nianyu nodded in agreement, she heard Mother Qiao say: “Call you Brother Mu, I will go to his jewelry building and pick two pieces.”

Qiao Nianyu looked at Mother Qiao bitterly, and went to pick more than seven digits for the price of jewelry.

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