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Chapter 4 I’m not making trouble, don’t go

“I’ll take you to the hospital.” He turned around and changed the driving direction.

Nan Xin blinked his eyes and looked at Qiao Mubei pitifully, “Uncle, I may be coming on a monthly basis, so I don’t need to go to the hospital. I can cook brown sugar ginger tea and drink some.”

After performing her acting skills as she wished, Qiao Mubei took her back to his small apartment. First, he was busy buying him a sanitary napkin, then he cooked brown sugar ginger tea for her, and bought a warm baby to cover her belly.

What she is more curious about is that it’s summer and big evening, where can uncle help you buy the warm baby.

“Is it better?” Qiao Mubei rubbed the top of her hair.

It was all right at first. She just wanted to say a lot better, but she was in pain. She took a breath, blue veins on her forehead, and sweat oozing out, and she resisted the pain and smiled at the corners of her mouth. Up.”

She looked so much better, and quickly picked her up and sent her to the hospital.

Acute appendicitis was diagnosed. It was more than two o’clock in the morning after the minor operation.

After the anesthesia in the morning, Nan Xin had an instinct. It really hurts!

Searching for Qiao Mubei’s figure, she saw him standing outside the door making a phone call. She also heard him calling the name Xuan Xuan.

Suddenly I felt very wronged, and pitifully prolonged the ending, yelling, “Uncle, it hurts!”

Xuan Xuan on the other end of the phone was startled, she cautiously asked in a soft voice: “Brother Mu Bei, where are you? How come there are people and women’s voices?”

The uncle Nan Xin shouted was always soft and soft. The voice was loud when it hurt. Lan Xuanxuan heard the ambiguity. She should be in bed at six o’clock in the morning, and there was a woman’s voice…

“I was in the hospital. A friend’s daughter entrusted me to look after me. I was taken to the hospital with acute appendicitis last night.

Nan Xin felt that Qiao Mubei’s voice was particularly pleasant. At this moment, listening to his and Xuanxuan’s patient explanations made her feel even more uncomfortable.

Ah Jiu contacted Nanxin at around 8 o’clock in the morning, and didn’t come home at night on the first day of school. Fortunately, I don’t know how long the teacher was there and how many sprays on his face. Spit stars.

“Ajiu, can you ask for leave for me, a few days for my recuperation.”

Ah Jiu asked mysteriously in Nan Xin’s ear: “Who was it that got out of your ward just now?”

Ah Jiu likes men, so such a handsome Uncle Qiao, Nan Xin is very vigilant, “He will be my husband in the future, you’d better not have illusions about him, otherwise you will understand!”

Nanxin and Ajiu met in an interest class practicing taekwondo, and they were three-year high school classmates. Nanxin’s taekwondo black belt second stage, can kick Ajiu on the ground with one kick.

Ah Jiu understood, “How dare I have thoughts about him. You have to get better as soon as possible. Your brother Su is coming back soon. The exact time is next Friday.”

After Qiao Mubei bought breakfast, he saw Ah Jiu attached to Nan Xin’s ear, acting ambiguously. Ah Jiu consciously flashes people.

Seeing Nanxin for a while, Qiao Mubei said, “Don’t fall in love early.”

What does it mean not to fall in love, do you want her to chase him?

She flattened her pink lips, “Uncle, I’m so hungry.”

Seeing that she was deliberately avoiding his previous topic, Qiao Mubei thought for a moment, “I have been on a business trip in City A for two months. You moved to live with me in these two months.”

Nan Xin’s eyes lighted up with joy, “Okay, it would be better if uncle can be on a business trip in City A and wait for me to graduate.”

“You have just had an operation, and someone needs to take care of you. I didn’t tell your parents about your hospitalization.” Qiao Mubei took out the breakfast, put the small table on Zhang’s bed, and put the breakfast in front of her.

Congee and side dishes, she felt particularly appetite.

Picked up the spoon and started eating, glanced at him, “Don’t tell my parents, lest they worry.”

She is afraid that after a phone call, her family will move to city a, and when she has someone to take care of, then the space and time for her and Qiao Mubei to be alone will be gone.

After eating, Nan Xin thought of a very important question, “Uncle, we are living together now, what if your fiancee finds out?”

Qiao Mubei laughed, “We are not called cohabitation.” After correcting her, he said, “She won’t mind.”

She still remembered when she was sorely dying last night, he held her anxious look, at that time her heart crossed strange, itchy and warm.

From now on, Qiao Mubei will belong to her, and he must take action to make him like her.

“Uncle, it hurts.” She grimaced.

“Where it hurts, I’ll call a doctor and don’t cry.” Hearing crying in her voice, he began to feel anxious again.

Nan Xin took Qiao Mubei’s big palm and placed it on the well-developed place in front of her, “Uncle, it hurts here, just rub it.”

Qiao Mubei’s anxious expression disappeared, and he withdrew his hand and rubbed the top of her hair, “Stop making trouble, you have to rest for a while and I have work to do.”

Uncle watched her all night, and hasn’t closed his eyes yet.

“Uncle, I’m not making trouble, don’t leave! Don’t leave me alone in the hospital.” Nan Xin put on a pitiful appearance again.

Is it really that her figure is not good! He tried several times without any response!

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