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Chapter 20 You Are Not Bent, Are You?

It is said that men use the lower body to think. After sleeping with uncle, uncle will definitely like her. Originally, she wanted to make her uncle like her, but she didn’t expect that she fell in love with her uncle first, so she must not let her be so unrequited.

Qiao Mubei’s eyes tightened, only to return to normal in an instant, and his gentle low voice touched the top of Nanxin’s hair, “You are still a child and don’t know what love is. You must be a good girl.”

“Uncle, I obviously have the lordosis and back curl. I look thin and feel fleshy. You’ve seen it and touched it. Why don’t you like it?” Nan Xin asked all the doubts.

Is Uncle the same as Ah Jiu? Can it be a girl? Nan Xin was taken aback by the thought flashing in her head.

His eyes widened, his hand was tensely pulling his arm, “Uncle, you can’t be bent, are you?”

Qiao Mubei twitched his eyes, “No.”

“Then you let me check it.” Nan Xin was extra serious. How wretched was this? She didn’t feel it anyway.

“Good girl, don’t say anything like this in the future.”

Nan Xin opened his hand and stretched it out to touch the top of her hair, staring at him, “Uncle, do you have another woman!” questioned firmly.

Otherwise, how does uncle solve that kind of demand at this age?

Thinking of the kind of woman who posted on his uncle at the bar last time, I immediately realized, “Uncle, do you think you often go to the bar to find women?”

The more I talked, the more excited my face became flushed with anger.

Qiao Mubei’s eyes were dyed with a smile, “Don’t think about it.”

Nan Xin stared at the smile in his eyes, believing that he was tacitly acquiescing. The uncle she likes is clean and self-conscious, not one who has slept with countless women!

“Come in the car, it’s cold outside.”

Nan Xin didn’t speak, and got in the car.

“I will live in the apartment tonight. I have to go back tomorrow morning.” Qiao Mubei said, helping her fasten her seat belt.

Nan Xin still didn’t speak.

In about half an hour, I arrived at the apartment.

When I returned to the apartment, I went in and took a shower. When I came out, I didn’t wear anything, so I put on a bath towel.

Qiao Mubei cooked some noodles in the kitchen.

Nan Xin’s hair was still wet, and she ran behind Qiao Mubei and hugged his waist, “Uncle, don’t you go to a woman, okay? You can find me if you need it.”

A woman outside will get sick, she is thinking about her uncle’s body.

Qiao Mubei pulled away Nan Xin’s hand and looked at her hair with a cold voice, “Stop making trouble, let’s dry my hair first.”

Nan Xin has short hair, although she is tender, but this uneven short hair makes her like a tomboy.

Nan Xin looked at Qiao Mubei’s eyes, like an angry little beast, about to eat him.

What do you mean, stop making trouble! She was serious, and thought about it for a long time. I haven’t had anything serious like this time in Nanxin’s life.

Regardless of the three or seven twenty one, she wanted to pounce on her uncle with all her heart, so she used brute force to kiss her uncle’s lips, but when she was avoided by the uncle, she bit on his neck.

Teeth marks are left where it has been bitten.

Qiao Mubei was also afraid of hurting her, so he didn’t use much force.

The two of them whirled around, and finally Qiao Mubei was thrust onto the sofa by Nan Xin with brute force.

In terms of height and body shape, Nan Xin was obviously not his uncle’s opponent, so his upper and lower hands, especially his legs, rubbed the part where he touched Qiao Mubei.

Qiao Mubei turned over to hold down Nan Xin and kissed her. It was a punishing kiss that was happily made. It took her breath away. As long as she had difficulty breathing and pushed him, he got up and withdrew.

“Don’t be fooling around, otherwise you won’t want to see me again in the future.” Qiao Mubei frowned, and his voice was cold and serious.

This time, it was a complete blow to Nan Xin. She has been chasing after so long without face and skin, but he still hates her…

Qiao Mubei walked into the bathroom, the sound of water from the shower continued.

Nan Xin held her head for a long time. Uncle hated her. She shouldn’t be pestering her uncle like this. She likes uncle, but uncle hates her…

Feeling my heart, fortunately, it’s just dull and doesn’t hurt.

He curled his lips, threw the pillow in his hand on the sofa, got up, entered the room, and locked the door behind him.


The sound of water in the bathroom finally stopped, and the fire on Qiao Mubei’s body went out. He really didn’t know if he could hold it back this time, or if he could hold it next time.

Nan Xin was here specifically to torture him.

Putting on her pajamas, opened Nan Xin’s door with the spare key, entered the door lightly, and saw Nan Xin curled up in the bed.

The water marks on the pillow towel under his head were visible. Qiao Mubei reached out and touched her short hair, with a gentle low voice, “Get up, dry your hair before going to sleep.”

Hearing his voice, Nan Xin curled up, wriggling a few times, opened his eyes, and slowly climbed up.

Looking at Nan Xin’s appearance, it was as if she had suffered great grievances, her expression fainted. Qiao Mubei took her a step faster, got the hair dryer, and sat Nan Xin down on the bed, and he helped her blow her hair.

Nan Xin’s short hair just reached her ears and dried out without blowing it for a while, but Qiao Mubei didn’t turn off the hair dryer, or continued to blow her hair, piercing her palms? Inserted between her dark hair, soft hair strands Just like fluff.

The hair dryer is noisy, but they are silent.

“Uncle, you don’t want me to like you, so don’t treat me well.” Nan Xin said with her eyes down, her teeth biting her pink lips.

Qiao Mubei’s hand movement stagnated for a moment, and the eyes under his eyes tightened.

Nan Xin thought her voice was masked by the sound of the hair dryer, and her uncle did not hear it.

He raised the volume and said again, “Uncle, don’t be nice to me in the future, I won’t pester you anymore.”

Qiao Mubei turned the hair dryer on, staring at Nan Xin, “Can you dislike me?”

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