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Chapter 19 Birthday Present, I Want You

Nan Xin had been calling Qiao Mubei since she got up in the morning, but she couldn’t get through. Last Sunday, she reminded her uncle that she had her birthday today. Did the uncle have forgotten her birthday because she was too busy at work?

Ah Jiu looked at Nan Xin, “Nan Xin, are you really in love with your uncle?”

“I like my uncle very much, and I plan to rush him today.” Nan Xin stared at Qiao Mubei’s name on the phone and said absently.

“I advise you to think hard and don’t regret it.”

Nan Xin didn’t hear Ah Jiu’s words at all, and was wondering why his uncle didn’t answer the phone this time.

At the reserved restaurant, only Nan Xin and A Jiu arrived early. Su Yi and Lan Xuanxuan called and said they were still on the way.

After waiting for more than an hour, the two finally arrived.

It can be seen that Lan Xuanxuan has spent a lot of time dressing up, and the makeup on her face is very beautiful.

Su Yi was not in a very good mood, and crashed on the way here, but I didn’t expect Lan Xuanxuan to be here.

“Brother, after the bar last time, you went home and didn’t tell me.” Zhang Nanxin looked lost.

“I forgot to tell you. Last time Su Yi was caught by his mother.” Ah Jiu squinted and smiled.

The handsome noble son also looked embarrassed.

Nan Xin had never seen this aunt, but from what Su Yi heard, she felt that this aunt was a tigress with the ability to reach the sky, and she could find Su Yi wherever she was.

Zhang Nanxin pointed Su Yi several times with her finger, “Brother, why are you putting on a bad face?”

“Car accident, headache.” Explained like gold.

This is actually an excuse.

“Then hurry up and eat more today. Your brain is not so good, don’t leave any sequelae.” Nan Xin took the menu and began to order seriously.

Lan Xuanxuan was leaning against Su Yi, tenderly caring.

Eat cake after dinner, birthday without uncle is a bit boring.

Nan Xin’s long-awaited birthday, there is no uncle!

Sitting on the edge of the table was a pair of mother and daughter, they never noticed.

Mother Qiao can know Nan Xin, and she has a picture of Lan Xuanxuan in her hand.

When their birthdays were over, Su Yi paid the bill and found that the card had been stopped.

This was a shameful event for Su Shao.

When the waiter said that the card could not be swiped, Qiao Nianyu smiled, got up and stepped on high heels gracefully, “I thought you were so rich.”

After opening the wallet, he took out one hundred yuan and threw it on Su Yi’s face, “This is your compensation for the money left over from the car repair.”

In Nan Xin’s eyes, this must be the beauty who Su Yi owed love, so she helped Qiao Nianyu on the surface and cursed Su Yi a few words.

Su Yi’s face was tense, with bulging veins. On the brink of outbreak.

Mother Qiao asked the waiter to forward the gift to Nan Xin, and Qiao also settled Nan Xin’s table bill.

After confessing, Qiao’s mother began to play a bitter trick.

“Nianyu, mom is not feeling well, you take me to the hospital.” Mother Qiao pressed her forehead, and said with a certainty.

Qiao Nianyu was anxious and quickly helped Qiao’s mother out.


Nan Xin, who had been tired all day, was lying on the bed, holding the phone in his hand, staring at it.

There were two roommates in the dormitory. Seeing Nan Xin’s gift on the table, Tongtong said with a smile: “Nan Xin, your fake diamond necklace is so beautiful, can you sell it to me?”

“Not for sale.” Nan Xin was not in the mood to pay attention to them. Even if this diamond chain is fake, it can be signed by the family of Joe.

“Cut, what kind of baby is the fake!” He walked away in angrily.

The phone rang, and it showed Qiao Mubei on it. After answering, he squeezed his throat and started talking, “Uncle, I’m sick.”

Qiao Mubei’s voice was calm, “Then I will go back first.”

“Wait! Uncle, where are you?” Nan Xin got up from the bed excitedly, immediately refreshed.

“I’m at the gate of your school.”

Wearing pajamas, Nan Xin ran out anxiously.

At the school gate, Qiao Mubei was sitting in the car waiting for Nan Xin. Seeing her figure, she waved at him and ran away anxiously.

As soon as Qiao Mubei got off the car, he saw Nan Xin climbing the wall. “Be careful!”

“Uncle, come and follow me.” Nan Xin squatted on the wall more than two meters high, smiling brightly.

Qiao Mubei stood by the wall, reaching out to catch Nan Xin. After Nan Xin was caught firmly, dimples appeared on her cheek, and she kissed her uncle on the cheek. “Uncle, do we look like we are cheating?”

He wanted to know what was in her head.

Qiao Mubei put her down and reached out to test her forehead, “The temperature is normal.”

“My throat is a little uncomfortable, I went to sing K tonight.” Nan Xin covered his guilty heart and coughed twice.

It shouldn’t have been said that she was sick just now.

Qiao Mubei took out a box of golden voices from the car, “Take this to eat.”

Nan Xin held this box of golden voices and solemnly said, “Uncle, you should keep it for food.” Uncle is a lawyer, and she will often feel uncomfortable when speaking in lawsuits. Uncle gave her the medicine, and she was moved by her heart. Up.

“Your birthday present.” Qiao Mubei took out a pink crystal necklace. This necklace is not expensive, but it has his own hand-engraved words on it.

Nan Xin refused the necklace, her eyes blazing, “Uncle, birthday present, I want you.”

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