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Chapter 3 I’ll be there in a while, don’t run around

Her smile looked like a child who got cotton candy, sweet.

His expression was stunned for a moment, and there was the remaining warmth from her on his lips.

It’s ridiculous that a child is ignorant.


Nan Xin regretted not asking Qiao Mubei’s girlfriend just now.

“Why don’t you call me when you get to school? Shall we go to dinner together?”

The one who ran over to talk to her was her hair, Ajiu, Ajiu is a man or a woman, because he is a man but he likes a man, a man’s appearance is a woman’s heart, and Ajiu called her at the meal.

“Not thinking about eating.” Nan Xin looked sluggish and couldn’t take any interest.

“Then you accompany me. This is a dinner for seniors.” Ah Jiu took her to the school cafeteria.

She was the most serious about eating when she didn’t want to eat. Everyone was chatting and she didn’t say a word, just sullen her head and eat.

The food in the school’s cafeteria was delicious. There were seven or eight people on the table, except that she and Jiu were both seniors and seniors. Ajiu’s eyes looked at a handsome senior.

A certain handsome senior has been serving dishes to a quiet and beautiful senior sister.

“Xuan Xuan heard that you were engaged in the summer vacation, and that the other party is still a barrister?” a senior sister asked enviously.

Xuan Xuan smiled shyly and said nothing.

A certain senior was lost, and Ah Jiu’s eyes sparkled, as if a little excited. With this look, Nan Xin glanced at it and understood.

The man went on to jokingly said, “I’m still an uncle, and he looks very handsome!”

These two sentences are like Nan Xin’s ears. How does she think they are talking about Qiao Mubei? To sum up, the school is so small that I ran into a rival in love on the first day.

I stopped eating and looked at Xuan Xuan, “Senior sister, how did you meet?”

“Our parents know each other. His parents were anxious for him to get married, and then they arranged for us to meet, and the two families entered into a marriage contract.” Xuan Xuan did not conceal the truth.

No love, Nan Xin was overjoyed. Then I looked at Xuan Xuan carefully, she was quite pure, but Xuan Xuan’s development was not as good as hers, you can tell by looking at her chest.

After comparing, Nan Xin instantly found her pride.

Ah Jiu looked at Xuan Xuan and said with a smile: “Congratulations to Senior Sister Lan, when will you get married?”

“It should be the wedding as soon as I graduate.” Xuan Xuan’s cheeks were already red.

Nan Xin was heartbroken, she hadn’t proved her charm, he just got married so soon, that would definitely not work! Having a fiancee is more difficult. If you can make Qiao Mubei fall in love with her, it will prove her charm even more!

After many thoughts, it was finally decided like this, don’t give up, don’t abandon!

Throwing away the chopsticks, she went to Qiao Mubei, she knew where he lived. He has a villa in city a, all of which is the information she has collected hard.

Ah Jiu watched Nan Xin catch up with the neurotic Nan Xin and asked, “Are you not sick?”

“No, I’m going back first, you can continue to eat.”.

Ah Jiu went in after hearing what she said.

Nan Xin took out her mobile phone, and said pitifully, “Uncle.” The ending was very long.

“what’s happenin?”

“Uncle, I’m lost.” Nan Xin lied without blinking her eyes.

“Turn on your mobile phone to locate, tell me where you are, and I’ll pick you up.” Qiao Mubei said that he had closed the file and took the key to the garage to pick up the car.

Nan Xin looked at the location of her mobile phone and said that she was a little far away from the school.

Qiao Mubei was worried, “You wait for me there, I’ll be there in a while, don’t run around.”


After hanging up the phone, Nan Xin hurried to take a taxi to the place she just mentioned.

Standing under the road sign, Nan Xin kicked the road sign incessantly. This is a typical ADHD described by Zhang’s mother, and he can’t get off for a moment.

When a car stopped in front of him, Nan Xin ran over happily and opened the door.

“Be careful, don’t bump your head.” He smiled as she watched her fiercely.

Nan Xin smiled openly, “Uncle, is the lawyer’s salary very high?”

“Didn’t you choose financial management? Why are you interested in becoming a lawyer?” He reached out to help her fasten her seat belt.

Nan Xin Ruoyoruowu made a small gesture to straighten her chest, rubbing slightly with her body. Seeing that he didn’t react at all, another burst of frustration spread.

With a deep sense of loss in her eyes, she said angrily: “I’m not interested. I just watched that the prices of the two cars that my uncle drove in the morning and in the evening were eight-figure prices, and I was curious about your income.”

She knows a little bit about the price of the car, because she is about to take a driver’s license. Dad Zhang tried to introduce the performance of various cars to Nanxin and asked Nanxin to choose which one she wanted.

Qiao Mubei is just a lawyer, earning more money than her father who runs a restaurant, which inevitably makes her a little curious.

Qiao Mubei smiled and started the engine, “I borrowed the car. I don’t have much research on the car.”


She looks a little embarrassed to talk about this topic.

After the car drove for less than three minutes, Nan Xin felt that something was wrong. He was the way to send her back to school. How could this be possible!

Immediately he made a strain, clutching his stomach, his eyes filled with swelling.

“What’s the matter with you?” He glanced at her anxiously, her teeth biting her lip.

“Uncle, my stomach hurts.”

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