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Chapter 2 I’m Going After You

While eating, Father Zhang suddenly asked, “Brother Qiao, how many days will you stay here? When do you plan to leave?”

“I plan to leave after I finish eating.” Qiao Mubei chewed the food before looking at Father Zhang.

Zhangfu was a little surprised, “So anxious. Have the tickets been booked?”

Hearing what Zhang Fu meant, he thought he was going back to the capital, Qiao Mubei explained, “I’m going to city a, and I just drive there. There are still things in city a waiting for me to deal with, so I have to rush over today. .”

On a business trip to City A, Nan Xin was admitted to the University of A, which made Nan Xin think about it.

“That’s right, let me hitchhiker. I have to go to a college to sign up for school.” Zhang Nanxin smiled and blinked at Qiao Mubei.

Qiao Mubei answered, “Okay.”

Zhang Nanxin suddenly offered to hitchhiking, which surprised Zhang’s father and Zhang’s mother. When Qiao Mubei agreed, Zhang’s father said anxiously, “That won’t work, Nanxin, don’t trouble your Uncle Qiao.”

“No trouble.” Qiao Mubei lifted his lips and replied.

Zhang Nanxin raised her eyebrows and looked at Father Zhang who wanted to say something. “Dad, didn’t you hear that it was not troublesome? He happened to be going to city a. I took his car by the way, and it happened to be for you and mom. It’s all easy, so you don’t need to send me off specially.”

“You kid, you report on the first day of college. You have to live on campus. You have to do a lot of things. What if you go alone and no one will help you? You have never left home to live on campus. We have to look at the dormitory environment. Only if you are accustomed to living in it can you rest assured.” Zhangfu muttered a bunch.

“These are not problems, don’t worry, don’t worry, I have no problem.” Zhang Nanxin dealt with Zhang Fu absently.

Ever since she was a child, she has made up her mind. No matter how much it is said by others, it is useless. After all, Zhangfu didn’t convince her.

Zhang Ma didn’t persuade a word. Her education to Nan Xin was never gentle and polite. She saw that there was an outsider like Qiao Mubei who saved Nan Xin’s face, and it would not be good to’educate’ Nan Xin.

Finally, after eating dinner, Zhang Nanxin carried the suitcase Zhang Ma had packed for her, and ran behind Qiao Mubei.

To go to city a, it takes more than three hours to drive. Along the way, Nan Xin is deliberately looking for words to chat with Qiao Mubei.

Zhang Nanxin took out all the delicious food Zhang Ma had prepared for her, and placed it in front of Qiao Mubei like a treasure, “Are you hungry, I have something to eat here.”

“Not hungry.” He still had a small smile on his face.

Zhang Nanxin got up this morning but dressed up for a long time, and it was even more annoying to choose clothes. In the end, she wore a pink shirt with slacks. Simple and casual is her style. I didn’t know Qiao Mubei’s preferences before, so let it go.

He took out his notebook and looked at his water chestnut face clearly, “What kind of girl do you like? What kind of food do you like? Do you like animals?”

She wants him to like her and prove that she is attractive! Recalling his reaction when he looked at her as if looking at a piece of wood, she burned fighting spirit!

A series of questions seemed like a blast, and he looked at her suspiciously, “What do you ask these for?”

“I thought about it, you can’t chase me, so I’ll chase you. You must fall in love before you get married.” Zhang Nanxin smiled, showing a small tiger tooth.

Qiao Mubei’s face was slight and serious, “I have a girlfriend, and I plan to get married in two years.”

The smile on Nan Xin’s face disappeared instantly, her eyes were lost, “You love your girlfriend very much? How long have you known her? Does she love you too?”

He found that she had a lot of questions, and he always liked the one that asked them all at once.

“Your father asked you to call me uncle.” He chuckled his lips and avoided the subject with a smile.

Nan Xin looked at him with a complaint, “You will not be ten years older than me at most, so why should I call you uncle?”

Obviously take advantage of generation!

“Get out of the car if you don’t call.” He deliberately made a cold face, as if to scare her.

“Uncle uncle is uncle.” Zhang Nanxin changed her mouth quickly. The good girl didn’t suffer from the immediate loss. She paused to watch the car and resumed driving. She started talking again and again, “Uncle, how old is your girlfriend? Very old, you consider me.”

Qiao Mubei smiled, “She is in the same school with you. You signed up today. I will call and ask her to pick you up and take you to a university, lest you get lost.”

The advantage that Zhang Nanxin is most proud of is gone, and she is in a school with her, that is, she is not a few years older than her.

“No need.” She was glum, gnawing on the cookies Zhang Ma made for her.

When she arrived at school, she sorted out her emotions when she got off the bus. How could the things she decided to shrink and lose without a fight?

“Uncle, get out of the car. The salute is too heavy for me to handle.” She looked at him pitifully.

Sure enough, he got out of the car with a good temper to help her salute. The moment he bends down, Nan Xin stood on tiptoe and attached his lips, then withdrew, smiling brows and eyes, “I gave you the first kiss, and there is still the first love left. In and…, I will give you all of these.” Turning around, pulling the suitcase and running away, standing in the distance waved to him, “See you tonight.”

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